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  1. Yes, I'm here. Don't be anxious as today's process is lighter than the previous ones. I'm wearing the pink dress shirt.
  2. Got the call to report for final processing on 1/2 also..the message wasn't the clearest. The things to bring are what? How much did she say the money order should be, $88.20?
  3. To be clear I was not given a start date, nor was I told I'm in the 1/21 Zerega class.
  4. Thanks! 🤞🏼on behalf of the roughly 100 ppl there today, we sure hope so.
  5. Finished up for the day. Now back to the waiting game. We're told the next training class starts 1/21 @ Zerega.
  6. Both Test #'s 4600 (TA) and 7105 (OA) are currently here waiting to give urine.
  7. I just asked, there are guys here with list #'s ranging from 1200 to 200
  8. It seems as if all ppl are here for bus operator but each is at a different step in the process. Myself and others are here to replace an expired drug test(they're only good for 30 days)
  9. While I'm sorry to hear this, I'm not sure what makes this different from many of whom are here...completed the medical, a 2nd urine test (as the first one was clean but about to expire after 30 days) and was told they'd hear back within 30 days. All this since mid-october. Are ya'll recommending we ignore 'hiring freeze' and go and talk to Ms. Rivera?
  10. Generally, how long are these hiring freeze? Folks with permits should use this time to secure the CDL license.
  11. Generally, how long are these hiring freeze?
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