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  1. In my 12 years down here, ive never really heard of a number that is considered "fully staffed". People retire, leave track, get promoted, etc. It happens in dribs and drabs pretty much constantly.
  2. That link goes to a foreman test from 2012....thenone i SHOULD'VE taken lol
  3. Hows everyone doin? I know theres a new class in this week right? Everyone enjoying the curiculum? Lol
  4. Sadly Chris, no. The shitty reality is that even though ppl make the list, they dont all get the opportunity to get called and hired. The ones that DO, should consider themselves quite lucky
  5. Dont worry, you will all always have a higher seniority number than me hahahahaha
  6. I think right now we have somewhere around 1800-1850 trackworkers, including fresh out of school. The potentials that went for piss tests within the first two weeks of july...the 79x's....has anyone gotten the email calling back for final medical screening yet? Asking for a buddy...
  7. Jeez Steve, tell the man how you REALLY feel! ???????? Its too early in your career to be jaded lol Riello, there is never really an announcement of guys retiring. You kinda just hear it through the transit grapevine (these guys are worse than wash-women!!) And by the way, everyone with more time than you is gonna talk to you like shit for a while, dont take it personally hahaha
  8. Congrats on the class placement btw. See you on the road
  9. Yea the MAC sucks. All these years and ive never been there less than 5 hours
  10. How did you make out this morning DaveyBoy? What class did you get into?
  11. If they already got into the 67x's for the august 8th class, you might be in the next one. 70-something numbers is a lot to get thru for one class. But good for you, im glad to see the list is moving again. See you when you make it on the track!
  12. Update! My buddy is 79X on the list. He just recieved his first call letter today to report to livingston street the first week of july. Check your mailboxes everyone. Good luck
  13. Probably. I know ppl have definitely gone track--> rto and back to track again, before the year was up. They didnt like it. To each his own i guess...
  14. The indirect answer, it doesnt matter if you are in capital or maintenence. You can sign up for capital OT when the canvas comes around. But the foreman doing overtime arent gonna just pick all the new guys to do OT just because they are eager. They have a bunch or "usual suspects" that they work with alot. And when they have guys that they KNOW will work for them, the foremen can actually handpick workers from the canvas list. It shouldnt go that way, but it does. You pineapples have to establish yourselves a bit as good workers before you just soak up the OT money. I apologize if i sound rude, but, you arent gonna get every piece you write your name on fresh outta school. They got shit to do, and a limited time to do it. And they got their "go-to" guys and their "A-team". Just learn the job first, show that you know what you are doing, and that you arent afraid to work, and they will be talkin to you on the side like, "yo im doin such and such overtime this weekend, if you want it, let me know." You will be able to do morning and afternoon OT as well on the weekends. You will understand better when you start seeing the canvases. It seems more complicated than it really is lol
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