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  1. Just wanted to wish all of you guys good luck tonight at class! Hope you all kick ass and move onto Phase 2!
  2. Couldn't agree more thank you LIRR 154. Hopefully we'll all hear some good news sooner than later.
  3. I guess it's now a lottery lol, if you get picked (at random?) you're in....
  4. @jd88 Congrats!! That's awesome, glad to hear you were accepted to Phase 1! How did the physical go yesterday? I have not heard anything yet, has anyone else? @OperatorRic it's tough but you literally have to keep going over them over and over again and write them out a couple hundred times. Make flashcards too - flashcards and writing them over and over helped me the most.
  5. @Diezel Heard from a friend of a friend who's in the railroad. But who knows at this point. It seems like all of us have been given different info, and HR themselves don't really know when the next Phase 1 class will be. I had my panel in early March and was told if chosen for Phase 1 the class would begin End of May/Beginning of June. However, no class began last month and no class has begun so far this month from what I've heard. podh1011 had the panel in January and was told the end of the summer. Biggburns was just told end of the year. They could be trying to fill out a few classes (not just one), or perhaps they're waiting on additional funding from the State. Could be a number of reasons. If anyone who is following this thread knows anything please chime in - any and all info is appreciated!!
  6. What information did they ask of you that they didn't already have from your interview/background check/application....?
  7. Nothing yet; from what I heard there may be a class starting at the end of this month so I'd figure if any of us are in it we may hear next week (assuming they'd let us know two weeks prior to the start of it - that is, if we got in).
  8. Good luck - STUDY STUDY STUDY - flashcards and writing out the definitions help immensely. What's the date of your overview?
  9. I think that is accurate to say - I literally went over all my answers 3 or 4 times before handing in my test. I wish you the best of luck as well! Hopefully (knock on wood - fingers crossed) things work out for both of us, as well as the other hopeful candidates on here who passed the S&D test and had their panels already!
  10. @podh1011 When you did your panel interview in January, did they tell you the class you would be in (if selected) would be at the end of this summer? I know there was a Phase 1 class in March, and I was told that the class I was being interviewed for would either be at the end of May/beginning of June. However I just heard that particular class is now supposed to be at the end of June, but they haven't selected who will be in it yet. If you're not selected, I believe you are sent a letter stating so.
  11. PeroPort, Just curious - when was your interview?
  12. Hey @Ndj22 welcome to the board! This is my first post as well. As some have said before, applying to be an Engineer Trainee is a true test of patience, and a long road. I originally applied in April of last year, had the Open House in November, Background Check in December, Signals and Definitions Overview in January, Test in February, and my Panel Interview the beginning of this past March. At the end of my interview, I asked if I was chosen for Phase 1, when I could expect the class to begin. I was told the next class would be starting end of May / beginning of June, and I'd hear around that time. Still haven't heard anything yet... Anyone on here know if there's a Phase 1 class scheduled for either the end of this month or beginning of next? Thanks in advance! - Rogue
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