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  1. I was just wondering about 8768-8772 wasnt 8793-8797 still at Coney Island still doing maintenance? So odd that they didn’t send a full 10-car train. And wasn’t 8748-8752 still in Coney Island?
  2. That set ran on the this morning that leaves 8743-8752, 8793-8797/8833-8837
  3. I think the program only displays Forest Hills 71 on all the R160s
  4. The train yesterday pulled 60mph in the 60th Street tunnel headed towards Queens. I was dumbfounded that the trains could go that fast
  5. And yet no one roasts anyone when someone suggests having trains rerouted to the 22nd dimension when a sick passenger or signal issue occurs
  6. @BM5 via Woodhaven I love how you’re always roasting me in particular 🤨😠
  7. Look! I do not have a baseless claim. I’ve been speaking to commuters in Astoria daily since this swap happened and service has in everyone’s opinion deteriorated. Theyre like “ the MTA is always sticking it to Astoria” with all the delays and poor service. And now taking away the one good thing we had about our subway service was the nail on the coffin.
  8. I did not interpret it wrong. Despite the numbers going up, the had the smallest increase and ended up with the lowest score. That’s my main point, and lines that share tracks with the did significantly better. I’m just saying the will go down from here with the recent downgrade
  9. See! What did I tell you?! this swap has caused the to again have the worst service! It hasn’t been this bad since prior to the R160s being delivered. Yes, signals and tracks have been getting some heavy duty maintenance, but look at OTP...virtually every route did better except the who got the subway car downgrade of the century. expect the next months OTP on these routes to go down to the 50%s and 40%s while everyone else does better
  10. Not to sound rude (and I apologize to those who may find this offensive or rude): Making one line PORTION better by making another entire trunk / line worse overall does not equal progress. It's like saying Peter Pan stole from the rich, but kept the money for himself so that the poor and the rich would be more or less equal. Peter Pan (one person keeps the riches) but everyone else is broke. Anyways, please carry on everyone. Its fun to see such diversity of opinions (and to see that I'm not the only one who has a particular opinion)
  11. At least this morning was easy. Train was already waiting 8868 - 8872 / 8853 - 8857
  12. Today took a lyft car to work (missed the R160 due to faulty MetroCard Vending Machines at Ditmars)
  13. There are two additional R68/R68A trains I think
  14. A train operator for the in Astoria told me that the cars would be swapped back in 6-months because only the Queens Blvd Express was going to be tested first, and the R211s will be there in sufficient quantity by the time the local is automated. So who knows how many more R160s are going to go to Jamaica. Notice that the swap has slowed down a bit. And now there’s rearrangement of cars within CI. In conclusion, even though there is documentation that almost every R160 has to go to Jamaica, several things have happened: MTA wants to retire the R32s now instead of in 2022, lowering the spare factor and increasing the R46 requirement for the . The R179 mess, requiring an increased spare factor. The Coney Island Yard rearrangement: - R46s on the again - not as many R46s on the there were at least seven R68s on the today along with at least three on the , and probably more R160s on the because of the s loss of a few R160s and the lowered number of R46s on the . this also suggests that maybe the leftover R160s that will not (might not) head to Jamaica until the next car shipment might remain on the . Otherwise they would have removed the last of the s R160s outright
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