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  1. Looks like we have 8 more R-46's at Jamaica as of June 17: 5854-5861. There was a short lag after 3248-57 entered service as 5854-7 were then in the repair shop.
  2. Been on vacation and the paperwork is still piling up, but it is reported that the next eight cars went to Jamaica as of June 17. As of same date (June 17), 3268-3272 had been delivered to 207. I don't know if they've been moved to Pitkin for acceptance yet, others might.
  3. Apparently temporary. 3070-73 and another link came down with semi-serious deficiencies so could be absent for a bit. Breaking News! All 8 went back to 207 Street and last evening (May 23). No known reason but I suspect it may have been maintenance-related, perhaps a warranty issue.
  4. Incorrect. 3070-3073 needs (or needed?) a door system modification. Apparently it was delivered with an earlier-state configuration (prone to failure) that had already been rectified during later production with the latter-day 4-car sets. 3110-13 had (has?) some external body damage that required shop time. This employee-caused damage (in its various forms) has been endemic on the R-179's and is a source of contention "due to poor design." These are ongoing evolutions.
  5. Are there more R160s that need to have CBTC equipment installed? This could make up for more sets that need to go out of service. Woid is there will be six trains moving to Jamaica as new R-179's are accepted for . If so, that would be 5846-5893. Let's see how it plays out.
  6. "Upgrade" is suggestive at this point. Some hardware maybe but fully operational, no. CBTC system configuration is still evolving and will probably take many more year before fully complete. They still can't get the to behave properly on full auto-pilot. It COULD explain import of the train from 207, however. Looking into it.
  7. Something new to watch for: As R-179's 3238-3247 entered service yesterday (May 22), R-46's 5846-5853 were shifted from Pitkin to Jamaica .
  8. Good show! We have an observation of R-46's 5846-5853, in order, on an train today. Looks like it went over to Jamaica as 3238-47 arrived.
  9. The others are 3110-13. Technical details aside both are on NYCT's equivalent of the "Disabled" (Injury) List.
  10. Apparently temporary. 3070-73 and another link came down with semi-serious deficiencies so could be absent for a bit.
  11. Very Nice! Thank you. The body advertising explains the slight delay in entering service and the lack of internal car cards would demonstrate that it was just a few hours old, revenue service-wise. The inside carding & changeout would usually be applied at Jamaica Center while laying over, but not during the rush hour. Evidently 3070-73 hadn't yet sat still long enough to receive the package advertising. If its a "theme" car(s) that gets done at East New York. Apparently the set hadn't been sitting there long enough, either. By next week it should be wandering the Jamaica Line festooned to the hilt, just like all the others. Congratulations 3070-3073 and best of luck in your (long?) career to come at MTA NYCT. Again, nice catch and this should close out the R-179 contract in relation to the .
  12. On the of May 16, 2019: 11 R-160, 8 R-179, 2 R-42, Zero R-143. No sign of 3070-3073 in service as of same date. No R-46's on for the entire week!
  13. There was at least one last Friday (May 10).
  14. Barring more interruptions, sometime in September 2019. Hopefully we'll see 3253-3257 arriving this week. The first "production" 10-car train could be on the by the end of NEXT week. That would make for two of the 13 ordered.
  15. R-179 sightings last week: Thursday, May 9: 3217/16/15/3214-3234/35/36/3237 on SB @ Franklin Ave. 3233/32/31/3230-3201/00/3199/3198 on NB at Utica Ave. Both PM rush. ALL 88 R-179's assigned to 207 Street are now in service! Friday, May 10: 3238/39/40/41/3242-3243/44/45/46/3247 burn-in on SB at 103 Street (8 Av Exp) around 12:30 PM. R-179's 3146-3149 was in a SB at Essex St. with 3138-41 around 10:30 AM. 3070-3073 were laid up at East New York Yard in the PM rush (about 4:30 PM). They do NOT appear to be in service yet.

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