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  1. idk why the mta makes it weird like that. Just know that OT is 1.5x your base wage...so if you make $30/hr, then 1 hour of OT would be $45. If you worked 30 mins OT, then you made $22.50
  2. a relay is moving a train from a northbound track to the southbound track and vice versa cutting is the act of separating a train into 2 halves (you cut or uncouple a train) "Put in" is short for putting a train into service. The opposite would be putting a train out of service or a lay up. I jokingly refer to them as "Putin" like ... vladimir putin lol
  3. Communications based train control trains are operated by literally pressing 1 button every 20 seconds. Trains currently on CBTC are the L and 7. I heard the E and F will get em next.
  4. Thank you for the very insightful overview! Your training is a lot better paced than the MTA. You're not introduced to basic traction course to get the feel for the train to do slow speed yard movement until week 8 whereas we're told to do that on the 2nd week. Also, you don't get to fully drive a train until week 14-15 (presumably) whereas we're thrown into the main line going 25-30 mph doing station stops on the 3rd week!! It's utterly insane and sheer madness at the MTA. It also explains the attrition rate of induction classes. It's like 50%. I'm currently wrapping up week 1 of 8 of yard operations (what we call YX) by myself with no trainers. Today I had a former military and police veteran as a supervisor and he was just up on my ass the entire time while I was moving that train in the yard, it was nerve-wrecking. TEN HUT!
  5. Just to offer perspective, there are about 5.5k operators. Within the next 5 years, 75% of operators will retire, others will move up. There'll be a lot of vacancies. For the previous exam, MTA got up to 6k range but with a list extension of another 4 years. I spoke with a 2 year vet who was hired at the end of that list with a list # of 61xx.
  6. In those 12 months, what kind of training or learning is it? and what are the time frame for each phase?
  7. Wow we have a rare foreign visitor! Yea training is absolutely nuts and unnecessarily stressful. It's my opinion that schoolcar should be longer than 2.5 months, I think 4 would be adequate.
  8. Rarely we get OT but once you finish schoolcar (2.5 months), there's lots of opportunities for OT during YX which is 2 months, then road ops for 2 months.
  9. yes you do but it's like a mini drug test, they'll ask u to pee in a cup but will get the results immediately
  10. You'll be on the top of the current list since they're up to 1800s. They'll def call you for the next class which should be anytime soon now. Late March or April definitely. They've gone 5 weeks without inducting a new class already. I was 33x and was hired 11/25/18. I'm at the midpoint of the program.
  11. I appreciate you posting your experiences too. It'll help me learn and "review" for my YX! I'll be by myself and I'm getting nervous thinking about it. I don't wanna be that guy gapping with 2 cars lol I believe tk 5 on the upper level is the overhanging move if there's a train laid up at the back already (there is another track that is similar on the upper lvl, can't remember the number). This is the track where you'll see a bumper block with a marker signal at the head out. In order to pull into the station you look at 3 things: 1) train departing out of 179 2) switch, make sure it's set for you 3) home signal entering the terminal should clear (look out the left window) In both my posting at 179, i never got the chance to lay up a train going from 179 to JYD portal to Parsons. I didn't even think this was a move until you posted it, thanks! Another weird thing about 179 is going into the station from the lower relay tracks, you can coast up hill at 10 mph without losing speed.
  12. I'm sure you can post it on here or start your own thread
  13. last day of yard posting at 179! Midnights switching is a whole different animal...so many bums on the trains. Almost stepped on crap walking between cars. Our subway is so filthy, NYPD has to crack down on these bums. They urinate, defecate, sprawl out on seats, stinking up cars.
  14. day 14 of 15 back at coney island yard. I was skiing with the R160 this early morning! As I was winding down my shift, I ran into my AM trainer from last week who was just signing in. For once I feel like I'm starting to know people. PS: those chairs in the locker room are the best chairs in the system
  15. April 1 class is an obvious april fool's joke. Don't you guys see this?!

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