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  1. Can they implement on buses within a borough while they forge ahead with subway lines ?
  2. Do you think Feb emphasis will be Booklyn or the Bronx ?
  3. What it the timetable for installing OMNY at various Bus Company buses in Queens ?
  4. On the 2 & 3 in lower Manhattan, they skipped over Park Place and Wall Street
  5. Now we can enter the Chambers Street station via a lovely OMNY LED screen, then wait for a J train at the rat den and cesspool of of a station.
  6. Maybe their contract says they cannot make promotions. VISA and Mastercard are brand-names and don't issue cards - banks do, and only several large banks offer Contactless cards.
  7. It was the 7th item on the list. With the 7 on your brain, you thought of Seventh Av / 53rd.
  8. I think with NICE buses. But I am thinking of a trip like S79-subway-Q35, now 2 fares.
  9. I thought I read somewhere, but forgot where, that OMNY will allow 2 transfers rather than 1 with Metrocard. If that is so, does that mean Bus-Train-Bus can be done on one fare, or only means Train-Bus-Bus ?
  10. If they add the expense of random inspections personnel to non-SBS routes, they will blow their operating budget.
  11. "All door" means just 2 doors. There are no artics on SI. How will the bus driver ensure that everyone boarding at the rear door has tapped without him/(her) being right there to watch ?
  12. They need not report on mounts, but on the finished product., and they seem to be completing 1 or 2 stations per weekday. Without reading this blog, which 99.99% of subway passengers do not , one would have no knowledge of any subway expansion beyond 42nd to Atlantic Av on the Lex. They are suppressing OMNY usage. Only more frustrating is the glacial progress US banks are in producing Contactless cards, so Smartphones are 80% of the OMNY market.
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