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  1. Then if this is what you want, I hope everyone checks this is link out. http://www.mta.info/news-subway-new-york-city-transit-governor/2016/07/19/plan-adds-1025-subway-cars-including-750-open
  2. Guys check this link out. http://www.mta.info/news-subway-new-york-city-transit-governor/2016/07/19/plan-adds-1025-subway-cars-including-750-open
  3. Supposedly something about hanging cables at 4 Av-9 Street station Southbound and trains were running local from Atlantic Avenue to 36 Street. Some southbound and trains were rerouted via the from DeKalb Avenue to Coney Island. There was delays in botth directions on the and trains.
  4. What cars is the R211 going to replace, the R44's, the R46's or both?
  5. To be honest, I don't like the R32's in any line, but some R160's replaced the R32's of the and trains. But thanks to the R179's, it's going to replace all the R42's and I hope the can let the R179's replace all the R32's. I like more the R46's but, it's going to be replaced by the R211's. And the first 2 sets of 5-car sets of the R179's have been built, so anytime soon, we might see the testing it in any BMT/IND lines.
  6. I'm not saying that, I was asking a question about if it's true that the train operator has the choice to switch the train into the line it's rerouted. For example, if a R142 train is rerouted via the to Burnside Avenue/Woodlawn or if it's rerouted via the to Parkchester/Pelham Bay Park, does the train operator has the choice to switch the train into a and/or train?
  7. Or another example, if a train is being rerouted via the line to 242 Street, 137 Street, or South Ferry or it's rerouted via the to Harlem 148 Street, does the train operator has a choice to turn the into a and/or train? Because I know if the train is equipped with an R62A or R62, it stays on the same train line, but I'm talking about a NTT like the R142's,R142A's,R188's,R143's,R160A/B,and R179's. 2 sets of a R179 has been built, so I guess the is going to test the 2 sets of the R179's anytime soon.
  8. Do you guys think it's true if a train is being rerouted, the train operator has the choice if he wants to switch the train to the line it is being rerouted? Like say a train was rerouted via the line to Van Cortlandt Park 242 Street or via the line to Harlem 148 Street, do you guys think the operator has choice if he wants to switch the train into a or train?
  9. Hey guys, in this topic you can put anything or knowledge you have about the NYC Subway and write some noticings of what to expect in the future to the New York Subway or what do you want or wish the could do in the future or in the present. You can also write experiences you had such as maybe being stuck on the train because of delays or in which line your train has been rerouted today or yesterday maybe last year. You can also put some future planned work and write down an unplanned work that happen maybe today or before. In addition, you could also add maybe rumors or new you seen or heard what the may have planned for the future of the NYC Subway such as new subway cars or like the recent news that's been released about re imagined Subway cars or maybe something remodeled like like subway stations too. Hope you guys like this topic.
  10. Do you guys think that the 5 sets of the new 33 R188's(23 standards, 10 Converted R142A's) could run maybe on the or trains?
  11. Service Change Posted: 07/18/2016 5:04PM Due to a fallen tree on the track at Avenue J, southbound trains are running express from Prospect Park to Kings Hwy. Allow additional travel time.
  12. I heard the is both since one of the divisions is 8-10 cars and the other division is 11 cars.
  13. Service Change Posted: 07/18/2016 4:12PM Due to signal problems at Time Square-42 St, the following service changes are in effect: Some northbound trains are running on the line from Nevins St to 149 St-Grand Concourse. Some northbound and trains are running local from 14 St to 72 St. Expect delays on northbound , and trains. Allow additional travel time.
  14. Yeah you're late, someone else told me, but nice catch of the glitch though.
  15. Oh, so that't why the train has 2 divisions A and B? And what BMT cars did the used?
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