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  1. During the 2012 summer swap where the used only R46s, the used 18 R160A trains and only 2 R42s were needed for the ,while the and were fully R143/R160A cars. What could be done is subtract a couple of trains from rush hour service to provide only 18 TPH instead of 20TPH to slightly increase the spare factor. Maybe you could not run the train while keeping the on a 7-8 minute headway also to keep spare factors reasonable. as for the mainline, the can run with all R46s, maybe on a reduced headway of every 10-12 minutes (subtracting two train sets needed), and the Rockaway Park trains could be suspended too (subtracting five trains needed). Also the could maybe be shortened to 145 St instead of Bedford Park Blvd, or run reduced service on the to free up some R46s to be moved to Pitkin. If there’s really a pinch, slightly reduce train service and shift a couple of R160s to Coney Island to offset the loss of R46s. A very slight reduction across the board along all the lettered lines is a softer blow than just dropping one subway route altogether
  2. Looks like the are running close to weekday rush hour service levels now
  3. The cannot all turn at Ditmars Blvd. It barely turns the as is
  4. Scenario: Wednesday 3:30AM (Pre-Essential Service): CBTC-related signal malfunction at the 36 St Interlocking disables all tracks in that area: (the D5 tracks IS available to turn trains around). This service issue is expected to last until at least 1PM. Reroute the however you can such that reasonable track capacity limitations elsewhere in the system are respected, but you keep as much service flowing as possible for the AM Rush.
  5. - No trains between Manhattan and Brooklyn trains run in 2 sections: 1. 207 St to 59 St-Columbus Circle, then via the to 34 St-Herald Sq (trains terminate on the express tracks). 2. Jay St-MetroTech to Queens via Local Trains run between 168 St and 59 St-Columbus Circle (trains terminate on the uptown local track) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - No trains between Roosevelt Av and 2 Av. Trains run from Jamaica Center to 21 St-Queensbridge (express west of 71 Av), then via the line to Lexington Av-63 St, rerouted via the to 57 St-7 Av, then via the to/from Whitehall St. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Trains run local in both directions between 34 St-Herald Sq and West 4 St (The train should be able to cross between the local and express tracks at West 4 St, since the track issue is AT the station, not the switch, I'm assuming) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Southbound trains run via the between Roosevelt Av and Queens Plaza, then via the to Bergen St. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Normal service from Stilwell Av to Astoria-Ditmars Blvd ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Normal service from Stillwell Av to 96 St-2 Av ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Trains run via the line from 57 St-7 Av to 36 St, Queens (then local to/from 71 Av)
  6. For this change: Fully Suspended: * * Normal Service: Other Lines: trains would only run from 96 St to South Ferry trains would run only from Flatbush Av to 3 Av-149 St trains would run from 149 St-Grand Concourse to Utica Av (if the 149 St relay is outside, then reroute the to the 3 Av-138 St Station). trains would run from Brooklyn Bridge to Hunts Point Av trains would run from Vernon-Jackson Avs (or Grand Central-42 St) to 34 St-Hudson Yards trains would run from 207 St to Euclid Av trains would run from 205 St to Grand St, then make a local stop at DeKalb Av, then local via the to Bay Ridge-95 St trains would run from Jamaica-179 St to Jay St-MetroTech trains would run from Court Sq to Bergen St trains would run from Essex St to Broad St (but if the slight openings in the train tunnel preclude operation between Essex St and Bowery, then the would be suspended trains would run from 8 Av-14 St to Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs trains would be suspended (or run from the 2 Av Station to Broadway-Lafayette St, then regular service to Forest Hills-71 Av) trains would run from 96 St-2 Av to Atlantic Av-Barclays Center platform. trains would run normal service from Forest Hills-71 Av to Bay Ridge-95 St
  7. looks like the is running express in Manhattan today at least according to the website. If you go on the website and click on service status for the , the local stop disclaimer that states the runs local in Manhattan while the is suspended is no longer there. Also if you click on the local stops at 28 St, 23rd St, 8 St-NYU, and Prince St, only arrival information for the is available. Definitely an odd change, leaving Broadway Local on a 12-minute headway (assuming the is coming on-time)
  8. That's exactly it. How many folks are really on the subway this weekend (especially today with the rain keeping subway-dependent beach-goers at bay.
  9. and no shuttle buses for the due to likely reduced crew availability.
  10. Allowing the to run with the thru 6 Av, along with the , terminating trains and rerouted trains would lead to too much train traffic, even for weekends, especially the switching back and forth between local and express tracks. At 42 St-Bryant Park, you have the on the express track and the on the local track. then you would need the to cross over to the local and the to cross over to the express to terminate at 34 St. rerouting the to Crosstown will cause inconsistent service along the rest of the line with some trains going to Manhattan and some short-turning in mid-Brooklyn Sending the all the way to 36 St-Brooklyn, or the 9 Av Station would not be necessary (unless the City Hall Layup tracks south of Canal St are occupied with trains stored during the weekend). You could terminate the at Canal St in this case. The North section of the you proposed from 96 St-2 Av to 34 St-Herald Sq would be difficult to operate with the both rerouted to 6 Av (mentioned above), but I see why you run that section to provide Second Avenue Service.
  11. The would be suspended between 59 St Columbus Circle and Euclid Av trains rerouted via 6 Av in both directions between 59 St-Columbus Circle and West 4 St, making local stops on 6 Av, then via the to Jay St MetroTech. I reroute via the to Brooklyn because it seems due to the line work that prevents service to World Trade Center, there must be no access to the track that allows rerouted 8 Av trains to join 8 Av south of West 4 St. otherwise, the will resume local service from West 4 St to Euclid Av. trains would be suspended from 34 St to Atlantic Av-Barclays Center. Maybe the Brooklyn leg of the could be rerouted to Broadway and run with the to Times Square or 57 St-7 Av Depending on how much track is available. This way you don’t clog up 4 Av in Brooklyn. trains would be rerouted back to Broadway And run only to Times Sq-42 St (assuming 57 St-7 Av cannot be used to turn trains around). if necessary, reroute some trains via the line between Atlantic Av Barclays Center and Canal St
  12. I would have done: runs only from Brighton Beach to DeKalb Av, then vía the to 96 St runs In 2 sections: 1. From 205 St to 59 St-Columbus Circle, then via the local to West 4 St, then via the to 2 Av. 2. from Coney Island to Atlantic Av-Barclays Center, then via the to 96 St train runs only from Metropolitan Av to Essex St, then via the to Chambers St trains run express between 59 St and Canal St ( trains make local stops at 50 St and 23 St. No trains to/from 179 St. trains run via 53 St / 8 Av from Roosevelt Av to West 4 St. Some trains run via Crosstown to reduce congestion. trains run via the line from Atlantic Av-Barclays Center to 34 St-Herald Sq suspended (or limited service supplemented by the ).
  13. What if: This occurs on a normal weekday at 3:45AM and repairs are expected to spill into the AM Rush. - There's a loss of power on the 6 Av Line (all four tracks) between 14 St and 23 St Keep as many trains as possible in the entire B division considering the maximum capacity constraints.
  14. If you move all the R142s to the and 42 St , you would use 415 cars for the including spares (33 trains + 8.5 spare trains) (i.e. car numbers 6301-6345; 6351-6720) 480 cars for the including spares (39 trains + 9 spare trains) (i.e. car numbers 6721-7180; 1201-1220) 30 cars for the 42nd St (2 6-car trains + 3 6-car spare trains) (i.e. car numbers 1221-1250 split up as follows: 1221-1222-1223-1228-1229-1230 ; 1231-1232-1233-1238-1239-1240 ; 1241-1242-1243-1248-1249-1250 ; 1225-1224-1234-1244-1227-1226 ; 1235-1237-1236-1245-1247-1246 Total: 920 cars Total R142s available: 1025 cars Left-over cars: 100 cars *This increases the spare factor for the three lines and replaces the R62As The 220 R142A cars can run with the 100 R142s and be assigned to the train (32 train sets total: 24 needed for service + 8 spares) [ Replaces R62s ] (i.e. 7591-7810 ; 1101-1200) The R262s can be assigned to the to ensure that the have an interchangeable rolling stock. And yes, Lexington Av would have to be CBTC compatible for R142 cars, unless you want to cause massive delays at Rogers Av Junction or Flatbush because the have differing rolling stock. To maintain flexibility, either R262s would have to be on both routes and permit R142s/R142As to be retrofitted for Lexington CBTC.
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