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  1. Thank you...... hope everything is going great with training
  2. They will call you by phone for drug test
  3. For the people that have already started training any tips on what I should start studying for now.
  4. I took my second test abt a month ago. I received a email stating to come in for medical and final processing last week. I mean if you want the job you have to make the appointment!
  5. Reported today for medical and final processing. Not to crowded which was good for me. The process was painless. Thank God.
  6. Same here,,, I've been calling Ms Riveria all last week. Her vmail is max out.
  7. I'm thinking the same thing,,,, tprashad0719
  8. Well wishes to everyone I heard calls for medical are right after Labor Day ????????????
  9. What list number is everyone that is waiting for medical. Mine is 6000
  10. Is there a blood test taken during the medical?
  11. Same here... I wish I knew what number they were up to....
  12. tdevon2012 what's your list number? Mine is 6000 maybe we will be in the same class. I completed two drug screening just waiting patiently for my medical date.
  13. Amm0 you got me rolling on the floor laughing with that comment ....... JMA1982 congrats!!!!
  14. That's what's up... Keep up the good work. correct me if I'm wrong but the medical and being sworn in are all on the same day.
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