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  1. False. The R32s have door controls in every single cab.
  2. You should have seen the madness that occurred when the R42s temporarily went back into service back in January when all R179s were pulled from the rails, particularly during the very first day. They even stayed at the last car at Broad Street as the train proceeded into the relay so that they could hog the RFW with their cameras recording. Acting like they never ever once did recorded an RFW from end to end in both directions on the before or some shit. Like seriously and it’s been 10 years since the mainline R44s were last retired too...
  3. I think it's that @bwwnyc123 brat again...
  4. I know right? This retarded ass agency...
  5. Thank you. Someone else gets it.
  6. That's not even the point. The point is the aging of the CBTC signaling system on each trunk line that has it. There's a reason why the R160s were sent to Jamaica Yard in the first place. And the Lex was only made 100% NTTs because Flushing CBTC wasn't even started yet at the time on top of clearance issues or whatever was the problem inside the Steinway tubes. Sending the R160s back to Coney Island would mean this swap was a waste of time to begin with and that alone makes the itself look that stupid.
  7. The R160s that were assigned to Coney Island were sent to Jamaica for a reason: CBTC. CBTC work on the Queens Blvd Line is expected to wrap up next year or so. Until then, it is currently being done in phases. Keep in mind that every line that currently has CBTC signals are of a different age. Sending the R160s back to CI would render the CBTC standards already equipped in them practically useless, especially after all that hard work the put in long before the Jamaica/CI swap. Regardless of the Queens Blvd Line being the second busiest line in the system, that option is not a good idea. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.
  8. It’s actually in the Fleet Swaps Thread. It’s this annoying kid named @bwwnyc123 who gets all in his feelings whenever people call him out on his BS. He was alright for a few months and then he’s back at it all over again. Now he’s made another account called @Bluebird 123 to continue posting here.
  9. Because the main problem with you (personally to me) is that you can be confusing at times with your posts so it’s kinda difficult on who’s side to root for. It also makes you come off as very hypocritical. In general, even when we have disagreements, we’re suppose to be on the same page regardless so nobody is confused and scratching their heads. First you say the R160s will not go anywhere besides the lines they currently run on, then you say “oh never mind yes some will be moved elsewhere”, then you say the will return to its regular weekday schedule come Monday. If the is going to return to its regular weekday schedule come Monday, why are there currently some R160s at Rockaway Park Yard then? There are other employees here as well as non- employees who are saying the same thing or just have credible sources in general. That’s the point...
  10. In short, it's either reduced service or reduced spares. It's a lose-lose situation either way. With reduced service, there is a greater potential for crowded trains (violating the current social distancing rule). With reduced spares, there is little time for trains to get repaired at yards. The R46 is especially a prime example of this.
  11. No duh. This has nothing to do with railfans "wanting them to stick around forever" and more to do with R179 problems, and reduced spare factor. Nobody cares about the R32s and R42s personally so where did you come from with railfans 'wanting them to stick around forever" for anyway?
  12. They should stay on the to prevent it from being half-ass like it currently is now and to keep the fleets uniformed. Not all of them are coming back unless proven otherwise. They do not really need to go anywhere else besides the . The R32s have been chilling outside at 207th Street Yard all this time anyway so I believe the air compressors will be okay somewhat. Besides, overheating is not really a long process.
  13. A while ago, some idiot on Facebook posted that it would be June with a pic of an R32 on the but it was obviously proving to be fake because it was taken from by nycsubway.org and other reasons.
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