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  1. Yeah, thanks superman465. Only time will tell. It's a serious job and a big responsibility so, can't rush into it. I'm pretty sure you will but, stay focused out there man and good luck.
  2. Well the verdict is in and I'm out! At least, for now anyway, on a medical hold until I can see my Dr. Unfortunately for me that won't be until first week in Jan. The Good news is there's still a Jan.30 class on the table but, at this point i'm saying whatever. An unexplainable discrepancy in one of my exams so doc. needs more clearance. Never had as much as a broken nose but this is a federally regulated position so everything must fit perfectly. A Long day with a somewhat frustrating end. Truthfully, I wasn't too keen about starting on Monday anyway but, wasn't going to chance it. However, the decision was made for me so it's back to waiting. The MTA Dr. doesn't think it's a big deal but, the timing is bad depending on how I look at it. If I can continue I'll get back on but for now, I've lost too much sleep over this already so, in the meantime, I'm just going relax over the holidays and what will be will be. Good luck to those still in the game and maybe I'll see you in Jan. Peace!
  3. Yeah, thanks but if I have to go Dec. 26 then I'm going. I can't let this opportunity pass me by the time is now. Scared money don't make money. I'll update those interested after Tuesday for the finally verdict. And, If I am in on the 26 maybe we can link up. And. to NYCguy2020. I'll definitely chronicle my journey through this because I'm checking older post from others now to learn from their experiences. So it's Each one Teach one friend. Peace.
  4. Finally, I'M IN, DAMN! I just received my email to come in for final processing on Tuesday for the Dec.26 class. However, I'm hoping to postpone this until Jan. 30 because It's really last minute and I'd like to tie up some loose ends on my current job. Plus, this is a real life changer so, I'd like to "defrag" a bit before embarking on this new career. But, if not, I'm just thankful I was called. As of last week this class was not full so, that's a big reason I was processed so quickly. Thanks to Superman465, Ladyrockstar, mikeemms1, and all the real people on here chronicling their process it was a big help. Boy, I'll tell ya, the MTA administrative processing is horrible. They are completely overwhelmed by the applicant pool. After being skipped Twice and giving them all my information they still typed my name wrong..LOL... I can laugh about it now but it wasn't funny a few months back. I'll update this after tuesday especially for ladyrockstar because if they allow me to wait until January that might open up a sit for you! Good Luck to all
  5. Hey quick update There will be a Jan.30 class
  6. Because there isn't this guy is a liar him and his trusted "souse" spell check first then I'll believe. His lead isn't the only thing he's blowing. Ignore please.
  7. join the club Fatboy77, reinstated my list# and everything still getting skipped. smh. But they say there's a Jan. class
  8. @Ladyrockstar, thanks for the update. What your saying makes sense but, i haven't even been call for the first drug test and I restored my name in October. I figured people would restore their names and that some of those names would go ahead of me anyway but, people behind me are getting notices and I'm wondering will they skip me again. It's just frustrating because you go from thinking you have no chance at the job to thinking you do to then thinking your getting skipped/screwed etc. And, it's next to impossible to talk to a live person on the phone with accurate information. I agree that the automated system is after the fact information. It seems their almost through the entire list, and no confirmation on the Jan. class i suppose?
  9. Good luck superman465. I'm don't get how they are doing this. It doesn't seem to have and order whatsoever. I've restored my name and still no call. The DCAS automated service # is saying 7951 last eligible appointed. I'm back on an outstanding certification again after they initially took me off. I wonder will i get a letter on a sat. or next week before the holiday. This would be the second time I was skipped if I don't hear something soon.
  10. Dude, shut up seriously. troll somewhere else.
  11. Yeah, I remember your post. But it seems like others are already schedule for a Nov 28 class. If there is a class in late Dec., I would likely need to do prelims. this week. You should still be in good shape if there is one so good luck. I was hoping to at least start the prelims before filling of the next exam. I don't want to pay for another exam when I'm eligible for the current list.
  12. I haven't even gotten a first call yet and some of you are already scheduled for a Nov.28 class..
  13. anybody get contact recently for prelims etc.?
  14. Yeah, that's what i thought wow! Well, I guess it was for the best I didn't get called during that period. God really knows best. So, there's no need to curse out the MTA i guess..LOL It's just frustrating but, thanks for the info and the support. I know it's not easy waiting that would have been a problem for me too. But I'll tell ya, that automated message is bogus because at that time those numbers didn't move, a guy on here actually said the #'s were in 8k's too. Oh well, maybe I'll get a letter soon and I see you in class. Last year class didn't start until dec 28. just put it in God's hands and let it be. At least, that's what I need to do. Thanks friend!
  15. Whaaatt! I really feel screwed over. not hating friend just saying. I know there's people out there who've restored their #'s that are ahead of me too but, at least you got a letter. In a perfect world we'd all go in the next class but, I know better. But, that interesting, 33 business days huh? So, if I'm right, you were likely called in or around that labor day week? That's really helpful information thanks for the timeline because if true It may have been a blessing I wasn't called during that period. I'm just trying to find some positives on being skipped. smh. great reply Superman465
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