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  1. Yes lol, that little notch in the brake, do not let it go if you feel momentum still pushing the train. This is especially true on down grade stations. Once you feel that the train is really coasting without the momentum (with still some brake), then it's ok to release all the air for the final full service brake to fully stop. Sometimes if you grab just the right amount of brake, you won't even need to release all the air and you'll be able to come to a stop while still holding like 10-15 psi. With time, you'll know if the train is still being pushed by momentum. You really gotta focus and feel the train, once you can do that, then 68A is nothing. I'm not saying I'm an expert but that's how I need operate in order to control them.
  2. they can fail you for off centered brake stem? wow. Yea handbrakes are pretty important. I heard over the radio today on the road that a train was in smokes at union square and the crew said a handbrake was partially applied. Whoever did that put in from city hall is gonna be trouble.
  3. The 32 controllers are stiffer to press down. And yes, I definitely suggest wearing protection especially dumping the 32s. If you get a chance, go to any terminal and ask for some earplugs. Even the release of air hurts me.
  4. unfortunately not many people give smooth stops cuz it takes more effort and is a bit slower. I noticed brakes on the R160 is more like car brakes where if you grab more brake, the stop will be jerky while R68/R46 brakes don't really grab hard. You can come to a stop using full service but the train doesn't jerk. Meanwhile the R32 will rock everyone with just minimum brake lol. Haven't been on a R179 since J road posting so I can't say
  5. Kelly is super cool, he’s a laid back type of dude. If he sees you struggling with something then he will help you. Or if you ask him questions about the job or anything he will answer them with no problem. If you ask him a question about certain equipment then he would take your question and flip it around to another question and try to make you think from a different perspective to see if you can figure it out
  6. just bite the bullet for the few times you have to come down to south brooklyn. The schedule will have you all over the system so sometimes you'll report to jamaica center or jamaica yard (kew gardens union turnpike) which I'm assuming will be closer for you?
  7. that's why operators get paid more than conductors
  8. one thing you'll learn in mta, everyone will say something different
  9. I didn't tell anyone to disregard the instructions, I just said gray isn't the color on our uniforms.
  10. gray is not even anything remotely close to what operators wear lol. Get a short/long sleeve white buttoned shirt with vertical lines spaced closely together like 2 cm. This might be too niche to find so the easier alternative is a long sleeve dark navy blue shirt, $5 from modell's you can buy a russell athletic. If you can get this with a turtleneck, even better.
  11. i use a regular adidas duffel and it's been fine
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