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  1. I hate that evening GO where the go local along 4th Avenue all the time. Even before it became official, they often would sent 's local in either direction along 4th Avenue throughout the evening. Seems that might last permanently unfortunately. Obviously it says "until further notice" but who knows? Of course, I greatly understand why they both always go local on that corridor overnights due to the work trains coming from the 36th-39th Street Yards. But now, they come out an hour before the PM Rush is officially over. Smh.
  2. I'm not even gonna front, but there's a certain someone who always posts pictures of the going via local on Central Park West everytime that individual makes a photo thread of his own. Just curious, is it because the is more than 20 minutes away (which I can understand), an overnight general order, a weekend general (both of which I can also understand as well), or he just really loves having the go local on that stretch just because? Lol. Sorry, I just had to say it.
  3. I just told you in the Random Thoughts Thread that only the use R179s or you just ignored me.
  4. Central Park West has lighter ridership at night when the museum is closed and the park itself is closed too. Plus, almost everyone on the train are headed to/from the Bronx. Otherwise, they would have made it completely local except for the 6th Avenue Express portion. The can handle Central Park West on its own.
  5. Keep in mind that there are only thirteen 10-car 600 feet long R179 trains that will be assigned to the . So that's ten full length 600 feet long trains of R46s from Pitkin to Jamaica. It won't be that many R46s thrown to Jamaica from Pitkin. Just only a couple.
  6. Hence why the timers should begin at Franklin Street, where the T/O should apply the brakes beginning at the north end of Franklin Street and screeched to a near-halt at the south end of the station, then pick up speed again the rest of the way to Chambers Street. The southbound does not need timers approaching Chambers Street since it is just leaving Franklin Street and the distance is shorter between that station and Chambers Street, compared to the and , which have to run express from 14th all the down to Chambers, picking up speed mid-route. Generally, some timers start way too early and some other timers are just all over the place. That's too much. Examples include the southbound through Prospect Avenue and northbound through Union Street. The northbound repeatedly applying the brakes between 59th and 36th, and northbound applying the brakes repeatedly between 86th and 125th. I don't think there should be any timers at all whatsoever on the in both directions between 36th and Atlantic.
  7. The curve south of Franklin Street and the crossovers before Chambers Street. IMO, however, the timers should begin at Franklin Street, where the T/O should apply the brakes beginning at the north end of Franklin Street and screeched to a near-halt at the south end of the station, then pick up speed again the rest of the way to Chambers Street.
  8. Guys, I have some questions that's been on my mind for a little while to be honest. As we all know, the original plan was for both of the 's East River tubes to shut down full-time for 15 straight months. In addition, like the 's Manhattan-Brooklyn (Montague Street) tubes, everything inside the 's East River tube would have been completely replaced. Now, with the current piecemeal overnight and weekend closure, where only one of the tubes are closed at a time, virtually nothing inside is being replaced and only some adjustments are being made. Now my question is this: how come the didn't bother to look back into the full-time weekend closure option that they estimated would took seven years to complete. I find that to be pretty awkward. They should have compare that a little bit with the current piecemeal one we have now. Look, there are 365 days a year, right? And there are a total of 52 weekends in a year (52 Saturdays + 52 Sundays = 104 weekend individual days total), am I right? How many days in 15 full months? 456.25. So therefore, 104 + 104 + 104 + 104 + 40.25 = 456.25 days. That's basically 15 full months right there. In other words, four years and a half in which, under my proposal (yeah yeah...I know it's too late already now, I'm just making an observation), that the would be completely shut down in both directions between 8th Avenue, Manhattan and Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, with the weekend extension of the to/from Midtown Manhattan. Why didn't the bother themselves to look into this particular option a bit more than they did the first time around when they estimated it would have taken over seven years every weekend to complete? This option would have not only possibly been considered the second best option (after the first option - close both tubes full-time for 15 straight months to get the work done faster and without the need to re-visit the tubes every week or so), but it is also basically 15 straight months right then and there; the agency would have been able to replace everything inside the tube like they previously did with the Montague tubes. Only difference is that this time, it will be on weekends only (where subway ridership in general is less than during the week), and once every week, workers have to re-visit to continue getting the work done. Meanwhile, weekday peak, weekday off-peak, and weekday evening frequencies remain unchanged. In addition, the , , and frequencies, car lengths, and/or service patterns remain unchanged. This is what has basically been on my mind for a while ever since they've change plans for what to do from now on with the tubes. Yes, I know four years and a half with no weekend service (under my proposal) between 8th Avenue, Manhattan and Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn is a pain in the ass but I still generally think it should have been a worthwhile looking more deeply into rather than just going straight forward with the piecemeal closure we get now.
  9. You know how the dispatchers and crews on that line are. They'll do whatever it takes to avoid running as many R32s on the line as possible for obvious reasons. But with the R179s finally on the spot and the upcoming R211 order, this problem will no longer occur with the . I agree that the is a pretty crowded line enough to warrant mostly or fully 60 feet equipment. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say it is busier than the is like the person I responded to said. Unless you can tell me otherwise since you do seem like you work for the ever since I first met you in this site.
  10. Lol kid. This is a public transit-based forum. Not an official convention. I post what’s on my mind and I have every right to. I don’t expect to get awards of candy or even weed lol. You can continue making the same lame ass excuses to boost your ego and shoving the “personal wet dreams” titty fit attack down my throat all you want, it is still not going to change my opinion at the end of the day. You’re just making yourself more of a smart ass fool who is unwilling to learn anything and expect a helping hand from even the most simple stuff like automated announcements to tell you what your train is doing and all. Like...are you disabled or something? Do you have an eye disorder or a hearing disorder? Or what? You act like I’m trying to make the announcements to the ones like they tested out years ago (ex. Express to the Bronx. Next stop. Union Square.) and that is certainly not my intention at all. Re-read and ruminate. Where in my posts did they say that announcements have an impact on dwell times? The whole point is the fixing stuff that aren’t even broken. And yet they can’t even spend money on what really needs to be fixed. Did you know, for instance, that the northbound announcements do not use the word “local” at all whatsoever? Yet riders don’t complain and are able to properly adjust more easily? Same with some of the IRT announcements in the NTTs that don’t even use the word “local” like the northbound in Brooklyn. Prior to the countdown clocks coming about, riders knew what was working and what wasn’t, yet still manage to adjust accordingly. And you sit here saying that shorting some of the announcements and ridding the word “local” is going to affect the riders? Don’t make me laugh. I think almost everything I’m saying to you just slipped past your head and took them with a grain of salt but whatever. Hence your weak “personal wet dreams” insult lol. I find that to be a pretty stereotypical comment by the way, acting like you know me personally outside of here. Nope. Try again. Anywho, perhaps I’ve said all I can. And it’s called New York City Subway for a reason. Not Tourist City Subway. Lol. Those who are just visiting the city and its subway can ask employees questions on where to go and about.
  11. If you honestly think all this is just personal wet dreams, then I’m sorry to say that you’re just one of those typical sensitive hipsters. You basically just want everything to be fed to you like a little baby and your diapers changed lol. Once again, use your brain, kid. There’s this thing called app and the agency’s website. If you can spend so much time on your electronics, then you can have some time on your hands to download anything related to the to know how each train and bus line function. It’s time to take some responsibility. Use it. And that’s a major issue in today’s society. People would rather be lazy and yet some of these things they can do on their own. It doesn’t really make sense.
  12. The R179s run on the , , and . Some are in four-car sets to make up a full 480 feet long train. Some others are in five-car sets to make up a full 600 feet long train. Same with the R160 fleet.
  13. The sure as hell is not busier than the ... As for your R160 statement, those cars run on the line practically everyday (seen them myself) but no so much for a reason. Otherwise, the would be half R46s, mostly R46s, or virtually all R46s by now. With probably just a bit on the as well.
  14. Lol. Having an attitude and gossiping because I stated the cold obvious truth I see? Get over your damn self, homes. There is no “benefit” or “personal wet dreams” when there’s this thing called taking accountability for your own actions and taking some form of responsibility. I’m just being real here. If you know how to get to school or work on time, every day, every year, then you should know how your trains and buses function. Your boss at work does not care if the train or the bus is late. If he or she can get to work on time, so can you. There’s this thing called planning ahead - Plan B. The website also does not exist just because. It exists for a reason. For example, if the printed schedules didn’t mean a thing to the agency, they would have never even posted them from the beginning. Trains don’t just show up whenever the agency wants them to. Everything has a set schedule for a reason. Another example, if you know you gotta study harder for state regents exams while you’re in high school, do so. Because tutoring is not always available. If so, ask for help if you really feel you need. Speaking from personal experience. Case and point. If you cannot help yourself, how do you expect anyone else to help you?
  15. Simply put, if you grew up on a train/bus line and ride it on a daily basis, then it shouldn’t be a big deal. If not, well, just shows your irresponsibility. There’s no buts, ifs, or ands about it. Sorry. Plus, the stops that are shown on the official individual line map with the dots (current A Division NTTs) or the “next stop” displays (B Division NTTs). In addition, the countdown clocks that tell you when the next train is due, local, and/or express. I repeat...I want the NTT announcements on the and southbound in Brooklyn to say “This is a Flatbush Avenue-bound / train” (express for the at Borough Hall, Nevins, and Atlantic). Same for the Coney Island-bound and in Brooklyn. Not this long winded ass announcement stuff. Hopefully some of my wishes (more preferably all of them) for these come true in the foreseeable future lol.

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