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  1. finished up everything yesterday, ill see y'all the 27th
  2. when you get put on medical hold, can you just go down there as soon as you're cleared or do you have to call them?
  3. i'm in the same boat as you, took my drug test in august and still waiting for medical. my list number is 18** what about you?
  4. whats your list number? i'm 18** and still haven't received anything for the medical
  5. my list number is 18** and i still haven't got any email for the medical, should i be worried? anyone else not receive one yet?
  6. what is this white medical slip you're talking about? did you take second medical part of the processing?
  7. what was your list number? if you don't mind me asking and thanks for the info!
  8. list number 18** went down for the drug test on 8/25 but no notice yet to return for the medical
  9. my list number is 18** and i took my drug test Aug. 25th and still haven't heard back to do the medical, should i be concerned?
  10. august 25th i did the drug test but my list number is 18**, any chance of me getting in the September 25th class?
  11. took the drug test on august 25th, when can i be expected to hear back for the medical process?
  12. thank you, you've been a lot of help
  13. one more question- how much longer do you think this current list will be active? without any extensions of course
  14. thanks for the reply man, i appreciate it!
  15. question- realistically what should my expectations be if my list number is 187x's? any other recommendations for up coming tests, ect.?
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