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  1. R179 Discussion Thread

    Lol, Lawrence St posted an idea and several people including me disagreed and gave actual facts of why his idea won’t really work out. Don’t see the issue with disagreeing as long as it’s done generally constructive. You’re acting overly dramatic for no reason lol. Step away from the forums for a little while and let us continue to rationally talk about the effects of how the R179s along with the shutdown will impact riders and their line’s equipment.
  2. R179 Discussion Thread

    I don’t know who are you referring to with the typical word “foamer” that you often use over and over, but I also literally said the same thing in my most recent post. And, if anything, you should also apply this to yourself as well and speak for yourself while you’re at it. For example, the “we’ll miss you” comment should be rephrased to “I’ll miss you” instead. The way you came off repeatedly venting on those, myself included, who just didn’t agree with you about DJ Hammers was atrocious. That’s all I gotta say.
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    Ah, I see. Thanks. And no problem.
  4. R179 Discussion Thread

    You’re a joke lol. The Franklin Avenue Shuttle’s R68s are all in two-car sets. They are not going to run anywhere else. The Rockaway is keeping its R46s as well.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    It’s not a big deal. The R32s are just trains and that’s that. A train is a train. The amount of breakdown rates is minimum compared to the amount of track and signal issues plaguing the subway due to their age. And no, they won’t do “fine” on the either because the line is almost entirely underground. The R32s will have problems no matter where they put them. All.
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    The entire train is almost full by time it reaches Grant Avenue (not Utica Avenue) and remains that way till after leaving Columbus Circle on weekday mornings.
  7. Some New, Some Old

    I love the R46 pics.
  8. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    You're the only one who's truly proven yourself to be a huge foamy whiny twat venting over and over just because me, Bill, and R32 3838 don't agree to your shenanigans. Keep playing yourself kid lol.
  9. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    D to 96 St is just being a crybaby this entire time lol. He could have easily ignored this thread the minute LGA posted his prediction. I showed this to some of my friends and they really got quite a kick out of this thread, especially the said kid (D to 96 St) himself lol. And yeah, I agree. Everyone here, myself included, needs a chill pill lol.
  10. How are you gonna run certain express trains on the local track when the frequencies on said track are relatively much higher on this particular demanding line lol
  11. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Well then let this thread be then lol. It's only been nearly a week since the last post on this thread so no biggie. Even if it's just 3 months old, it's still gonna be useful for future discussions in the same year.
  12. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Stop blowing a fit and take a seat lol. There wasn't anything wrong with LGA's post and the R32s are not going to neither the or . We'll just have to wait and see in the coming weeks or months.
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    Except more and more riders will pass the local up for the express lol.
  14. R179 Discussion Thread

    Lol, but the has always been reliable no matter what car type it uses...the on the other hand...


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