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  1. If you haven't yet, pass your road test first.
  2. I'm in 12/26; a lot of passed their road tests, I'm doing mine today. Picks are done, but I transferred to Staten Island, I will get details later today. What do you want to know?
  3. Blunt depots available; Fresh Pond, Grand Avenue, East New York, Ulmer Park, Gleason. Gleason and ENY had the most spots
  4. Transferred before I picked, will be on Staten Island provided I pass my road test tomorrow. I selected Charleston at orientation, hopefully that comes through.
  5. Ok...going to Quill for day 8&9, with Acosta...how is he?
  6. Our entire group had problems today. Hopefully we all bring our A-game tomorrow.
  7. Day 4 done, need to work on mirrors and space, as well as perfecting the pre-trip. Day 5 Monday, in Manhattan.
  8. Absolutely, that is being pounded into my training group.
  9. Just finished Day 2. Hope it gets easier...
  10. Great notes, everyone, hoping I get through this!
  11. Done with Day 0. Training starts tomorrow at Flatbush with Supt. Gray. Anyone familiar with him/her?
  12. On lunch, Day 1. Did paperwork, and watched a video. Have Supt. Soto, seems to be a hardass, but fair and very patient, esp. With one guy who had trouble with the paperwork. I guess we get into what the next two weeks will bring, because bus work starts tomorrow.
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