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  1. Iv'e gotten a look at a completed R179 set on here: http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/160125_1345_CPOC.pdf
  2. Archer Av tunnel was completed on both levels by 1983. And if the old section towards Queens Blvd lasted until 1988 that meant the line would opened up by 1992 because the MTA would have to destroy the old structure at 129 St and Jamacia Av and place a new structure. What would made more sense was to allow the to terminate at 111 St and sit on Center Track to turn around.
  3. The only used R46 temporarily from the . I don't count R46 truly being on the
  4. The stopped using R46 after May 1987. If you caught R46 on the that was probably a routed
  5. is going to run express with the on weekdays. will run local. 2 Av is really not going to open until possibly April 2017.
  6. Well the was express in Brooklyn. Diverting over to the local after W 4 St would been pointless and probably would backed up running behind it. could of went local after Canal St. Similar to the situation at West 4 St. diverting to local would backed up
  7. How did terminate at 121 St after Queens Blvd route was shut down. I read up on multiple sources that was single tracked operation and that the Manhattan Bound track was only platform used. The Jamaica bound track was unused until November 1987 when cross switches and ramps into Archer Tunnel was completed. Also i read that would switch over to center track after 111 St and then switch over to Manhattan bound track over Lefferts Blvd. What did the Switches look like at Leffetrs Blvd junction. And how was the operation going with the single tracked at 121 St?
  8. The time schedule does not show the running local along 4 Av on the Weekends.
  9. The MTA should just let the run all times to 71 Av. In my opinion I think the running only to South Ferry is waste of time. Beside the is running solo beyond South Ferry to Canal St and then 57 St-7 Av to Lex 59 St and customers wanting to get to QB have to go upstairs and take the one stop and then get off and catch the .
  10. After 1994 the went back to express along 4 Av during all times except late nights. You probably talking about 1961 service. The rush hour local service was always provided by the up until 2010 On April 13, 1986 when the Manhattan Bridge project began on 6 Av side, did the have 3 terminals (Bay Ridge 95 St , 9 Av, and Bay Parkway?) And why did the MTA route the away from Brighton Line? The strip maps together looks bad. The local stops on the is missing. The lex line is on far left of the map while 7 Av is on far right. The map makes you look like your eyes are going all over the place.
  11. Thanks for filling in I forgot all about the running along Brighton on weekdays. But still the was running along Brighton local at all times before 1973.
  12. There's only 130 R142A cars left on the . There are like 30% of R142A and 70% of R62A left on
  13. I rode R68a twice on the . I recommend catching it at Hoyt-Schermerhorn St between 7:40-7:45 pm towards Queens. Mondays-Fridays
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