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  1. Not sure which board discussion this is meant for, but when those R211's DO begin to show up, the first priority is to RETIRE the R-32's from A and C as soon as possible. By then they will be very close to an astounding 60 years of age... Speaking of Auld Lang Syne! The bagpipes are nigh for the R-32's.
  2. We finally have the official transfers of December 3. The three R46 trains were easy but the R160 not so. There was NO third R160 train transferred. 24 R-46's 5582-5585, 5654-5657, 5678-5681, 5686-5689, 5746-5749, 5814-5817 from JYD to CIY. To be used on regularly. When their needed they will also see use on and , both now and later. 20 R-160s 9248-9252, 9253-9257, 9268-9272, 9458-9462 from CIY (back) to JYD. They are all going back to The Collective (i.e. The Borg) for sometimes . More R160s will be on as the R-46's gradually leave to CIY. It took several days of checking out every single 5-car unit for both facilities. A huge waste of time really but at least we know for sure where things stand. Should be a few more of both types of trains transferred soon but it will probably take many weeks (months?) to swap out all of the R-46's to CIY. The question will be how many R160s will be balanced out as current schedules have to be maintained. Whenever the Queens CBTC is even begun is unclear. When the overall project is finished (2021-22) the schedules and fleet will eventually be expanded. I doubt that will be until the R211's begin arriving, and they would be firstly expected to go to Pitkin. Hopefully the full-length R211's will be assigned to BOTH and by then. Personally, I still have no idea what the future is to be done for the (too small) 207 Street Inspection barn. That's been a cagey issue for more than a decade now. Resistance is Futile....
  3. As I thought there was a delivery the week I was in the hospital. There should be just only two more delivered. If Bomb doesn't bomb out the whole order should be complete about December 27 or thereabouts. Definitely by New Year end. FINALLY!!!
  4. Best as I can tell the has 24 trains currently max.
  5. This train is sent over to Jamaica for CBTC testing. Not a regular assignment.
  6. Does anyone have the current equipment requirement for ?
  7. RedLine Posted yesterday at 12:49 PM 3025-3029 delivered, 3030-3034 coming in this week (Dec 9-13). Thank you! It is now more than 3 weeks since that last new train entered to revenue service. No new yet on 3318-27 apparently.
  8. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Thank all of you much! Things are going well so far. Can't speak weel yet but MTA still driving me nuts!
  9. It will be interesting to see how the Siemens and Alstom R-160's mix together on and . If there will again be problems as prior.
  10. Sorry its still wrong on the R-160's. Its 80 R160's staying at Coney Island, I had it backwards. Its 180 Siemens R-160B's going to Jamaica. Don't know which ones hopefully as a block. That matches up with 485 total because of the 60-footers. You all probably figured that all out any way but anyhow. That's the whole ball of the wax. Lot of people trying to help me by having problems for short term. Before the swap, total fleets were 1,121 at Jamaica and 914 at Coney Island. Afterward they will be something like 1,210 at Jamaica and 825 at Coney Island because of the 60x75 foot lengths.
  11. Others are trying to help but making things a minor mess with the fleets. I easily get confused right now. Remembered found this: 8773-77 and 8838-42 have been at Jamaica sometimes since December (22) 2017. I missed the numbers but fleets are approximately right. 396 R-46's Jamaica to Coney Island. No doubt! I was wrong about the Siemens cars NOT going to Jamaica as someone else notified us. Supposed to be 80 of the Siemens R-160 ARE going to Jamaica (I am surprised but that's what's required as some else said: good job!). This is the R-160 numbers to transfer to Jamaica are summarized as: 8653-8712=60 8713-8837=125 Not sure which end (8838 up or 9102 down) = 80 Siemens R-160B's. Scattered numbers 9103+9217 = 55 and 9233+9482 = 70. Grand total of 390 R-160s moving from Coney Island to Jamaica. My apologies for the confusion. Sorry about my present cognizant problems. Will be in rehab and should be better soon. Please let me know what you found out there!
  12. Siemens and Alstom were supposed to be able to blend but CIY never made it work right so has separated as much as possible. Jamaica would need to have different components and protocols for the Siemens cars. They have been potentially problems since delivered about 2007-08. Occasionally mixed but they have not ran together well. Jamaica will mix EVERYTHING up because of the severe equipment schedules. Everything with wheels need it out there every day. There's only 375 Alstom cars to send to Jamaica as now. That makes all propulsion the same kind with fewer potential problems.
  13. OK. We have a slight adjustment! There were 396 R-46's at Jamaica (5482-5877). 5870-77 went to Jamaica in August. I think 8838-8842 were also back in service since my last list from July. That would swap 396 R-46's to CIY for 375 R-160's to JYD. My mind is a little foggy because of the stroke but that's approximately right. Let me know how it works out...
  14. Sorry to be short but I find it believe no one seems to have figured this out yet. ASSUMING that all are supposed to now have or to be CBTC ability. Far as I know but someone likely knows for sure. It appears we will see all 388 R-46's (5482-5869) from Jamaica (JYD) to Coney Island for regular use on , when required on and . Swap for 370 R-160's, all the Alstom propulsion trains from Coney Island (CIY) to Jamaica for all R-160s old and newer on all service to . The numbers should be 8653-8837, then the willy-nilly numbers between 9103-9217 and 9233-9482. It would leave 260 Siemens R-160B's 8843-9102 at Coney Island for and . Let me know if this works out as expected. I am not able to find myself because of the stroke. Please let me know what happens. Should be completed by December 22 by could be sooner. So much a transfer will depend on shop requirements for both depending on what's ready to be moved then done inspection and when their new "barn" (facility) make each set OK for service. Historic notes: R-46's have been at Jamaica and are now still on since June 1975. The last R-46 on should be very soon if not already done. I remember R-46's on to Astoria for a week or so after the service change of May 24, 1987. Don't remember them there in 1990's but I wasn't then there. R-46's have never been regularly assigned to or until now. The R-160's are basically like The Borg. Most routes on the system for the last decade. Resistance is Futile...
  15. I heard it’s supposed be to establish by The 23rd from Jackson Heights to 71ave First phase of CBTC HOPEFULLY Dec 2019. Cannot no longer use non-CBTC equipment on Queens IND anywheres after that unless problems arise, but NTT's can run with or without just for the switch of a breaker(s). Usually the reconfiguration of signals had not gone smoothly elsewhere, so may not again. If ALL is complete by end of 2021 they'd be doing well. Not still completely sure about Flushing Line CBTC do you? As I recall (best trying I can) QBL is 3rd Generation. Canarsie was 1st Gen, Flush was 2nd Gen. Not necessarily all universal.
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