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  1. Would it be more trouble than it's worth to do some tunneling to connect the A/C/G trains to Atlantic Av? Lafayette St and Fulton St stations would be abandoned in this case. I've also personally pictured what other people have said, with the G connecting to the N/W/7 trains at Queensboro and then the F at Queensbridge, and from there going up 21st and then across 86th st in Manhattan. If you want to get even crazier with it, you could then connect this to a Bergenline Ave line in NJ, and even crazier still have the G turn westward to make stops in Red Hook and then finish the loop from Liberty State Park. There's obviously a ton of legal jurisdictional things that would need to change for this to happen and it probably is way down the list of things to do in the city in terms of transit projects, but its been a fun fantasy of mine having a big outer-ring subway line.
  2. Alon Levy has mentioned this with his plan, but a good way to get better transfers out of SAS 3 would be to extend it down 3rd Ave rather than 2nd. I know it's very close to Lex/Park, but it is still less of a walk for people East of Lex/Park and still alleviates congestion on the 4/5/6. Connecting it North of 63rd St might be tricky, but it could start as a shuttle with a transfer to trains at 59th St and 63rd St.
  3. This is much more long term, but if the LIRR Atlantic Branch ever gets connected to Manhattan, it might make more sense to convert the Rockaways back to LIRR service, ofc assuming comparable headways and pricing to subway. This would then mean more service to Lefferts, and the C could still terminate at Euclid, you'd also have a kind of super-express in the form of the LIRR. Just a thought.
  4. So even just looking at phase 3, it probably wouldn't be necessary or worth it to have the T go from Houston on 2nd ave, then switch to 3rd before Grand Central, have a new station at 63rd st on 3rd ave, and then reconnect with the Q at 72nd st?
  5. Someone posted something about Alon Levy's subway crayon, and I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding his plan for the T. Under his plan, the T goes from Utica to Williamsburg, up 3rd ave, then goes through Central Park North of 63rd st and into Washington Heights. I'm not so sure about the part North of 63rd st, but I do think there is something to be said for having the train have good transfers along 3rd rather than 2nd. Perhaps between Grand Central and 63rd st it snake over to 3rd ave then go back to 2nd. Thoughts?
  6. How about a transfer between Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza. Would this be doable or is there a sufficient reason for making the connection?
  7. Regarding Phase 3 and a transfer at 42nd St, I was wondering if there would be any way to have a 7 stop at 1st-2nd Ave. Is it technically possible? If so, how much would it cost and would it be worth it? Just wondering.
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