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  1. The doesn’t need them because they are using the R46’s. The R160s that run on the are for the only. If anyone hasn't noticed, the has been 100% R-46 since July 3. AT LAST!!!! Hooray!!!! Evidently those pair of wandering R-160A-1s from ENY went home after the day on July 2 for the Holiday Weekend.
  2. Those went to Jamaica (via Pitkin ) on June 6. The only R-160s left at Coney Island after that were 8913-17, 9008-12 and 9023-9102. If for some reason JYD can't keep its inspection requirements they can send overflow to Coney Island Inspection Facility upon request. IF that happens they might wind up getting used on Coney Island routes (until someone finds out and sends them/calls them back home). Through July 4, 365 various Jamaica-based R-160s (now including two Siemens/Alstom mixes) had been used on since June 6. FYI, the July 4 R-32 report has 82 at East New York (10 trains max); 16 more were OK at 207 for possible use @ ENY (up to 98 Total). Stay tuned for coming weeks if the R-32 fleet will rise or fall.
  3. Constantly. The cabs are freely having minor problems all the time so trains get shifted between operating ends and middles all the time to keep the cabs as reliable as possible for as long as possible. That way you don't lose the whole unit or train consist like on the unitized cars.
  4. Lack of door controls in the motorman's cab. As a result, only the blind ends could be used by the conductor. This was a problem with the R40Ms and R42s as well. The MTA didn't want to move the in-station conductor boards from the 4-4 position to the 5-3 position; ultimately, having the 8-car trains stop at the 10-car marker became an issue due to the trains being off-center and passengers running, so the cars were shifted to the instead after a few weeks. This is also why the 5-3 setup was used when the R40/42s ran on the Eastern Division. Looking back in retrospect, it never made much sense to me- would probably have been easier if they had just assigned the R32/38s to ENY for the 4-4 setup and sent the R40/42s to run on 10-car lines... They had to line up with Train Operator "punch." There were no punch sometimes at proposed 8-car stops.
  5. If all those R32s are at ENY, how come none were in revenue service yesterday or today? Not yet needed because of various temporary "Light Riding" supplements. That could change any day, and there would be no way to cover requirements without the R-32s unless the R-179s are suddenly restored. Check back next week, the next and the next, etc. The R-179 outage promises to be longer, quite perhaps a lot longer than the one in January.
  6. Looks like there was a busy weekend at the barns! I have 66 available, but perhaps 3388/89, 3400/01, 3840/41 are still in work service? 3512/13, 3778/79, 3810/11, 3932/33, 3938/39 were brought back from Pitkin, the rest from 207. Now in the pipeline from 207 we have 3448/49, 3520/3891 and 3614/15. If so that will be 74 cars so far.
  7. Looks like there was a busy weekend at the barns! I have 66 available, but perhaps 3388/89, 3400/01, 3840/41 are still in work service? 3512/13, 3778/79, 3810/11, 3932/33, 3938/39 were brought back from Pitkin, the rest from 207.
  8. It looks more like a triangulation move: CIY to JYD (paper) to Pitkin. If only the Knicks could make an alley-oop happen so cleanly
  9. It looks like there are 26 R-32s ready by Monday on (So far). 3360/61, 3396/97, 3436/37, 3444/3777, 3574/75, 3646/47, 3706/07, 3714/15, 3772/73, 3774/75, 3840/41, 3888/89, 3894/95. From inspection but done for Work Service, um not for....hmmm... Wait a minute! Unknown how many R-32s COULD be reactivated but might know by end of weekend. That assessment is underway now. And for a budget$$$????... For sure not all 222 but probably well over 100 is a guess. Best I can find there are only 10 possible R-42s for use if required and/or "deemed" (not enough to be worthwhile?). IF they go through inspection. Only four in use for work service and school car. That leaves 36 R-42s O/O/S, probably for good (but we NEVER know do we??). Two "spare" CBTC R-160A-1s from Canarsie are filched for 207 as of yesterday (June 4). The trouble is ENY now requires two complete fleets for the two different CBTC systems: Canarsie and Queens --NOT compatible or transferable, no fleet flexibility what so ever. ENY cannot spare the ones at 207 formerly as these are now Queens CBTC and precious to fill schedule for . The R-179 problems were forcing use of R-143s on again in middle of May as it was. 30 of 40 remaining Siemens R-160s shipped to Jamaica immediately. Minus 8913-17 and 9008-12 so far, add 9018-22. Looks like six Jamaicas have moved over to "Pitkin" (Rock Park) for Specials starting Monday. Speculation at my end: 46 more R-32s in line for round two, maybe 26 more perhaps for round three?? Possible total of 98 (12 Trains) @ ENY? Altogether that would be roughly HALF of what would be required for complete service on .
  10. There are few suppliers for the specialty service required. Another similar company has been engaged by others (China Rail Car Co. known). The ecological advantages of Reefing failed to overcome the political opposition in some locations. Plus the much higher cost to properly prepare (strip) the car bodies. NYCT last removed subway equipment to Sims Metals (Newark) in 2013 by Silk Road Transport specialty "cradle" (flatbed) trailer via the GWB in reverse.
  11. Silk Road Transport is back in operations since some time in April after a several week suspension.
  12. The first mumbling can be discerned about starting storage car dispositions. Evidently NYCT is setting up a Silk Road Transport (or whoever) agreement to begin removal of surplus R-32 and R-42 equipment very imminently. Maybe already? You never know how far this might go with other equipment as well.
  13. As of April 27 there were 125 cars 8888-92, 9013-17, 8933-37, 8938-42, 8978-82, 8993-97, 9003-9012 and 9018-9102 (9018 & up, all) at Coney Island used on and . The balance (1,165) are at Jamaica (). Same for May 1... No changes are expected until whenever
  14. Out of the Blue. That would mean they are currently laid up?
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