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  1. So I finished track school yesterday,(still have to do flagging in about a month I already have my date) but now I report to my "permanent spot". My permanent spot is 86th and 4th ave in Brooklyn. I have a friend from track school who picked the same location as me and did a dry run last night just to check it out. He said he couldn't find nothing and he asked the clerk working there who said there were no quarters there, she claims she has only found track workers meeting off the streets there. Can any track workers familiar with the area confirm or correct this?
  2. First day of orientation tomorrow. Congrats to the others I will be seeing there tomorrow . I will post updates throughout the class.
  3. Went to my medical and final processing today, I begin orientation on Oct 31st. The medical typically includes a vision and hearing test, ekg, breath capacity test, and urine test in which they test blood sugars and such. I had a completed medical from July and only had to take the vision and urine test again. After that you will hand your certificate stating you have passed your medical to the woman in the front and hand in your paperwork. You will be called in to an office where someone will go over all your paperwork and make sure its in order. They will give you your books and orientation information as well as your employee pass number. Then you go in to the pass office to take a picture for your employee pass which I am told you will receive on orientation day. Afterwards you are fingerprinted and handed a receipt of completion which you hand to the guy who completed your paperwork and you are free to go. Good luck to everyone, I will see some of you in the next class.
  4. Thank you everyone for elaborating on my questions and posting the pictures of this so called structure. Ill worry about it when I have to. I have heard the odds are pretty good that ill be on overnights in maintenance where they never work on elevated structures, so we will see. Anyways, I go in to tomorrow for medical and final processing. This will be my 2nd medical, unless of course I go in and just go straight to final processing if my other medical is still valid. There was some confusion about it when I asked because I was called for medical in mid July which means by the 90 rule my medical would be expired by the start of the next class, however it was august when I finally made it in with my doctors note and was cleared and the people I asked were not sure what date they would go by. Regardless I have all my paperwork from last time and a brand new note from my doctor that I picked up today so there are no issues when the same EKG abnormality comes up tomorrow. So here is to a long ass day at Livingston tomorrow, Ill keep you guys posted on whatever I hear/see.
  5. I've heard about the boots thing, I have a question about that. Should I get those boots a half a size bigger to fit insoles in them? And 2, what is this structure I keep hearing about. If anyone could post a youtube video or a google images link of a picture of this structure that we walk on because I'm driving myself crazy here picturing walking on six flag nitro or some shit haha, I'm not the most comfortable with extreme heights but I am okay on minor heights if that makes any sense.
  6. Cool thanks for the info Steven, I'm going to have to do that real quickly. Another update for you guys; they are moving fast as hell. I just got another email they want me to report for medical and final processing on Wednesday, October 5th. That's only 2 days notice, but that is perfectly fine with me, the sooner the better. I must say I wasn't expecting to hear from them this quickly. I just took a drug screening on Friday, I doubt my results even came back that quickly, even though I surely passed as I take no drugs legal or illegal.
  7. Okay guys so here's the update. I went yesterday 09/30/16, it was crazy packed and busy, the busiest I've seen in the 4 - 5 times I've been there. They are doing a lot of hiring but its not just for track worker, although there were plenty of them there for that too. When I was eventually called I was sat in a room with 5 - 6 other people in a similar situation as myself. We were all lined up for the past class but our medical holds held us up too long; we were all there for our third lab. I got a start date for the next class, its October 31st; Happy Halloween. This is great news for everyone, that class is coming up in a month. It seems that they really want to get another class in there soon as possible, the current class is over around 3rd week of October, so they are wasting no time; they have the open spots and they are filling them quickly it would seem. This would be the 5th class this year if I have been keeping track correctly. And perhaps for you people with later numbers, maybe its not even the last class this year; Perhaps we could see another one late November/early December. Good luck every one! I also got a question for the veterans. For the MTA I don't need to disclose any arrests on my records that resulted in an ACD right? I've been arrested twice in NY and once in Jersey for possession of marijuana. Jersey was completely dismissed and in NY they resulted in ACDs both times, you stay out of trouble for 6 months (which I did) and they are sealed. I also have 2 or 3 summons from when I was a kid like in park after dark and all that nonsense that also always resulted in an ACD or just being completely thrown out. I have no misdemeanors on my record and certainly no felonies, so when they speak of convictions that does not include me am I right?
  8. I go in to tomorrow at 730 am for a lab assessment. My number is 75X and this will be my 3rd lab assessment . I should have been this this past class but was put on medical hold and by the time I cleared my hold and went back to the MTA, the class was full. I do not know if they called me extra early to get me processed possibly before my valid medical expires and they have to give me a new one, or if they had begun calling for the next class. Perhaps they are aiming to have one more class before the end of this year since the current class will be out before the end of October. I suppose we shall see what the deal is.
  9. I have a question guys. I know the drug screen expires after I think 90 days right? So ill undoubtedly have to do that again when and if I get called next. However, does the medical portion expire? And if so after how long? If I'm called again in 4-5 months lets say January, will I have to do the entire medical again too?
  10. So I guess that whole August 8th class or whatever was incorrect?
  11. I see; but in all honesty, I'd much rather have a more stressful pick in the September class than a less stressful pick in the next class which will be god knows when lmao. And naw, sorry Thomas, no word. The woman called Ruby a 2nd time to ask that very question and she did not have an answer. I have emailed her twice as well asking some general questions, no reply as of yet.
  12. I did take care of my medical hold. I went down there today with all my paperwork, straightened out my medical hold, and was taken off medical hold. I was then told by a woman in the back who does final processing, after she called Ruby Robinson on the phone, that there was no seats open for the class. I then had to fill out a piece of paper to "re-establish my name to the list", because apparently at that point you have finished the hiring process and are no longer on the list; therefore you need to add yourself for another certification. So unfortunately no, there is no chance of me being in the next class. They also did not take my 21 page booklet. And with no disrespect what so ever, can someone please explain to me what is so good about being in a class with higher seniority number? The way I see it, everyone in the class after next will have lower seniority numbers than EVERYONE from this upcoming September class; so what's the benefit of me having the highest seniority number in my class? (or 2nd highest maybe, Thomas will likely be first)
  13. Sigh, unbelievable. I've heard people talk on this forum about finding out they are going in to "so and so" class a week before it starts. But this class that I was supposed to be in, gets filled over a month before it starts. And this was the 5th class this year right? Previous years have had 4 classes per year. This will almost surely be the last class of this year. And who knows how far in to 2017 for the next class. But oh yeah, I really look forward to being the most senior person in the next class......
  14. Is the September class absolutely positively full? I was placed on medical hold July 15th and after going back and forth between like 5 doctors just got my clearance note which I am waking up bright and early to get in tomorrow. I know someone who is a few number past my list number and is confirmed for the September class. Do they possibly hold some spots open? Or are they just saying full because they know they have enough processed medicals to fill the class but have not informed everyone to be in it? Its over a month until the class, that would be absolutely awful if I got skipped over so early.
  15. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever been held up by a medical hold? How long did it tie you up, what were you required to do? Etc etc.
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