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  1. looks like the is keeping its current hours according to the new timetable 😁
  2. The Brighton Line's issues seems to stem from Prospect Park a lot. Maybe it's time to replace those switches. On another note, it seems to be that when heavy maintenance begins over a stretch of track, it becomes more vulnerable to breakdowns.
  3. but they are banned from the BMT Eastern Division
  4. I think we need at least 19-20 R179 trainsets (152-160 cars) for the , leaving only 28-36 cars available for the , since the requires minimum of 13 trainsets to make service (maybe bumped up to 14) and to have an appropriate spare factor. However, I think there are some R211s that are planned to arrive in 4-car sets to relieve this issue and fill in any newly caused shortages in 4-car units (either with sending more R179s to ENY or sending odd-ball R211s and keeping the R179s in Coney Island). Only time will tell and anything could happen, especially since each yard seems to be planned to be versed in handling two types of cars (ideally one, but its dependent on the number of cars required for the services assigned in each yard and the number of cars of that particular class in the fleet).
  5. I think when the R211’s arrive, the R179s will probably go to the since the ENY R160A-1’s will be needed for the and , leaving only about 64 spare cars available for the (which itself needs roughly 200 cars <160 for main service and about 40 for spares>) it is expected that for Queens Blvd CBTC, ~240 R160A-1 will he needed for the including spares, and the line has 64 R160A’s retrofitted for its service. This way, the cars can get rest during off-peak hours rather than be pressed into service on another route, and the spare factor can go up
  6. For the first time, they’re keeping the running; albeit via 6 Av (pretty much via the line after Broadway-Lafayette. If the continues running during the fastrack period (super unlikely), that will be 4 trains on the north side of the Manhattan Bridge and 3 Express/3 local services on 6 Av).
  7. I was pleasantly surprised they decided to include the Astoria line as part of phase I of mass-CBTC installation (2019-2024). The 14 TPH cap at Ditmars Blvd really hinders Broadway Line service (along with the car shortages), and the mere 23 TPH capacity of the 60th Street tunnel needs to be mitigated to allow an increase of rush hour service from Queens. I also bolded/highlighted the segments I agree with in terms of CBTC installation for the first phase. The Bronx IRT between East 180 St and 125 St is also in need for upgrades.
  8. I think it’s closer to 10-12 R46s on average for the and 32-34 R160s
  9. I think that sounds about right. Not sure about the extra buses (unless they are short-turn) and the . Maybe even a weekend
  10. And on top of that, a couple of short turn trains went out of service at 57 St-7 Av, went light to Astoria, to potential be used as a southbound train if an was late arriving in Astoria.
  11. The problem with that idea is that it costs money, something the MTA was claiming it didn't have, which is why the had been discontinued in 2010-2016, giving the garbage service pattern that the ran in that time. The Broadway Local stops have really high ridership, that cannot be covered with just a 9-10TPH train.
  12. Hence why I said the elimination likely WONT happen. But the midday and weekend frequency reductions I completely see them doing, along with ending the non-essential routes by 9PM
  13. 1. The midday cut wouldn’t really save $$$, because the crews would be needed again for the PM rush. Might as well do service frequency reductions. 2. Maybe even drop the again and make the local in Manhattan north of Canal St, with some rush hour trips to Whitehall St (all signed as ). Likely NOT going to happen due to the rush hour demand required, meaning that you would need the same number of trains as are being provided now, and you’d run into the same problem as in idea 1. 3. They’ll probably do the following: - Midday service on the will run every 10 minutes instead of every 8 - midday service on the will run every 5-6 minutes instead of every 4 - midday service on the reduced to every 6 minutes - midday service reduced to every 8 minutes - midday service reduced to every 10 minutes - midday service reduced to every 12 minutes - midday service reduced to every 10 minutes. weekends: and train service will run as shuttles: - Dyre Av to East 180 St - no longer run weekends, with the extended via local to New Lots in its place. service reduced to every 6-8 minutes both Saturday and sunday 12 minute headway’s permanently for the . cut the train back to Myrtle Av-Broadway (after the train work). weekend trains every 8-10 minutes after the shutdown is over.
  14. It was actually a reconfiguration of the switches at Ditmars Blvd that I'm referring to, in order to make the switch design similar to the one at 8 Av-14 St on the . The center track merges into the two outer tracks, then you have a standard diamond cross-over between the two outer tracks with an increased speed limit

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