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  1. There’s an R160 on the main today (9853-9857 / *9893-9897* (i think)). Guess that’s means there’s fewer R160s on the today 😒.
  2. A few changes are now on the R160 main-line cars (non-Eastern Division) 1. The Times Sq-42 St announcement on The 's R160s now announce as soon as the train leaves 34 St-Herald Sq (northbound) and 49 St (southbound), and announce all the lines , with the new 6th Av Line trains spliced in-between the and . For those who are wondering how all these lines were going to fit at this transfer, this is what happened: ORIGINAL ROUTE STRIP MAP: Times Sq-42 St (handicap sign) 1-2-3-7-A-C-E-Q-R-W-S-PABT *the dashes represent the dots that separate each route NEW ROUTE STRIP MAP Times Sq-42 St / PABT (handicap sign) 123-7-ACE-BDFM-QRW-S The dashes represent the dots that now separate the trunk lines. All routes in a Manhattan trunk line are now grouped together, and port authority bus terminal was now added to the top row where it says Times Sq-42 St. 2. Accessibility in subway stations are now announced similarly to the 's R143s / R160A's. 3. The 39 Av station now displays 39 Av-Dutch Kills 4. The "The next and last stop is" portion of the announcements are now done by the person who does the and announcements. 5. The 's R160s southbound no longer display "via 59 St" on the exterior in the 3-phase scroll between "via 59 St, Broadway Local, Bay Ridge-95 St", instead being replaced by "4 Av Local". 6. The 59 St train trips now have a display for them as "59 St/4 Av", instead of having to use the Bay Ridge-95 St script or the 36 St-4 Av Script. 7. On the , the Lexington Av-59 St announcement has been amended to add the free transfer to Lexington-63 St as also being able to be completed using OMNY (again, spliced in).
  3. The train headways this weekend are an absolute joke. Every 8 minutes on paper between 8 Av and Broadway Junction - no service to/from Rockaway Parkway. This means there is no yard access for the train should something go wrong. Saturday, two trains had to be pulled from service, causing increased headways, and today, there is a crew shortage on top of the shortage on train sets.
  4. The R211s are 60-foot cars, and 940 cars are required to replace 748 R46 cars. To replace 625 R68 / R68A cars, you would need (625 / 😎* 10 = 781.25 ~ 790 cars. For every 8-car R46 or R68/R68A train, a 10-car R211 is needed to replace it (with limited exceptions if we are considering expanding the train to 480 foot trains, meaning more 8-car units of R211s would have to be created (184 cars in this configuration should suffice for both the in-service fleet and spare factor). 940 + 790 = 1730 R211 cars in 5-car sets needed just to replace the R46s and R68s. The R44 replacement needs 75 additional cars, and an additional 200 or so cars would be needed to expand the systems fleet to improve spare factors, meaning you would need 2005 R211 cars. Then a separate supplemental order would likely be needed to adjust for the second phase of SAS and Broadway Line service rearrangements (if any).
  5. If the is kept out of Brooklyn, they should keep it local during weekdays, seeing as how it’s route length will only be from Eastchester-Dyre Av to Bowling Green with likely no Nereid Av trips (until the is restored, which is TBD)
  6. All the train cars are stuck in the Bronx. The only way to get extra cars are to use the R142s from the and but that only helps weekends
  7. They should be now concentrating their efforts to pump water out of the 60 St tunnel. There is essentially no Broadway service in Manhattan. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a few years down the road, the remaining subway tunnels will need to undergo extensive rehabilitation similar to the Sandy recovery work done in the Manhattan to Brooklyn tubes UPDATE: looks like the Queens-Manhattan trains are all rolling today. Service resumed as of 6:27AM. Now only the and remain out
  8. I heard from an MTA employee that this service disruption will likely last through the weekend. So for those who have to commute to/from work, give yourselves an additional 45 minutes of travel time
  9. A tweet was sent saying subway service is very limited and to avoid travel. Tomorrow morning is going to be a mess getting around if they can’t pump the water out of the tunnels in time. also no service between Manhattan and Brooklyn now
  10. There is no uptown service at 145 St and no between Manhattan and Queens. In a few minutes I think the will be suspended south of Franklin Av due to flooding at Newkirk Av
  11. That is true. the / R46s are mainly used weekdays, with only about 6 of them running weekends and the R68s/R68A's and R160s covering the rest of the 's fleet.
  12. In terms of subway cleanliness, I would say: corona yard on the line easily takes first place. Those R188 and R142A converted cars always look clean (or minimal dirt) Coney Island used to keep its R160s really clean (even though it’s R160s had lower MDBFs than Jamaica’s R160s), but the R68As and R68s are pretty clean too. The R46s not so much, probably because they are either on the road or being shuffled in and out of repair shops. Pitkin and 207 St yard are a disaster with how dirty the and like cars are. Concourse does pretty good also with Keeping it’s fleet clean. Amazingly, the R142s from the and are pretty clean considering the rest of the A division have their cars looking grimy and abandoned. It is Probably due to the fact that the and switch and share cars, and on weekends, service on the has for the most part been super sporadic compared to weekday service, giving those R142s more yard time. Before the Jamaica / Coney Island swap, Jamaica’s R160s had this orange rust gathering on its cars (now distinguishing the original Jamaica cars from ex-Coney Island ones) and their R46s were just left to rust.
  13. Yeah. The ENY R160s and R143s look like they haven’t been washed in over 10 years. But the worst offenders are the Moshulu Yard cars on the line. Those cars (compared to the and ) look like they’ve NEVER been washed.
  14. I think the issue was the signal problem at Prince St AND the inability to move track switches due to lack of switch crew members at 57 St-7 Av. I think 57 St-7 Av controls the switches at 34 St-Herald Sq too. Similar to how the express service in Brooklyn gets cancelled when they’re unable to move track switches at Hoyt-Schermerhorn
  15. They were originally supposed to be replaced by the R179s (or even prematurely retired like their NYCT Counterparts by the R160s), but their replacement had been always postponed until the following order. I think this time there’s no way around it - outright replacement (unless a scheme arises to just retrofit R68/R68A cars and just kick the can down the road even more)

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