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  1. 106 R-32s still breathing (live). That WAS the Planning Dept quantity before the R-179s were delivered thru the R-211 beginning. Now maybe we know which 106? As of now its still doesn't like this February 7 Car Assignment is taking place. That's also showing 70 R-32s on the (not zero anywhere I can find). Its about the same quantity as on the when they use their usual 8 or 9 trains, which they generally do! The 70 on the is also gonna make those get more and faster wear and tear, too.
  2. Supposed to be a big dump this spring. Something like four a day most (two round trips) unless somewhere another trucking contractor show up suddenly (from somewhere?). Up to youz all to keep your eyes open.
  3. So has anyone seen 3040-49 doing burn-in yet?
  4. Very nice pictures! I admire the effort extra credit. If like last time they'll sit with the lights on for up to weeks until getting moved to 207 for processing. Sometimes the compressors keep running unattended even. They are only subway cars after all. Not like they're really alive (as opposed to "live"). Winter of 2009: I remember one set of Slants was literally FROZEN (and I mean f-r-o-z-e-n, as in ice) into place around Track 43 and was even drawing power as it broke away for the ice lake when departing for its final run to 207. What an electrical show!! She was on the barge a couple of weeks later.
  5. There are "dead" subway cars all over the property and have been there in times for decades. What is the big deal?????
  6. 2022 maybe 23. Whats left. Hope they make it?
  7. Looks like there's eight different retired R-32s for 100 even again: 3410/11 (again), 3606/07, 3621/3644, 3820/21. The other eight are evidently now UN-retired.
  8. Looks like another trade today was 5742 & 5782 for 5-pack 8748. 8758 & 8793 apparently swapped under SMS at the Shop. No exchanged equipment.
  9. Not yet, as Friday had 9 & 9 OK on the AM, just R-179 & R-32. Just one, maybe two R-32 on in AM. Any idea on PM? Monday maybe? Love the 50% full-trains on if so! Lets get to 100% soon! Long overdue.
  10. Now its back up to 130. Check 3834/35 on Feb 7.
  11. That tape has been there for many years. If someone else knows why I'd love an explanation though Another "Retired" R-32 pair (3834/35) was wandering on the during Friday. The other is saying in there too. Hmmm.
  12. Yeah well they might as well get rid of the rest because the fleet will be too tight to be supported (long-term, meaning as long as 2022) anyway. All I can offer is that those R-211s better work!
  13. Does this mean 3818/19 was gone and another on in its place?
  14. Have we yet found that fugitive R-32 train on the ? N-3673/72-3468/3445-3446/47-3818/19-S
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