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  1. Well guys, I did it. Finally off probation. Started as OA 2/6/17 in Ulmer Park , became TA in July. Then transferred to Staten Island in August. Got extended two days because I had called out for two days straight (was in major back pain, all about posture driving these buses!) Just stick to what Zerega had taught us, take your time and you’ll fly through the year. Can’t believe it’s already been a year actually. Good luck everyone.
  2. TheNYCTBeast, might as well stay and finish what you have left since you're almost done honestly. Don't need to put more stress on finishing your last two months with the fact that you have to go back to 180 for the pre employment, drug test, wait for the call back 3-90 days, then come back for medical again, etc etc. Just my opinion though. Can't wait for when my time comes and I'm off probation. Has to be one of the best feelings besides qualifying the 7-10 day training. Congrats and be safe out there !!
  3. just got my 6 month evaluation today which was weird since I was a crossover from OA (appointed 2/6/17) to TA (appointed 7/10/17) while on probation. Supt. at Zerega doing the orientation was saying the 5 months I served as OA wouldn't transfer over and that my probation would reset to day one which would be my appointed date. Good news is, the GS at my depot did my 6mo. evaluation and said that being a crossover, the 5 months of probation have carried over into the TA side. So now I'm half way through it. Just wanted to inform some of the people on here who were thinking about doing the crossover while still on probation.
  4. Thank you, I believe everyone except for like 2 or 3 of the students were forced into Staten.
  5. **Transferred into Staten Island** forgot to add that.
  6. Congrats to all that made it, good luck to the ones on their 7-10 day training. A little update on myself as a crossover from OA into TA. Was appointed on 7/10/17 as TA, filed the transfer same day. Worked at my depot (Ulmer Park) until 7/29/17 (Saturday) with Sunday off. Started line training with 4 other transfers from Brooklyn on Monday 7/31/17 In total there were 23 new students and 5 transfers that Monday. 23 students are now line training separately. The transfers and I are line training together with a union rep for the next four weeks. Just thought I'd let you guys know just in case someone else wants to go through the crossover or transfer.
  7. Hey 161NewYork, yesterday at orientation I signed a paper asking to be sent to Staten Island / Castleton... does that count as my transfer request or do I still have to go to UPK and ask to request a transfer?
  8. Aside from TA being Civil Service, It's for people who want to go to Staten Island or Queens, but you are there permanently once you transfer to one of those boroughs. I don't know what other benefits there is from doing the crossover if there is anymore.
  9. For anyone wondering what the crossover from OA to TA is. Was at Zerega today and I was there the whole day with the new comers. Filled out the same paper work as them except I wasn't appointed to a depot. Instead Supt. Soto told me to go to 195 Montague St the following day at 8am. I asked him what I'm going to be doing there and he said he honestly doesn't know. What I think is, I re-do all my benefits that I did last time as an OA except I'll be under TA this time. **ALSO** Finish your probationary period because he said that the 5 months I served as an OA will not count and that my probation starts all over again today(7/10/17) kind of upset that I have to do that.
  10. Got a letter late, missed original date that I was supposed to come in. Was told to come in next day when I called. Came 3/27 pre employment process (1st time) Almost 3 months later Ms.Chestnut gives me a call and tells me to come in for processing again. Came 6/15 pre employment (2nd time) Got a call&email the following week to come in 6/26 for medical & final processing. Appointed next class 7/10 I went through medical & final processing pretty easy probably because I'm an OA switching to TA so my records are fairly new I suppose. I've only been an operator for like 5 months. Also my list number is 312X. Hope this info helps out.
  11. This applies for people who qualified on days 6/7 and 8/9 not day 10 qualifiers.
  12. Don't be so hard on yourself, you made it this far you can accomplish what ever else you're going to be put through. It took me the end of my second week of line training to know most* of the lines at my depot. What I did was I wrote the turns on an index card per bus route and then I would find a place to stick the card somewhere near the telltale panel.
  13. The line today here at 180 Livingston is nuts right now lol. it wraps around the back towards the bathroom/stairs.
  14. :: LIST UPDATE :: I called Ms. Chestnut today to see what number they're up to and then she asked for my list number and social. Mine is 31xx and she said we sent you a letter already and I should have came in on the Monday that just passed. I told her I never received my letter and she told me to come in next Monday with all my paper work etc. So if your number is at 31xx and didn't get a letter yet, I suggest you call. My process should be easy as I'm just switching agencies from OA to TA so I can put a transfer in to go to Staten Island hopefully.
  15. I had Negron last month for my 7 days and qualified in 7 with him as well. Definitely militant, don't put yourself down when he trolley brakes or scolds you. He gives tough love but it's for a good reason. He likes when you take your space. As Deuce said, make him feel proud. Also tell him that Ramos passed his road test and is now at Ulmer Park.
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