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  1. You mean to tell me a lot of Jessica’s announcements on the were deleted precisely to make room for newer, pointless announcements like the Select Bus Services and new elevators? How lazy can they get. And people who live in this city/ride the damn trains/buses everyday for as long as they have should already know the whereabouts of the elevators in their respective stations/the Select Bus Service routes. You can’t always babysit everyone.
  2. Speculations get repetitive after a while because people repeat the same proposals all the time just to keep threads active while reality remains the same until something actually does happen.
  3. The crossovers just have to be immediately right before Stillwell instead of midway between West 8th and Stillwell. Theoretically, you can run 15 tph (aka 4 minute headways). However, it should only be limited to the “peak of the peak” during rush hours (with off-peak service being reduced to 10 tph (aka 6 minute headways). Unrelated, but I’ve also read some other past posts in this thread where most agree that the SAS should be extended to the South Bronx with two respective stops at 3rd Avenue-138th Street (with a free transfer to the Pelham Line) and 3rd Avenue-149th Street (with a free transfer to the White Plains Road Line). I also agree too. The current plan to extended SAS to 125th Street-Lexington Avenue is lazy and cheap. I understand the budget crisis, but nowadays, I feel like the is just being financially irresponsible with how they manage their budget anyways (which is why I don’t really post much nowadays). But you get the picture.
  4. It does matter. You can’t have trains dwell at Ditmars and leave behind schedule. Trains leaving their terminals late can lead to delays down the line with other trains they merge with. Trains leaving their terminals late can lead to potential overcrowding as more and more people show up on the platforms and start holding doors, delaying the train as well as other trains behind them. Trains leaving their terminals late mean slow service overall. I love how some of you guys here in general want to act like the and don’t have the same issues the and do when it comes to sharing the same yard and terminal and just brush it off just as, until you start riding the lines or better yet, working on the lines. Back to this R211 topic, if they go to Jamaica, they should be only for the and . If they go to Coney Island, they should only be for the . But if by any chance they also end up on the and , big deal. Who cares.
  5. Nothing is going stop them from rerouting trains via 8th Avenue either way. I hope you realize CBTC isn’t a one and done thing. There could be many other things delaying CBTC like what we saw with Canarsie and Flushing. In Canarsie’s case, they didn’t had enough R143s to increase service so they waited till the R160 order to continue the process until CBTC was fully activated on Canarsie in 2012.
  6. That’s a dull reason, especially since that General Order happen many times and the was all R68s at the same time.
  7. The can't use the R211s since most of the fleet will be five-cars, meaning two five-car trains make up a full ten-car train. If the R211s go to Jamaica, it should only be for the and .
  8. That’s why it should stay 300 feet long for the foreseeable future and put all the 5-car R179s (all 130 cars) on the line. The currently runs 13 sets of trains during rush hours. Mathematically, that would be 65 cars total of R179s to make service, leaving the other 65 cars as spares. So 65 + 65 = 130 R179s total (5-cars). However, given that the has to mesh with the ‘s 4 minute headways during rush hours, they would need some more than just 65 cars for the . If anything, they can short turn some trains at either Bedford-Nostrand Avs or have some more trains run express south of Jay to avoid the fumigation at Church Av. All of the R179s from the are clearly enough to fully cover the fleet while concurrently increasing service on the line and staying 300 feet long. Dunno what everyone else’s excuses are other than the typical cliche “tHe nEeDs LoNgEr TrAiNs” schmuck.
  9. Don’t you think they should just run more service for the time being? Given that it only shares tracks with the along a small portion of its run and has the Crosstown Line all to itself? I never forgot... 😑
  10. Well, as long as the and go back to being mostly to completely NTTs (if the R160s come back from Jamaica to Coney Island), I’m fine. I do agree that the should be the first in line for the R211s though. And there will be enough R211s to cover the whole fleet if the option order cars get paid sooner or later, meaning it would free up all of the 5-car R179s to go to the , which will continue to stay 300 feet long. IMO, I don’t think the should jump from 300 feet to 480 feet just yet for the foreseeable future.
  11. Don’t worry. Anybody who says that the should have gotten the R160s back then instead of the and clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. That’s why I had to call him out lol. But nevertheless, I agree with everything you said. I’ve seen it all myself as well. It truly amazes me how some people on this forum praise some of the irresponsibilities within the and think we cannot criticize them for it.
  12. Lol, learn how to read. I never said anything about making the 10-cars permanently. And there is no plan to make it 8-cars either. The will continue to stay 300 feet long. There will be enough R179s to fully cover the whole fleet. Hence my proposal to have all the 5-car R179s on the . The rest of your post is just you repeating the same Captain Obvious “tHe N aNd W wILl NoT gEt ThE nEW cArS” schmuck. So take that from what you will. The and , like the and , share the same terminal and yard anyway. That’s the only reason why the and got the R160s back in the R160-phase in heyday. The will fully shine once the R211s get here. And if the R160s from Jamaica go back to Coney Island for the and , fine, but no more junky old cars, especially the 75 footers. Lol anyway, at least one thing you and I both can agree on (and rightfully so) is that this Jamaica/Coney Island swap thing really is retarded.
  13. All of the 5-car sets (those 130 cars) should be on the , not the 4-car sets. All of the 4-car sets (those 188 cars) should be at ENY and mainly used for the . That way, the R143s and the R160s would be only for the and respectively. Those new strip maps that they installed for the R143s are pointless especially since it only serves as an excuse for them to continue running the R143s on the when they should only be exclusively limited to the due to the age of the CBTC equipped on those cars and the age of the CBTC equipped on the Canarsie Line. There will be enough R211s to cover both the and fleets in the foreseeable future. Let’s hope that the option order cars get paid sooner or later. That way, the would no longer be 480 feet long ever again.
  14. I noticed you’re literally the only one I know that yammers every now and then about “tHe N AnD w TrAiNs dOnt NeEd ThE R211s” schmuck. I think you just want to see the and get the short end of the stick while everyone else is happy. I hope you know that the R160s that were recently equipped with CBTC are mainly for Queens Blvd. It’s similar as to how the majority of the R143s are on the mainly for CBTC on the Canarsie Line. Remember that CBTC is a signaling system that ages. So why would they send selected R160s back to Coney Island for? When CBTC on the BMT South Brooklyn lines probably wouldn’t be finish by the time the R211s get here? They’re not going to send them back to Coney Island because then the swap would be pointless to begin with, which proves that those 45-year old junks should have stayed on the until retirement. The base order would be a three-way split? Yeah I don’t see that happening either. Maybe a two-way split, sure, but not a three-way split. The doesn’t need the R211s either. Just because it had R68s as its mainstay fleet for decades does not mean it should get the R211s because “iT NeEds NeW cArS”. It’s really only the that I see getting most of the base order to cover up its entire fleet while the remaining leftover of the base order goes to Coney Island. So take that from what you will. And lastly, all of the 5-car R179s should go to Coney Island for the , not the 4-car sets. Remember the has been 300 feet long for about two decades now since the former was introduced in late 2001. The base order of the R211s can easily cover up the entire fleet.
  15. We're not. It's just that the R179 fiasco did more harm than good to the overall rolling stock fleet and that's why a few of the R32s had to be reactivated temporarily until the R179s came back. The same happen back in January last year when they had to temporarily reactivate the R42s, proving that sidelining the R32s and R42s before the R211s come wasn't totally a great idea. I was skeptical about it because I thought that the Queens Blvd CBTC work would be delayed similar to how the Flushing CBTC and Canarsie CBTC were delayed for whatever reasons, even after the became all R62As and the all R142A/188s until a few years later when CBTC was officially activated on Flushing. I disagree that they didn't need the R42s or half of the R32s, especially since the recent R179 fiasco proved otherwise. Either that, or the governor may have foreseen COVID-19, which may have contributed to the premature retirement of the R42s and the current contingency of the R32s. Could this also be why the governor reduced the now-former project to half-ass only? The only thing I agree with keeping the R32s and R42s off the rails is because of the pandemic (and of course, their breakdown rates as Lance pointed out earlier, but just to a lesser extent).

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