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  1. They do offer direct deposit but it can take up to two pay cycles for it to deposit via direct
  2. You will get two pieces of paper with your official start date on it
  3. Well, all they want to know is from present to highschool. Even years you were unemployed.
  4. Just answer the questions they ask for and don't be afraid to ask for help. If you explain you were discharged from the Navy due to injury, should be no problem
  5. Anything after 8 hours in transit is considered OT
  6. The crew office would make sure you have 12 hour rest between jobs. The OT will come but they will make sure you have 12 hours in between jobs. The dispatcher may ask if you want to do OT as well ask what time you work the next day
  7. Dezoning is when you go and change operating cabs for the next interval.
  8. The only exception is on weekdays at Continental during the AMs, C/Rs on the and don't have to dezone. And the next conductor comes on and closes the doors. On the C/Rs don't have to dezone. The other exception is if the train is going out if service upon arrival, then the C/R just has to open on the operating cab
  9. Considering you live in Connecticut and have to take the Metro-North, choose A division. Only B division trains I can think of that can connect to the Metro-North are the (weekdays and evenings only) and the at Yankee Stadium and the rest of the Concourse line
  10. Depending on which line you are on, it could be 3, could be 4, could even be 5 or just 1.5
  11. @kellgh is in the B division. She was in my class 😂 And it's all good. What's your XX list number?
  12. Surprised you didn't go to a B division pick location
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