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  1. How's everyone doing. Got a call today from HR regarding Phase 1, it begins next week. When I went in for my panel interview in April they never mentioned a summer class only the fall one, so I would assume the January or February is the one you guys will most likely be called up for if they never mentioned the fall class. I'm pretty sure this is the final class of the year.
  2. Has anyone heard back from HR regarding Phase 1? Im pretty sure the next class begins in the fall, if thats the case candidates should be getting a call pretty soon.
  3. When was the exact date of your interview if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Well I know this wait is normal, spoke to an engineer and he said that his wait was 3 months before he received a phone call. I'm assuming they're waiting for these future exams to gather more candidates.
  5. Just curious, you guys hear back from HR already?
  6. I had my Panel on April 25th. I applied in November and had my S&D in the beginning of April.
  7. I don't know when the next phase 1 is set to begin but I believe the phase 1 that I was interviewing for is set to begin after the summer. Hopefully they contact me within the next month in regards to whether I made it or not, patient really is key.
  8. I asked them what the timeline was and when could we expect to start phase 1 if chosen, they didn't give me an exact date but hinted that it would be after the summer. Did you go in for the interview already?
  9. Any idea of how many people passed the Signals & Definitions that day? Just wondering
  10. Hey man, just wondering were you in the April 8th signals test?
  11. From the time i created my Sterling account to when HR sent me the email for the S&D overview was about 2 weeks. I'm not sure if everyone was the same. Try shooting HR an email regarding the next step.
  12. Hey man how are things going? I was wondering if I could just ask you some quick questions regarding the panel interview. Can't seem to inbox you on this forum, if possible could you email me at pfmorico@yahoo.com. Thanks, would really appreciate it.
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