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  1. (Deucey was here) just because you work for the doesn’t make you a god. You’re still basically Governor Cuomo’s yes man at the end of the day. You’ll see when the R32s are fully retired soon enough. Lol. I’ll wait.
  2. During the R160 phase in back in the late 2000s, they want (or wanted) to make sure that C/Rs on all lines in the system have not only operating controls but also a seat as well, including the and . That’s why when the used R40s and R42s in December 2008, they kept them 480 feet long rather than adding two cars per train to make them 600 feet. The B ends of the R40s and R42s did not have operating controls or a seat. Only the A ones did. On top of that, they refused to just add in new C/R boards at all stations because of costs. So they just the R40s and R42s at 480 feet long and stopped at the 10 or S car markers, cashing that 120 feet mad dash in the rear. For the 75 footers on the , it means two T/Os at Euclid Avenue Relay, which does not have a track bed for T/Os to walk to the other end of the train, raising costs, compared to 168th Street Relay, which has a track bed for T/Os to walk to the other end of the train. For the R32s on the , C/Rs don’t get a seat at the B ends, but the B ends of the R32s still have operating controls for C/Rs regardless. That’s why the and car assignment is still the same as always like before.
  3. No. You can do the math on Google for the overall B Division stock. The runs 25 trainsets, the 29, the / combined 33, and the 21. There are 425 R68s (with nine singles for the Franklin Shuttle) and 200 R68As. That, in addition to the 750 R46s, some assigned to Pitkin for the and Rockaway Shuttle, and the rest still being swapped gradually from Jamaica to Coney Island in exchange for R160s. @Calvin, yes for a brief period of time in December 2008 alongside R40s. However, the refused to add in new C/R boards exclusively for the R40s and R42s, so T/Os had to stop all the way at the 10 or S car markers, causing a 120 feet gap in the rear and some customers got fell, tripped, or got hurt running for the train. That's one of the reasons for the prolonging the R32 retirement.
  4. R68s are not replacing the R32s...the R68s are not new cars...
  5. @Coney Island Av, good looks. Appreciate it. Do you have those photos of yours linked in your Linken? If you have one? Reason why I'm asking is so we can use this as reference. @Union Tpke, what you think? Should we update the R44 article on Wikipedia using @Coney Island Av's reliable information?
  6. @RTOMan, one of the employees, confirmed the is 100% R160. Smh.
  7. @Mysterious2train and @MysteriousBtrain, another thing to note is running times. The last time I've checked the official timetables, they were extended at selected times during off-peak hours. Hence why these trains are more "on-time". I'll probably review all lines' official timetables sometime later on or so to see if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Okay? Lol, but you're posting all that as if I didn't know all this time around, when I already alternate between the and for years now. Point I was making is my overall experiences with the and that overall service performances can have an impact on ridership anyway. I'm sure someone here a while ago informed me of that when I used to be obsessed with the 's loading guideline policy, so to speak. Connections across the platform at express stations aren't "typically fairly easy", well, not on a weekend anyway, if you just happen to miss the train on an arriving crowded and having to wait approximately 13+ minutes or more for the next to New Lots. Other than rush hour, late evenings, overnight, and early Sunday mornings, the is the only line serving the New Lots Branch, Kingston, and Nostrand. Even during rush hour sometimes, the often tends to be a no-show. In general, you only get lucky if it's already held by supervision or coming in at the same time. Those limited rush hour s & s to New Lots and whatever scheduled s in the evening to New Lots don't really count so.
  9. 🙄 @NewFlyer 230, it isn’t a “super heavy line” only because of its overall irregular service in addition to its crappy weekend headways.
  10. If you guys had read my responses to @BM5 via Woodhaven, you would see that I've acknowledge that the was always worse even before this swap thing occurred. But I'll admit I was sorta too quick to agree with @darkstar8983 though. I'll admit. That's my fault.
  11. 1) Dude, I don't know what you're talking about. That statement is more true towards @darkstar8983 than to me anyway. And my post was not solely about the R46s making the look bad. Even if I happen to live/work/go to school along the line on a daily basis, I would in no way, shape or form even considered doing such nonsense. I live along the and deal with the R46s regularly on my commute anyway so I'm already used to them even if I don't like them. 2 and 3) You have a point so I maybe should have been alot more clearer in my post. But again, in general, the is already bad enough as it is long before this swap occurred. That was the main point of my post. But overall you're right. And the constant work (flagging) under train traffic during off-peaks is another issue too. Perhaps this is why the often gets held alot along 4th Avenue in Brooklyn? I don't know.
  12. Sorry but +1.0 is hardly an improvement...service is still the same as last year (January 2019)...meanwhile, the is the best performing Broadway Line, followed by the , a line that has long been panned by both rail buffs and riders alike for years on end...ironic isn't it? It's a shame how some people still continue to think @darkstar8983 is bullshitting around when he's not really entirely in the wrong...the has been a sad sap since 2016 when they started station renovations along the Sea Beach Line and then the Astoria Line. However, like I said before, it is not just the R46s. Now I'm not a daily rider, but the fewer times I've written it (prior to this swap which I agree is a pretty dumb type of car assignment I've ever seen), it is horrible on 4th Avenue. First it comes and leaves together with the local at the same time at 59th Street, only to get held near 36th Street to let the go first. Sometimes, it passes the at 9th Street (if the ahead and the signals are good enough), already gone at most a minute or two before the arrives at Atlantic. Some other times, if the ahead and the signals aren't quick enough depending on dwells at Atlantic, the will go extremely slow to the point the ends up catching up to it at Atlantic, let alone leaving Atlantic on its way to DeKalb before the express is fully platformed at Atlantic. The timers along the 4th Avenue Express run and the crappy track geometry between Atlantic and the bridge do not make it any better either. I also remember reading some of @CenSin's both older and recent posts about his or her experiences with the . The constant holding at 59th Street. Like why? Is the train leaving Coney Island ahead of schedule or what? The Astoria and Sea Beach lines may have been completely rehabbed in terms of stations, but piss-poor dispatching and overall operations on the are still lacking in comparison to some other lines. And don't get me started on the merge at 34th Street and the running so closely together in both directions between TSQ and the 60th Street tubes. I'm 100% positive those who ride the regularly (not just for railfanning purposes) have pointed this all out to the by email or some shit, and yet the agency continues failing to address this problem, partially due to bad management and bad transit planning, with the typical excuse "we're always broke until we get more money". The only monitors service on any line when the agency feels like it, while also spending money wastefully on stuff that aren't even broken like all those updated NTT announcements we saw over the 2010s.... Here's a clear example...remember that bootlegged review back in December 2015? It was complete trash. They were more operationally focused than of anything else plaguing the two lines. And the R32s should have always been exclusive to the until retirement, instead of all those swapping back and fourth throughout the 2010s. The reviews of the were the only ones saving some actual grace. They lead to improvements, although improvements were already pending at the time on the former two lines. A handful of rail buffs I know really love this current swap simply because they wanted to see R46s on the , a line they have not ran on in a long time till now, yet before, they were bitching and crying non-stop when they are (or were) on the and . Hypocrites.
  13. Don't worry, dude. The will get better over time, not just with younger cars though. Just hope for the best in general. Forget about those R46s. @Lex, yes his point, not "point" as you call it, is in fact proven. The has the lowest score of all B Division lines. Re-read the chart.
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