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  1. darkstar8983

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    The main issue I am now seeing with the being cut is the fact that you are going to pile the local riders on the , and the plan should be to have the trains out of 71 Av as empty as possible so they can arrive at Court Square and receive the passenger influx. For the AM Rush, wouldn't it be beneficial to have some trains positioned east of 71 Av so that they could enter service, running via the local track when they are scheduled to run, so they don't have to go thru the fumigation process at 71 Av northbound? This way, you can keep the 10 trains and run the 15 trains into Manhattan. The increased rolling stock should help, especially if you do not retire any subway cars.
  2. Right because the service increase is during non-rush hour periods so the same number of trains are in service, just for a greater period of time.
  3. darkstar8983

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    Also the true limitation I imagine is when the come from Manhattan to 71 Av, for the fumigation. So they could in theory position extra trains straight from the yard to enter service at 71 Av without the reduction of the train. Long story short, it is complicated to position the trains where they will truly be needed without a reduction of any route. I think A solution could be drafted up with some complicated logistics but that would probably be a long manuscript several hundred pages long.
  4. darkstar8983

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    I meant the cutback from the should be on Queens Boulevard because there is extra room on those trains. The trains to be cut would have to end at 96 St- 2 Av, coming from 4 Av, and yes this will cause a delay along Broadway but it’s better than trying to fumigate at Queensboro Plaza, delaying the or sending it to Astoria to clog up Ditmars Blvd and it’s inefficient terminal setup
  5. darkstar8983

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    I thought there were only 8-9 trains operating via Queens Blvd to Manhattan? Why can't they increase it to 14 (Even with the reduction in the service?) Last I recall, the used to run into Manhattan 30 trains per hour via 53 St before the was rerouted via 63 St. The extra capacity can be taken up by the . As for the train commuters, you'll just have to bite the bullet - low ridership line anyways, and more riders should be encouraged to take the over the to have a bit of wiggle room on the I personally plan to use the to the , backtrack to Queensboro Plaza and use the into Manhattan (which is not in all a bad option for those going to stations 49 St, 57 St-7 Av, 5 Av-59 St and Lexington Av. The does not come completely full into Court Square because many commuters get off for the at Queensboro Plaza, so these statistics that are posted in earlier posts are also a bit inaccurate. The can accommodate the ridership of 2 trains just by lengthening its trains, while if you could squeeze one more train thru, that makes it 3 trains. The OOS transfer at Fulton St to Barclays Center could be a real potential starter, if the MTA could draft up statistics that show that it would be faster than waiting for trains to pass them by too full to get on, considering the large transit options and the advertising that could say "better than waiting on the platform for 5-6 trains to pass you" The are also not consistently packed to the gills, so a few riders could be accommodated on those routes to Lower Manhattan (maybe +1 train's worth of passengers per hour) The should get as much a boost as possible to 14TPH (+5 trains from Marcy Av) The from 71 Av to Manhattan should also be boosted to 14TPH (+6 trains from Court Square)
  6. For 8 Av, south of 34 St Penn station - train rerouted via 6 Av - train runs between Brighton Beach and Dekalb Av, then vía the to 96 St - trains run limited service between 59 St-Columbus circle and 168 St - select trains run local from 59 St to Bedford Park Blvd - trains run between Metropolitan Av and Essex, then via the to Chambers St - trains will not run south of 34 St, and will stop on the express tracks at 34 St and 42 St For Broadway south of 34 St - train runs in 2 sections 1. from Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to 34 St *Astoria bound trains skip 49 St 2. Local from Court St to Coney Island - rerouted via 6 Av - train runs only between Bay Ridge and 59 St - supplements from Astoria to 34 St For 6 Av ( I have already stared in a previous post, but to quickly summarize: - runs from Brighton Beach to DeKalb Av, then via the to 96 St - (see weekend fastrack changes) - *selected trains run local from 59 St to Bedford Park Blvd - runs from Metropolitan Av to Essex St, then rerouted to Chambers St - train runs via the from Atlantic Av to 34 St - train runs local in Brooklyn - train runs limited service from 168 St to World Trade Center The 8 Av closure would be from 59 St Columbus Circle to Jay St Metrotech The Broadway Closure would be from 34 St Herald Square to Court St (via Whitehall St) and to DeKalb Av vía the Manhattan Bridge The 6 Av closure is from Lexington Av-63 St to Jay St MetroTech (via 63 St/ 6 Av local), 59 St Columbus Circle to DeKalb Av vía Express/Manhattan Bridge and from 5 Av-53 St to 47-50 Sts, and from Broadway-Lafayette to Essex St
  7. Sorry I was not specific enough. This description was mainly for rush hours, while all other times people along Fulton would only have the local service.
  8. If it weren’t for the antiquated signal system, the 6 Av Fastrack that has been getting done on weekends could be expanded to weekdays, with the Brooklyn (D) (F) swap, but would just need the (M) to be sent to Chambers St with the (J). As for the (B), I would run it between Brighton Beach and DeKalb Av, then via the (Q) to 96 St. in the peak direction, the (B) could run every 7-8 minutes and in the reverse peak every 10 minutes (N) trains would run via the (R) from Atlantic Av to 34 St-Herald Sq and cancel the Sea Beach-96 St runs. You would have to slightly reduce service on the (F) to every 5 minutes in the peak direction from Queens Blvd and to every 7 minutes in the peak direction from Stillwell Av. Half of the (D) trains could make the local stops for the (B) and the overall (D) service would run every 5 minutes. The (C) could be reduced to every 12 minutes and operate to World Trade Center from 168 St, and local service on Fulton covered by (A) trains from Lefferts Blvd. CPW: Express (A) (D) Local (C) (D)* Broadway: (B) (F) (Q) via Express/63 St (N) (R) via local jusr reiterating that THIS ONLY WOULD WORK IF THE SIGNAL SYSTEM WERE OPTIMAL.
  9. darkstar8983

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    To no avail might I add. There were many 25+ minute gaps in service, with the pretty much being non-existent during specific times of the day because of signal problems in Brooklyn.
  10. darkstar8983

    R188 Discussion Thread

    I agree with you in terms of lifting specific speed restrictions to speed up service, but removing a lot of existing signaling would be a poor decision considering the consequences of CBTC failures (seen many times on the ) and force sub-par service on the in CBTC bypass mode because of the longer blocks.
  11. darkstar8983

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The reason for the lateness in the Flushing CBTC launch was because of unforeseen issues that occurred after 2015, when the swap was just about done. Right now I don’t think Queens Blvd CBTC is even close to being done and the “start date” on paper might be changed. Initially they wanted the CBTC on the by 2013, with Hudson Yards opening in 2012, but look where we are. All I wanted to say (agreeing with a couple of you), is that while there may be the CBTC car-upgrades going on with the Coney Island R160s, there is no point in swapping them this early in the project. And likely by the time it will be time, there might be more unforeseen issues and the R211s might already be testing. There would therefore be no point in the R46 swapping yards. if we remember back to the installation of the line CBTC, there were many major shutdowns required to do more of the invasive testing, and we haven’t seen any of these major changes yet on Queens Blvd.
  12. darkstar8983

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Actually, the spends more time outdoors than the The has the outdoor segment from Prospect Park to Brighton Beach (and terminal dwell times), and the Manhattan Bridge outdoor portion. The spends less time in Manhattan than the , while the remains underground from 207 St to past Euclid Av, and even though it has the Far-Rockaway branch, the would spend too much time continuously underground while it treks to 207 St, dwells, and comes back. As for the Jamaica/Coney Island swap, it really is dependent (time-wise) on whether Queens Blvd CBTC is on schedule. If it is not on schedule, no point in swapping the cars out because if 60-foot cars/R160s are assigned on an as-needed basis to lines with heavy ridership, then the definitely hits the bottom of the barrel and should keep the R46s (with the keeping the R160s for the time being). And if it falls even further behind (especially learning the lessons from the delays in Flushing CBTC), might as well wait for the R211s to arrive and then the R46s wont even have to be moved to another yard to just be there fore 3 months before retirement
  13. darkstar8983

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Probably normal service weather permitting. Then service suspensions as necessary, starting with only local service and no , early ending of the lines, and local only service on the express trains outside rush hours from 9PM to 6AM. No planned service changes and If it really gets bad then we will expect the closing of the above ground stations, but this is ONLY when visibility and wind conditions are a safety issue.
  14. This is why I think the MTA should just close the tunnel now and provide NO alternatives to teach them a lesson about life and having to go around obstacles or have the (unofficially) skip Bedford Av, Lorimer St and Graham av, keeping the stations open and have them fill up the station like cattle and watch the trains roll by. Also have the skip Nassau Av, Metropolitan Av, Greenpoint Av, and the skip all stops from Marcy Av to Flushing Av


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