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  1. Why would they add service to the & when the whole purpose of eliminating part-time & service in Manhattan and Brooklyn by one hour is to accommodate flagging by track/signal workers? By generally running more frequent service would create train congestion caused by flagging with workers already working on the tracks and signals.
  2. Sigh. I feel like the and will be more crowded without the and to help them out. I rather have all part-time lines run all the way from 6 a.m. to midnight instead of this constant GOs getting in the way. But I guess there's just no way around that.
  3. The is also a local counterpart/feeder line as the Queens Blvd local tracks feed onto the Broadway local tracks, which in turn feed onto the 4th Avenue local tracks. The local tracks stretch the entire length of all three corridors mention. If you need express service, that's what the and is for in Queens, as well as the in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  4. It is because West End customers want Chinatown/Midtown Manhattan service rather than Downtown Manhattan service. Same with Sea Beach. That is why the was not well used. During the AM Rush, keep in mind it was pretty crowded heading from Northern Brooklyn to Manhattan (like it still is today) because it is the only line serving Flushing, Lorimer, and Hewes on that stretch while the / skip them during this time.
  5. More like about a month actually.
  6. I regret going to that school from day one. Worst school ever and a hoodlum environment too at that.
  7. Had the R44s been kept while the R32s and R42s were thrown out the window at last, the would have easily been full length using R44s and R46s in 2009 or 2010. They were able to succeed in making it 100% full length 600 feet long in the Summers of both 2011 and 2012 with the infamous R32 / R46 swap, but not without eating into some cars from both Jamaica and East New York, respectively, shorting the spare car factors for both yards. Which is why two to three sets of R42s (30 cars total) also ran on the in addition to non-Pitkin assigned R46s from Jamaica because all current 222 R32s from 207th Street at the time were just not enough to cover half of the ’s fleet. In 2010, there were an extra 28 R32s but they have since scrapped them (the 8 cars stored at Fresh Pond in a shellnut) or now used them for work service.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/12/21/south-channel-bridge-a-train/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.amny.com/amp/transit/rockaway-bridge-bane-of-a-train-riders-commutes-1.23416581 So these two particular articles, including the full line review of the / , states that the bridge located between the Broad Channel subway station and the Rockaway sub-branches is one of the major causes of delays to the and , the latter of which is better known as the Rockaway Park Shuttle to the public. It’s not only because of the bridge’s age but also marine traffic. So I have a question...is there any other way for the marine traffic to be rerouted elsewhere? So that the South Channel Bridge can finally close permanently all without interrupting and service? If no, why not? Thanks.
  9. Hehehehehe. Damn. Alright, you beat me lmao. I deadass didn't thought of that.
  10. Exactly. Otherwise, that R179 and that R32 wouldn't even be on the .
  11. Lol I think I remember who you are. You were that little smartass that kept back-talking whenever people including me were trying to explain to you why the older cars or the 75 footers are not as fast as they used to be. I think this was the Random Thoughts Thread a while ago. But that’s not the point. Yes. It does need to be full-length or run a little bit more frequently using existing 8-car trains. The agency is no longer short on cars anyway.
  12. I know that. Dan05979, one of the transit employees who posts on the forums from time to time, explained that a little while ago in this thread, particularly. However, the problem I have with the is that on their 2017 Subway Action Plan, they stated that the will become full-length, particularly for the shutdown. And then comes along Andrew Cuomo, who had the nerve to step in last minute to see if the original proposed full-time 15 month shutdown was worthwhile. Pissed me off too, since that was a pretty slick and snide move in an attempt to make himself look good. In general though, if the didn’t want the to be full-length, they could have just said so like they first did in their full review of the and lines released back in December 2015. Instead, the agency tends to lack common sense a lot most of the time and constantly changing their minds every now and then.
  13. So guys, they haven't been running any R46s on the as of late and there are only a set or two of R32s on the that show up whenever the dispatcher wants them to. I think it's been like this for the past two weeks now. I could be wrong.
  14. Service Change Posted: 05/09/2019 6:45AM All Broad St-bound trains are running local to provide additional service while we secure an object hanging in the train tunnel. Service Change Posted: 05/09/2019 6:21AM Some 8 Av-bound trains end at Bedford Av because of obstruction in the tunnel between Bedford Av and 1 Av. Expect delays in both directions.
  15. I’m gonna be blatantly honest here. All that subwayfan1998 kid does is spend most of his time on the forums bitching about anything old and he has been doing this ever since he first showed up on the forums. That’s what I’ve noticed from 66% of his posts. He needs to grow up. Even the , for example, admitted in their full report of the and lines back in December 2015 that older cars are the least cause of delays on both lines and had more to do with aging signals and tracks that date back to the time that the three corridors (which both lines currently operate on along their routes) were first open. The kid has a whole lot to learn during his stay here.

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