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  1. darkstar8983

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    I hope they power wash and do some heavy maintenance/inspections to those R160s when they get back to ENY. 207 St pretty much ran those R160s to the ground to minimize use of other fleets on the Many of the B division lines have roughly the same frequency of service throughout the week except rush hours, so they spend very little time in the shop, combined with the fleet shortage, contributing to the poor state of the subway cars, and may explain the low MDBFs.
  2. darkstar8983

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Actually due to the limited track capacity on 8 Av/Cranberry St, you would need to run the only to World Trade Center and run the Local in Brooklyn. The could still run, albeit as a type service between Brighton Beach and DeKalb Av, then via the to 96 St. the can handle the QB local and slightly increase the TPH to 12-13, the having the other 14 TPH.
  3. darkstar8983

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    That change is for 3 weekends at least, and looks like North Brooklyn gets all-weekend service to 6 Av
  4. darkstar8983

    R179 Discussion Thread

    One thing that did cross my mind is the fact that since the shutdown will require off-peak service increases on the and lines, (and other subways routes that I cannot remember at the moment), the spare factor will need to be increased if reliability is to be maintained throughout the system. Not as many subway trains will be going out of service at the end of each rush hour, meaning each car will be running for a longer span of time (similar to how the and run mainly the same headways all day). This means that the cars won't see much time in the repair shops or rest-time. Because of this, it would be wise regardless of where any subway cars end up, that no cars get retired (unless absolutely necessary and unavoidably) because there are not really that many "surplus cars", at least until the train shutdown is over and subway car requirements are reduced.
  5. darkstar8983

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    The problem with extending the short turn trains to Church Av is because of the . Only 24 trains can operate per hour between Bergen St and Church Av, the main issue being the slow merge of the . If you add more trains you have to make more trains express, which will not work for the Culver Local riders between Church Av and Bergen St, who need direct service.
  6. darkstar8983

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I think the 3 4-car R46s that were moved to the will be "permanent" fixtures" on the line, at least until the Canarsie shutdown. The addition of the R46s on the are probably because some of its R68s are likely needed on the for the local service on the southern portion of 4 Av. With the now running via the local track in both directions between 36 St and 59 St (and delays associated with changing tracks), it is likely an extra train is required (total of 34 trains for the / instead of 33 as noted on the Joekorner assignments), so theres even more of a shortage of spare R160s/R68s, so maybe two 4-car R68 trains were put together and added to the line pool.
  7. Lol. I am not one of those people: the current routing is genius!
  8. Actually the was going to be cut back to 8 minute frequency and made all-local east of Myrtle Av, accompanied with elimination of the Bay Parkway service. And some rush hour service would have had to end at Chambers St to deal with Broad St being the terminal for the but then the merger was designed and found to save more money and provide benefits to the riders
  9. darkstar8983

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    And this morning is no different. Since 6AM, no between Queens and Manhattan and southbound trains rerouted to 63 St. There is no N and W train service between Lexington Av-59 St and Queensboro Plaza because of a work train with mechanical problems at Lexington Av-59 St. Southbound R trains are stopping along the F line from Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av to Lexington-63 St, then via the Q line from Lexington Av-63 St to 57 St-7 Av. Shuttle trains are running between Astoria-Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza. Our crews are on the scene working to restore normal service as quickly as possible. Expect delays on the F, N, Q, R and Wtrains. Consider taking the 7 train instead
  10. darkstar8983

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I see your point, but was just trying to keep trains moving. And yes the shortened would have caused a bit of a pile up on the but would have meant that trains in manhattan could have been slightly less full. With the new transit president don’t be surprised if we start seeing more invasive methods to service changes to wrap up work faster, similar to how the ran express from Parsons Blvd/Jamaica Van Wyck to 71 Av full-time for 11 days due to track replacement. Ripping off the band aid rather than peeling it and feeling every inch of your skin hurt for a longer time
  11. darkstar8983

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    The in its current service pattern would have to be temporarily suspended, but not necessarily mean a reduction in overall service. What could be done is: - keep as is - temporarily reroute to Dyre Av - unchanged - operate between Flatbush Av and some terminal along the line (149 St, Burnside Av, Bedford Park Blvd) Yes White Plains Road would lose direct Lexington Av Service and 148 St would require shuttle buses, but it temporarily de-interlines the Bronx Portion of the IRT and allows for the work to progress. Work can be completed in slightly less time IF and ONLY if the main work is along the stretch of the to get to Jerome Av-138 St/Grand Concourse
  12. darkstar8983

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The via tunnel would make the Brighton Line much slower than it already is. Remember that there were no GOs that would make the go from Astoria to Coney Island via Whitehall St and Broadway Local during the almost 7 years that the was going to Astoria because it would make the route too long. Going from Coney Island to 34 St on weekdays is faster via Sea Beach/4 Av Express than via Brighton Local, but yes the should run via the Manhattan Bridge (keeping the on the Manhattan Bridge too), but that would require the to run 24/7 north of Whitehall St.
  13. darkstar8983

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    that service pattern was done about 11 years ago when the connection between the south Manhattan Bridge track and the DeKalb Av bypass was out. The made all stops via the Coney Island-bound for one month, while the Astoria-bound remained express. The service was at least 20 minutes slower, but additional cars were added to the for the local service. right now, we have a car shortage, and to provide this extra service, you would need at least 6 additional train sets (which are not even available) to run and increase the spare factor for the . The Whitehall St merge will then be overcrowded with the passing thru the local track, which has very low capacity between Whitehall St and Canal St due to the sharp curves, etc.
  14. darkstar8983

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    the site was now updated to show trains make local stops in both directions at 45 St and 53 St until July 2019 and still includes the delay status under the and heading. something tells me there will be a rush hour service reduction on the three routes for the next year because of the double merge of the at 59 St and 36 St in both directions, blocking the and .
  15. darkstar8983

    R179 Discussion Thread

    only the Queens Blvd Express is in absolute need of CBTC, not the local, so I think Jamaica can live with just the R160s they've got. Actually they do need as many R160s in Astoria because of the capacity constraints the have. - fleet shortage - Manhattan Bridge/Dekalb Junction (only 10 trains per hour because it has to share with the ) - Whitehall St as a terrible terminal (only 6 tph) - Ditmars Blvd cannot reverse more than 14 tph *Service cannot be increased in Astoria, so 60 foot cars are a must. Have you even ridden the ? Literally, the least crowded Manhattan NON-shuttle line in the system


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