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  1. The MK R-42's were barely hanging on this past week. Usually one set far down in the cycle each weekday. Actual revenue usage cannot be verified. Also no more than one train of R-143's on daily. Having said that, there were three R-42's set up for the on Friday the 15th. Again usage can't be verified but at least one or two should have been out there roaming somewhere. That might indicate a little shortcoming on the NTT side as much as anything.
  2. The final moves 207 to ENY occured on February 6.
  3. 3226-29 arrived this week.?.? We hope.
  4. The MK R-42's have been scattershot this week, running some days (like Friday, March 8 at least) but not at all on others. They also keep cycling back and forth to ENY as required on a 1-for-1 basis, so if looking for them at this time, its purely a matter of chance (or more accurately, need).
  5. Most importantly, every car is (potentially) different as constructed and the testing must be performed and conform to class specifications individually, regardless if its a 4-, 5- or (as with the R-188) even a 6-car link. The success of any single car (or unit) is not considered a success for the associated overall fleet of cars in any way. The pilot, production and delivery sequence was and is per advance agreement between NYCT (Car Equipment) and Bombardier. Initial priority was granted to the 260 8-car trains (at the time to begin in 2015) to allow replacement of the 272 existing Phase I R-32's and MK R-42's. Subsequent changes in service and planning have rent those plans asunder against a backdrop of overall fleet enlargement (rather than 1-for-1 replacement), but Bombardier still continued to build on the original trajectory and thus produced and delivered the reduced quantity (188) of 4-car sets first. NYCT more recently revised its desired quantity of 5-car sets several times in lieu of lateness penalty payments. IIRC, it first went from 40 to 80 to 120, then 120 to 130, while concurrently reducing the quantity of 4-car sets from the original 260 to 220, then 196, and finally 188. The final, VERY revised quantity of 120 5-car R-179's was then moved to the end of the production "run" out of necessity at the Plattsburgh end. Also to reiterate, NYCT is currently capable of processing one linked set (regardless of length) at a time, involving personnel at 207 Street and Pitkin, Engineering and Car Acceptance and finally RTO for (test) crews, instruction and logistics. Then there are the vendor (Bombardier) representatives. Each unit will proceed through the same process the same way, regardless of length. Through time, across numerous types of equipment contracts, work sites and procedures can vary. For example, the first batch of R-160B's that were delivered from KRC in 2007 were delivered to and processed at Coney Island Inspection House, where they ultimately entered service on and . The R-160A-1's were initially delivered at 207 Street but processed at East New York, where they went into service on the old and later as well as (after a partial CBTC upgrade) . As the program proceeded, later R-160s of all types were delivered to 207, then processed at Pitkin, then tested from Jamaica for or East New York for . . This is manly because of storage space and "pit time" considerations at the various facilities.
  6. Summary report of ongoing R-179 activity started showing 3010-19 again early this week. It only reflects unaccepted cars and had NOT shown the 5-car pilot train prior to this since it went into revenue service on February 10. End result: 30-Day Test still ongoing as of report date, but exactly why or how far along is not indicated. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; the 5-car sets still must await completion of the 4-car arrivals before their delivery begins. NYCT can only process so many cars at any point in time and there are only 4 more 4's left to go. As of this week (ending March 7) there were 182 on the premises: 3010-19, 3050-3069, 3074-3225. 3206-13 were burning in. 3214-3221 initial testing. 3222-25 prep.
  7. Funny you should say that. 3010-19 are being re-flagged for a renewed 30-Day Test as of yesterday.
  8. That's confirmed for March 4. Consist was 4801/4800-4807/4806-4790/4791-4805/4804. N to S. A slightly different arrangement than last Wednesday.
  9. There was one R-143 on this past Saturday. Still no MK R-42's since (it appears) since February 26. That could be it. At least for a while.
  10. There were zero MK R-42's in the cycle on February 28. No R-143's either. Just lots of R-160A-1's and R-179's.
  11. A week late!......again!! That's 174 delivered.
  12. **-The active R-62A fleet is now at 820, not 824. But seriously, the actual quantity that arrive have historically been one for one. It depends mainly on the schedule needs, cost and available capital monies at the time the contract is let. Usually. all are subject to later adjustment as circumstances (and actionable options) allow during the duration of contract life. The only way to really insure accuracy is to have a crystal ball that gives you a vision of the city and the NYCT system in the late 2020's. Another factor here is the barn upgrade that will be necessary at Livonia for NTT equipment on . Presumably 240 will lean on 207 Street Shops for larger scale SMS needs. At least we know there won't be any unforeseen traffic spikes on the due to Amazon...
  13. I finally have "irrefutable" confirmation on the latest deliveries! 3206-3213 are in the initial stages of testing at Pitkin. 3214-3217 were to be deposited at 207 Street this week (as of February 15). Presumably (hopefully) they were. That would bring us up to 174 cars delivered overall. So, if there are no forthcoming interruptions, the remaining six 4-car sets (3218-3237 and 3070-3073) are projected to be on hand by end of March. If no other delays, the first sets of production 5-car sets should be at NYCT by mid-March, and the very last cars delivered in the first half of September. Lets see how long THIS timetable lasts....
  14. Another MK R-42 train was moved from ENY to Pitkin on Valentine's Day. Two are exported at any time apparently, for storage purposes.
  15. 162 cars = 3050-3069, 3074-3205, 3010-3019 delivered through December 28. That's all confirmed. Am unable to establish proof that there have been deliveries since then as yet. If not, there's a hold--and more delays.

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