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  1. Some claim that Bombardier had tanked before they built the R-142's. Some retirees even despised the R-62A's when new! I think that may have had more to do with the original NYAB braking, though.
  2. FYI for all the naysayers: I was just in Chicago for almost a week and a bunch of CTA Operators were singing praises for their Bombardier (Plattsburgh) - built 5000 series. Maybe they're just easy to please
  3. That would be 3268-3277, finally. 3278-3287 should be burning in across the next couple of weeks (til Labor Day Weekend at least). Deliveries are completed up to 3292 as of August 19.
  4. Nothing more than has been posted. The project life is about 2½ years.
  5. The links are being earmarked as we speak. My best info suggests they will be from the R-142A fleet currently assigned to . Eventually. Its no secret that the R-142's or really ANY unitized NTT equipment is quite adaptable in terms of desired train length, so while it would be no big deal to make up a six-car set as opposed to a five, it would be necessary to remove four 5-car links from the revenue pool to do so. That would yield the three extra "B" cars to do so, but of necessity leave 2 excess "A" cars for use as spares. As long as the cars' electrical connections face the right way at each end, the car numbering sequence is secondary. If you might remember, NYCT tried some 11-car R-160 trains on the and several years ago and they basically worked quite well, but were limited operationally by off-route platform lengths.
  6. So the word is, the LIV R-62A fleet gets reduced to about 15 in favor of an enlarged contingent at WES. Sounds like 5 or 6 cars will be moving on to the . When construction is far enough along to introduce 6-car trains, the plan is to modify three sets of existing R-142A's from 5's to 6's. Later equipment replacement may grow out of the developing R-262 contract.
  7. Been a while, I see! Heads up for R-62A fleet changes after the August 16 start of Grand Central Shuttle reconstruction. Possibility of more R-62A's heading to the , or maybe to work service. Maybe secondary moves involving the ? Maybe even the ?? The plan is to have future service provided by two 6-car links (R-188? From ?) with operational CBTC. In any case it all starts in 13 days when Track 1 is "retired" (temporarily).
  8. An update: Due to a higher than normal raft of R-32 failures (heat-related?), 5862-69 were back at Pitkin as of July 29. On as of August 2 (though 5862-65 was briefly shopped with ills of its own). The MK R-42's are hanging in there, so far.
  9. 5862-5869 were at Jamaica as of July 19.
  10. With 3258-3267 in service on , R-46 link 5862-5865 was also still there on July 12. It and 5866-5869 would be the next for movement to Jamaica .
  11. Thank you! Any whereabouts on 3278-3282 yet?
  12. As of July 6: 3258-3267 were still burning in, and 3268-3277 were all parked at Pitkin. Let's see if 3278-3282, perhaps even 3283-3287, appear this week.
  13. Some time in June (or or about June 10), 20 Phase I R-32's were shifted from 207 Street to Pitkin and run on the : 3394/95 3400/01 3410/11 3442/43 3446/47 3472/73 3484/85 3500/01 3512/13 3586/87 As of July 6, they are still there. That reduces the 207 Street portion to 202.
  14. Its generally a quiet time in July with staff vacations and all. When we left off, 3258-67 were burning in, 3268-72 were delivered and 3273-77 were expected. Has anyone else seen anything in this regard?

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