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  1. Study 1 definition at a time. Read. Write recite. After you have one def cold like u do signals, then add another. Good luck sat
  2. I was told the same, study after my test. I also waited almost 1 year before I was accepted into phase 2 but I stayed positive and still studied
  3. Forgot to say, I cut out each aspect and glued it to the index card and wrote the aspect and indication on the back
  4. I learnt the aspects first, as many as you can per day. Put them on index cards separating each aspect. There are more than 1 aspect for each signal. After I remembered all the aspects I then learnt the indications. Once all remembered, I studied it every day mixing up my pile of index cards. Each day study what u remembered the days before and continue to add to your pile. If you study every day, you will prevail!
  5. Just want to throw it out there, after I passed the initial and called in for signals and definitions and passed that. I waited almost 10 months to get called for phase 1. Of course I got discouraged and lost faith but continuously stayed positive and hopeful, still reviewed the signals and definitions to stay on top of my game. My point is stay positive, it may not happen right away but just stay on top of your game and your chance will come.
  6. Fyi, I waited almost 10 months to get the call for phase 1. I advise to continue to study and don't lose hope
  7. How's parking for hillside facility on Wednesdays around 4pm?
  8. Last I heard day 1 of phase 1 you are tested on s&d's.
  9. They told me the same and haven't received it yet. I'm sure we'll get it by the end of day. If I don't get it by 3, I'll call to follow up
  10. They'll come back quick. It'll be easier to recall them now than starting from scratch
  11. My interview was end of last April and I go over the s&d's once a week. I also lost hope but you never know so it's better to be fresh.
  12. Hey all, I just got the phone call for phase 1 and medical scheduled for tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what the medical is like. I also wear glasses for both distance and reading so actually have a pair of bifocals
  13. Ok nice. Good luck to all! Hope I get the call for next class. Just a waiting game for me. Spoke to hr today to follow up and I'm on the list.
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