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  1. Had an interesting day on the road. Posted on the N. I was at 34 st going northbound when the local tower tells me to take an express lineup to 57 st and bypass 1 station. I make my stop at 42 st and the conductor didn't want to open the doors. Isn't 42 st station part of an express lineup? I thought we were only bypassing 49 st. In that situation, was I supposed to call the city hall master and let them know the my conductor didn't want to open the doors? My trainer told me to just leave 42 and then he goes "I think you were right"
  2. nah 96.7 goes all the way to 3k, mine is 29xx
  3. These trains will destroy your ears when they dump. Be sure to cover your ears when they pull into terminals!! I feel terrible every time I dump these trains with people on the platforms, especially children. I do try and warn people though but all I get are confused looks. I really wished the MTA would post warning signs at terminal stations to let people know about the danger of 179s dumping. They're really f**king loud. I heard that the MTA isn't allowed to modify these cars until the Bombardier manufacturer's warranty expires or something like that. I think the 160s were also really loud until the MTA retrofitted them with mufflers.
  4. welcome to the forum! Which train do you usually ride?
  5. only if needed and it's really up to the instructors' discretion whether or not to give extra tutoring. No you cannot pick the tour.
  6. Finished my 2 weeks of road ops. I feel prepared for next 6 weeks of passenger service! Had the chance to drive the R42s yesterday, despite its age, I really like them. The brakes are the smoothest and most responsive out of all the SMEE trains. They aren't wanky like the R68A (retarded delays) or R32 (hard rough stops!) brakes... The end doors are also a pleasure to open and close unlike the R68s and R46s...
  7. Let me give you insider tips. It's not the end of the world if you get something wrong. You could have honestly blanked out and wrote something wrong but as long as you know what word(s) don't belong and can correct yourself when questioned, you'll be fine.
  8. current employees get preferential treatment
  9. 7 months for B, i think 5 for A. I started last week of November, and my final is on July 3rd.
  10. Yea TSS Kelly, quiet guy, I like him. I think he's returning tomorrow for my second road ops week.
  11. First week of road ops was rough 1900-0300 hours. Had a 12-9 going northbound into Tremont Ave. Wasn't me but my classmate. It was fortunate that she didn't see the guy on the tracks so it wasn't as traumatic. It was the TSS who actually saw the guy cuz he was in the center and told her to put the train in emergency. The body was closer towards the platform on the left side so with the shadow, my classmate really couldn't see the body. Last night we did the A from lefferts to 207, back to far rock, ping ponged to Euclid, back to rockaway park, and finally back to Euclid for the lay up. Had to wait another 30 mins to travel back to lefferts. We were on the train from 8 pm to 2 am, I felt I was losing my sanity.
  12. Having passed the final signal exam, I'm going to summarize the YX (yard extra) experience. Overall it was a pleasant learning experience and at the same time mind numbing especially when there's no work assigned. I could only study and review so much. I think working in yards is more valuable than relaying trains at terminals. Though the latter makes the day go by faster. I've had nothing but bad experiences at terminals. I had 1 guy passed out on drugs and one lady who tripped while boarding and busted her ass all over the place. On both occasions, I had to stay at the scene and wait for paramedics to show up. The lady who fell was during morning rush hour and I had to ask the horde of commuters to detrain, they were pissed off! Turned out she faked the injury because the TSS report stated that the doctor said nothing was wrong in the x-rays. If only those commuters knew. Also, radio signals suck major ass. I almost got in trouble because apparently the terminal dispatcher was calling for me but I swear I didn't hear anything. It was a good thing that I was with a tss and he vouched for me cuz i was under his watch during that period of time assisting with the lady who fell on her ass. My tours of preference are: evenings > mornings > midnights. There is nothing worse than watching the sun rise with no sleep. I dodged the bullet and didn't get any midnight shifts. My highlights of YX was going down the road for testing trains with TSS Fingers from Jamaica yard to Bedford-Nostrand and back. He's one of the best in the system! Very eager to teach even though he's not a schoolcar instructor. I feel he's more qualified than the ones at schoolcar tbh. I was fortunate enough to have him for 2 consecutive days so I really got to get my R46 all-guns-blazing-station-stops down. Since I'm from south brooklyn, I was also very fortunate to dodge the Bronx bullets and also got blessed for my last week. I was sent 3 days in a row to coney island stillwell terminal 😍 To wrap this up, today at schoolcar the superintendent walked in and had a real talk with my class. He said he was only looking for one thing from us: perfection. He mentioned the July and August classes having too many incidents during road posting and so the bar has been set really high. I don't think he was trying to scare us, but just reminding us that this is a serious job and that we should be on our toes. I agree!
  13. i agree schoolcar pace of training is way too fast. Especially the first 2 months where they cram you for 2 practicals and a signal exam
  14. ah there's one, update us on the size of the entire induction class.

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