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  1. The next time I'm on the 3, I'll try that. But as for now, I'M A SCHOOL CAR GRADUATE!!! Passed the final exam and practical this week! Start pounding the road Monday!!! We lost 2 on the practical from another class. So out of 3 train operator classes, which totaled 30 people, the final number to graduate is 15 so far. (One is on a honeymoon, another was on a medical restriction, which will make 17 if they pass.) It's a HARD process, but very well worth the effort on this side of the training. But it doesn't stop here. Good luck to all starting, going and/or finishing school car.
  2. Young don't play. Know what you're saying and be confident in saying it!! But if he smells fear...LOL! Be mindful that the last signals test is ALL WRITE IN! No multiple choice!! It was about 15 questions and NO ROOM FOR ERROR! Know your full flagging and RSEC!! We had an hour to do it. Driving is risky but I understand necessary for some. Just know they're not interested in any excuse not related to traffic ON TRANSITS SYSTEM. If you're late cause of a flat tire, baby mama slashed your tires, Jesus took the wheel, etc, expect a G2 waiting for you when you arrive. Give yourself at least 30 minutes before your report time to find a spot no matter where you report to. I'm in the A and I love it. Its definitely more precise operation cause the stations are not as long as in the B and an overrun can happen very easily if you're not paying attention to the type of station you're pulling into (grade, curve, not braking early enough for a fast station, etc) and over here, RCC knows EVERYTHING!! Minor things can be "excused" as long as your honest. Lie and your fate can be sealed when the truth comes to light. However, things do happen. The best time to have an incident (cause when you're new, it's highly possible) is while in school car. After probation, 2 Broadway is a VERY unforgiving place to go as per the "vets" I've spoken with. YX is yard posting and yes it's for the whole day and lasts for about 2 months. Some dispatchers in some yards won't give moves to rookies, so you may sit and do nothing or if you're lucky, they'll pair you with a senior person. I've never heard of anyone working a yard and then doing the road, unless they asked, but even that would only happen to someone road and yard qualified (put ins and lay-ups are the only exception to working in the yard and then the road or vice-versa). No one is road qualified until they complete AND PASS the road ops practical.
  3. I don't know when they started but it covers all types of revenue trains (A and B division), work trains and what problems you can encounter with them. Not a fair test if you were never trained on both divisions and work trains. It's not held against you though. See above. As far as I know, he's done. He mixed a low home and a marker signal. They ain't trying to hear excuses. Next week is the final test and road ops practical. Feeling pretty good but the ecams are THE WORST! LOL! Took 3 trips for me to get the hang of it. I'm pretty sure our test is gonna be on that equipment. SMH....
  4. Today was the final signals exam. Everyone passed except one person. They're being real strict with the rules now. We also took the YX exam. EVERYONE failed that. Highest score was a 71. I somehow got a 69. Start road operations next week. As a note, be VERY careful when moving trains! Follow the rules or be a victim of them! 220 days til permanent.
  5. They made a copy of the first few pages and the last ones that needed the new date, I filled those out again. If you ask if that can be done depending on who you're working with, they may let you do that. It was hearing, vision, color distinguishing and urine. Unless they found something specific to your test before, that's new to me. Also, it's VERY important that you follow their instructions CLEARLY!! They don't like you trying to change transit ways to your way. Think of the MTA HR department the cousins of those at the DMV. LOL! Also, once hired, DO NOT BE LATE!!! Lawd, Hey-sus, please don't do that!! People have been made example of in quite a few instances!!!! If you have a lateness problem, fix that ASAP or it will be fixed for you. And that goes for everyone coming in. My class started with 10. We went down to 7 for various reasons. Another class started with 10, they're down to 5. A few of them dropped out when they saw what the job really entails. It's REAL down here. Also, be prepared to do A TON OF STUDYING!!! The books and tools are heavy, and depending on who your TSS is, may make you bring everything everyday!! Good luck & knowledge to all of you!
  6. L Bo

    Bonus Pay

    Ok. Thanks. But that's not what I was looking for. The Bonus is a beast! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Says you cannot receive messages.
  7. L Bo

    Bonus Pay

    Thanks. You can delete it. I got my answer from a TSS today.
  8. Can someone (anyone) explain how this works? Is it whatever overtime you work, you get it also in half as a bonus? For example, if I work 10 hours, do I get 5 as a bonus? And does this rule apply ALL the time? Thanks.
  9. Passed all practicals and signals test. Been Yard posting this week. Lost a lot of people on the cuts and adds cause people banked on doing it on a R62, when if fact, we were told to be prepared to do it on anything. So what happens? We had to do it on a R142. Shit got real, REAL FAST! So a whole class was reading the book MINUTES before the practical. Given by superintendents James, Gibbs and Young. Those of you who know Young, knows he don't play! Gaining so much knowledge from the seniors at the yards and writing down the moves on the schematics we got. This came in EXTREMELY handy! 292 days til permanent.
  10. Hopefully I'll get lucky enough to get someone who is not only knowledgable, but knows HOW to share that knowledge. Not everyone is a good teacher. I've ran into to a few of the know-it-alls here. I listen, assess and evaluate the information I'm given. Most of it is BS. Train practical, reading iron and cuts and adds Monday. Signals on Wednesday. I feel ready. Our TSS's are beasts! 305 days to perm.
  11. I realized today that there are gonna be days where it seems like everything clicks and I have it all figured out. Then there are gonna be days so overwhelming that I'm gonna feel like I'm making the biggest mistake going thru all this. The best analogy I can give to make sense of this crazy cycle is School Car is a scavenger hunt. Grab EVERYTHING they give you (knowledge and hands on experience), then sit quietly somewhere and piece it all together. It WILL come together if you're paying attention. I'm realizing that now. 312 days to perm.
  12. L Bo

    SB Signal

    Thanks. My Pop got the answer for me the next day I posted this. He couldn't remember when I asked. LOL!
  13. These I believe are standard in the practicals now. Cuts/Adds, door cut outs, signals, prep for service and reading the iron.
  14. I took a pic of the cars at 207th St today. Look great!
  15. L Bo

    SB Signal

    Nope. Northbound. https://plus.google.com/104266450251240111717/posts/1kaLZ1Hk25P?iem=4&gpawv=1&hl=en-US
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