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  1. Has anyone who deferred ever requested to get back on the list? I deferred some months back and am thinking about asking to get back on the list. I am wondering what you had to do and how quickly you got back on the list. Thanks.
  2. Just deferred today and I'll tell you how to do it quick if you are dropping the letter off. Don't wait on the first line, this is the first line you have to wait on at the 5th floor and you will get a number. Go immediately to the 2nd long line because you don't need a number. When you get to the 2nd line desk you just hand them the 1st paper of your packet where you sign that you decline. That is it you are done. Takes 5 seconds. I just wished I got there at around 8:30 or later and just handed it in, no reason to get there at 7:30 or earlier, waste of time. Going later like 9AM will mean that there won't be any lines at all. There is absolutely no reason to wait on that first line to get a number, you will just leave with the number and they will never look at it. You can probably just cut in front of someone on the 2nd line by telling them you are just dropping off the defer paper and it takes 1 second.
  3. It seems best would go in tomorrow and bring that packet with you because you will probably need to sign the first page. I called MTA on Monday as I also have my appointment tomorrow and the person on the phone says its just best to come in get on line, get a number, and then just hand in the form there. She also said it wouldn't take that long. I plan on getting there maybe 7AM tomorrow because I have class at 11AM.
  4. It is very confusing to me also. I actually called the number in the packet and got someone on the phone at the MTA. She said that you should come in person because if you mail it, it may get lost. Since I just mailed something to the IRS that seems to have gotten lost I am not going to mail anything if I can do it in person, especially for important stuff. What also is confusing is it says in the letter IF YOU DO NOT DESIRE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR APPOINTMENT, DO NOT REPORT. but, then it says below to sign and date "I DECLINE APPOINTMENT". its just confusing, you would think by signing "I decline Appointment" you then should not even show up. It should say "DEFER appointment"
  5. Hello everyone, I have a pre-employment date for tomorrow at 7:30 AM and want to defer. I also have school that day in mid-town at 11:00 AM. Would anyone know how long it would take me to defer tomorrow? Will I be able to make my class at 11:00 AM tomorrow? Do I need to go early to the MTA, before 7:30 in order for me to make this class? I'm not sure how quickly they process people. Thanks.
  6. With regards to deferring, I have done this with the FDNY test. All I had to do was send an E-mail to FDNY stating that you want to DECLINE. Yes, that is the words they use "decline" and not defer. Then to get back on the list I had to contact DCAS to reinstate my list number. What I am thinking is it may be possible that we don't even have to go down to MTA to decline (defer), we may just have to send MTA an E-mail saying that we want to decline. What do you think? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just shoot them an E-mail instead of having to wake up at 6AM and head down to Brooklyn for something we can just do with an Email?
  7. I'm in the 700's and have not received a pre-employment letter. I heard someone mention a few pages back that they sent out pre-employment letters up to 1000. Has anyone with list number 700 or higher receive a pre-employment letter?
  8. I can't really find any information about this job. Could someone give me an idea about how the job is? Is it physically demanding, is it boring, is it exciting? Most of the people tell me, who have no idea about the job, say its a crap job and you won't like it. They say you will be in a tiny little booth and standing the whole day. This is all I have to go by because I know no one who actually works for the MTA. Thanks, any insight into this job will be appreciated.
  9. Let us know what they do if you missed your date. I know when they mailed out the test scores a couple months back that the letter got to me a week late because the mail man delivered it to my neighbor by mistake and my neighbor was away on vacation. I did see the letter on USPS.com Email as they send you a picture of all your mail you should get for the day so I was expecting this MTA letter but didn't get it for over a week and my neighbor delivered it to me. You may want to log into USPS and see if they still have your old mail pictures on file as they keep that for a while, you may be able to see if it did get scanned and got lost by your mail man. Most likely your letter got lost in the mail just like mine . So if you should have gotten a letter you have no choice but to go down ASAP and get this worked out. Please let us know if they hold that missed appointment against you.
  10. This is the basic deal, If you were off the books don't list it, meaning if you didn't pay taxes and nobody knew about the job, then DO not list it, you are just opening your self up for trouble by listing it. If you paid taxes on the job you should list it because if they do match it to the social security records then I don't know if you can get in trouble. I don't think this is as strict as the Police or Fire department so you probably don't have to worry all that much what you list.
  11. 700 here, I'm also hoping it gets filled because I would like to start towards the end of the summer. August would be perfect If I did get stuck for the June class then I would probably defer myself, but then I would be looking at starting probably in the winter if I do that because it takes a couple of months to get reinstated.
  12. I am thinking about taking a job for a MTA conductor. My question is about how flexible are the work hours when making your schedule. Does your schedule change every week? Would it be possible during the summer to not work on Saturdays and Sundays between 10Am to 4PM? I could work any other time outside of those hours but wondering how easy it will be to have those hours free on the weekends. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know about how quickly the MTA usually takes to hire someone after they went to their pre employment date?
  14. Is it possible you failed the OPA exam? Let us know what happens either way.
  15. From what I can find is that they want to hire 200 people and will potentially call up to 2000 people from the list for those positions. The people under #400 are going in next week to start the pre-employment so it seems they want to hire these people fast. Is it possible that with a 700 number I could start my pre-employment in the next few weeks and also be called for a job within a couple of months? Is that far fetched? I need to get an idea about when I will be starting. Last thing i heard here were people saying there was a hiring freeze for years, now it seems they want to hire people ASAP. We need answers!
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