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  1. I just got my letter. Score of 91 with a list number between 1500 and 1700. So obviously with all the different MTA tests that I took, this would be my number one choice then C/O than B/O!!! Currently in CA for the time being but for $34/hr just for training, i’d come back to the snow in a heartbeat!! 😄😄
  2. Score was 100%!!! List number between 100-150!!!
  3. http://abc7ny.com/news/crazy-video-runaway-bus-rolls-backwards-slams-into-church/2126018/ Crazy story
  4. I got a number under 2000. They said they'll try to get all under 2000.
  5. Lol yea I tried to!! If you mean the proposed answer key, they'll release that on 7/27 after 3 pm online!!
  6. Same thing over here!!! NO A/C!!!! But I took almost all my time on this test!!! I went over all my answers twice with about 5 minutes to spare so we'll see how things turn out when the answer keys come out!!!
  7. Over here at Midwood High for the 2pm test and they told us to be here about 1 hr prior but I've been here since 1:05...out in the 1000 degree sunny heat...STILL waiting to get in!!! At least offer us some water or something!!! Hopefully no one catches a heat stroke out here!!! S.M.H!! Anybody else taking the test here at Midwood High?!
  8. So I got a date for the BOSS test. 7/11 @ 9. Let's see how things turn out!
  9. I got a list number for this as well and awaiting for the BOSS!!! I'm number 7xx.
  10. Sad and upsetting story!! http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/off-duty-mta-worker-shot-killed-brooklyn-street-article-1.3127982
  11. It happens sometimes. Yu just have to wait a day or so then when you log back in, you should receive a prompt to pay for the test if you already applied.
  12. No math on any of the tests....(and there might be women on here too)
  13. There's a possibility to switch from PT to FT B/O if you're in with MTA BC without needing to take another test?
  14. Would it make sense to apply for this and the FT B/O next month just for the opportunity to get a foot in the door? Also why is the PT B/O limited to Spring Creek? Even though I would prefer this location because of that huge parking lot!!

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