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  1. Some people in this world are just too naive and dense to get through so I’ll just simply let them rock and roll lol.

  2. R179 Discussion Thread

    Weekend service is already low at 10-12 minute headways like the . So I don’t know exactly what “logic” you’re going by.
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    Oh really? The is the mainline of the Central Park West/8th Avenue/Fulton Street/Liberty Avenue/Rockaway side of town. The is simply a local counterpart and supplemental line to the . Hence the term “part-time” line. People will switch over to the at an express station at any given opportunity when there’s a across-platform connection. People are only on the for a few stops and way less people change from an to the . It isn’t as “busy as a bee” as you seem to think it is. Another thing is that people at the express stops take whatever comes first, with the vast majority going past Euclid Avenue and past 168th Street. Therefore, the wins, not the , so the former gets absolute priority in terms of frequency and unplanned service changes.
  4. R179 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, speaking of ‘something else’, you say you want to rationalize it but don’t even bother to explain how. There’s no other way to run more frequent doggone service without causing even more delays and crowding due to the track and signal workers. And then you have the nerve to mock me by quoting something I said such as ‘whims’ and ‘something else’. I didn’t mean it like that when I said that lines like the and often get the short end of the stick btw. I meant that the and for example were chosen to run more frequently than the former two not only because they’re full time but also have relatively higher ridership than the other two lines in question. The and may be crowded, but like the and . Even the admitted that the main reason for subway delays on weekends is because of the flagging, not necessarily because of the low frequencies on nearly every line themselves. They’re trying to maintain an average of 18 trains an hour or below on a two-track or four-track corridor on weekends. Otherwise, we’ll have even more delays and irregular service with they add more service on a line in question.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    Trains are irregular which causes overcrowding on weekends because of track and signal workers. Common sense.
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    RR503, you’re something else lol. I’m talking about weekend service, not rush hour service. Why are you honestly assuming I want the or just any of the other part-time lines in general to be cut in terms of frequency? I’m talking about weekends, not weekdays. EDIT: Okay, the less maintence on the tracks and signals, the more likely they will have problems during the workweek. Guess who’s to blame?
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    18 trains total aren't even enough to increase the 's rush hour headways and there isn't enough in the rolling stock for more rush hour service on the line yet...I doubt the R211s will fix that when there are other much more crowded lines in need of more service. EDIT: I checked the MTA's trip planner and it says that the Cranberry Street Tubes sees a total of 26 trains an hour entering Fulton Street in the AM Rush. They can only add four more roundtrips to the (C), but otherwise, Cranberry can't physically handle a train more than 2 minutes apart, like any one-track train line also.
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    So? They're not gonna increase service or run on the on weekends just for Central Park West. The can't always cater to riders' whims. The subway is a 24/7 operation and the tracks and signals, like the rolling stock itself, needs maintenance. That's when weekends or overnights come into play. Weekend ridership is lower than weekday ridership, period. How much more frequent do you want the to be when it's just a part-time line? Usually, the part-time lines on weekends get the short end of the stick in favor of the full-time lines.
  9. R179 Discussion Thread

    Full-length trains on weekends (in the future or sooner or later) while still maintaining a 10 minute headway on the entire line in both directions is a start.
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    To elorbrate further on what S78 via Hylan said, the is the longest line in the system, merges with two other lines along its run, and has three different branches. So the longer the line, the more irregular it is. It all just depends on how many passengers are at each of the line’s station during the day or night, and how much time the passengers spend getting in and out of the train at each station.
  11. 42nd Street Shuttle Update

    This is honestly the most ignorant statement I've ever read from you. Just proves you don't use neither the shuttle nor the train at Times Square/Grand Central on a daily basis.
  12. The R42s were kept not only because of the R44s, but also the / combo. The old required 17 trainsets compared to the one today that requires an additional 7 trainsets. That’s 24 trainsets total for rush hour service. Had the R42s been fully retired, there would have not been enough spare trains for the BMT Eastern Division overall.
  13. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How crowded does the get out of Upper Manhattan in the mornings to be exact? One of my friends live along that line at 190th Street and he says that 6 minute headways aren’t gonna cut it. He also said that the line is crowded from about 7 a.m. to about noon (coming out of Upper Mahattan). I told him that they just don’t have enough cars available to meet said demands yet. And even if they do, how much more frequent does he want the to be is beyond me. This is rush hour we’re talking about, a timeframe where everyone is going to work and school roughly at the same exact time in the morning. What else does he seriously expect? No one should think that they’ll be able to get a seat on a train/bus during rush hour at all, ever.
  14. Six years to resolve the subway problems?

    No duh. But one example I dislike about the is the B Division, where all but one countdown clock only shows the time and the date. People have electronics to know the time and date already; they're more concern about when will their next train arrive, not what time it is and not what day it is. So please. Just my opinion.


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