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  1. yep that's it, 3 guys 1 room
  2. nah it was an earnest question. My story has nothing to do with my it. I know some of the conductor duties but not all, maybe there are some things that aren't as obvious like door operation that I wanted to learn about. And trust me, there is no operator vs conductor, that's just a myth to fuel the narrative.
  3. About 2000 operators have resigned lately. Unless the seniority list number was not updated since I was hired in nov 2018, that's a lot of vacant spots to fill. I hear they update the numbers every 5 years, if that's the case then disregard this post.
  4. it was yesterday. Everyone had about 10. We went on the F, G, and R keying is nothing complicated
  5. my entire class passed the road test. Final tomorrow and we off to BBQ on thurs Had a R46 with bad dynamic brakes but I adjusted my operation and rookie rolled all my stops. Better than sliding out of stations amirite?
  6. u need permission if the train is staged on mainline track
  7. The coupler adapters are not 200 lbs, more like 50-90 and you'll have a partner to help split the load. Climbing on the train isn't as cutthroat as it seems. Even if you struggle (and I mean really struggle to the point of not being able) to climb onto bigger trains in B div, they're not gonna kick you out because there are tricks you can use. There were 3 girls (around 5'2") in my induction class who were not able to climb and A div was full but they eventually figured out how to do it and now have no problems. Took them 1-2 months to figure it out.
  8. there's a lot of racism down in fdny, i wouldn't go. If you're irish or italian, you'll be fine though.
  9. Spoke with a TSS yesterday he said he heard about 3 classes of sizes 60, 60 and 65
  10. this guy ripped everyone a new a**hole
  11. Of course I do, everyone has their preferred lines. For me it would be the one I grew up riding the most so the N.
  12. Had an interesting day on the road. Posted on the N. I was at 34 st going northbound when the local tower tells me to take an express lineup to 57 st and bypass 1 station. I make my stop at 42 st and the conductor didn't want to open the doors. Isn't 42 st station part of an express lineup? I thought we were only bypassing 49 st. In that situation, was I supposed to call the city hall master and let them know the my conductor didn't want to open the doors? My trainer told me to just leave 42 and then he goes "I think you were right"
  13. nah 96.7 goes all the way to 3k, mine is 29xx
  14. These trains will destroy your ears when they dump. Be sure to cover your ears when they pull into terminals!! I feel terrible every time I dump these trains with people on the platforms, especially children. I do try and warn people though but all I get are confused looks. I really wished the MTA would post warning signs at terminal stations to let people know about the danger of 179s dumping. They're really f**king loud. I heard that the MTA isn't allowed to modify these cars until the Bombardier manufacturer's warranty expires or something like that. I think the 160s were also really loud until the MTA retrofitted them with mufflers.

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