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  1. heading in for S&D review tomorrow..finally
  2. Just got the email for the assistant signal man open house on 10/31 ! Can anyone shed some light on what to expect on the Pre Screener Exam?
  3. Anyone from the June 6th 2016 open house hear anything back. I did my backround info with strearling and have yet to hear anything further. Can't get Lucille to answer a voicemail, return a call or email. Let alone pick up her phone ! Got in touch with Michelle and she just says you have to contact Lucille. Help very frustrating
  4. how long from after the backround check do you get called in for signals and definitions test? i did the open house June 6th and haven't heard anything further. Also who in HR can you contact on the phone or number?
  5. New to the board hello guys I have received a email to attend the open house June 6, anyone else attending?

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