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  1. Exactly. New Lots Branch customers also should not have to suffer with longer than regular headways. Make the s local in Brooklyn to/from New Lots till whatever ongoing issues on the IRT West Side Line cleared up. Whatever s that are still on the road should short turn or be removed from service and stored on a nearby layup track or nearby yard during this time around.
  2. Earlier in this thread and in the CBTC Thread, you spent nothing but pointless bickering and spamming the same basic one-sentence posts about why you hate seeing the using R46s, now all of an sudden, you wanna know when the swap will be completed? Just re-read all of your own most recent posts. Settle down kid. Like you deadass be feeding ever since you first showed up on the forums. And keep in mind, things take time. Train crews are paid to move trains, in service or not in service. Back to topic now.
  3. They better had the replace the in Brooklyn between Atlantic and New Lots. Yesterday morning was like hell, with Manhattan-bound s in Brooklyn departing from New Lots at longer than regular headways and that that was removed from service yet sent the other way NIS to Utica. Smfh.
  4. I haven’t ridden an R46 on the (personally never will anyway unless it’s an emergency in which I need an alternative), but based on what you guys claimed, that’s because people are used to every car assignment that lasts for years on end. Anybody that sees an R62 pull up on the 7 Av express tracks or in a Brooklyn IRT station, everyone knows it’s a . Likewise, anyone that sees an R68/A pull up onto a CPW or 6 Av station, everyone knows it’s a or . The first couple of days of the / car swap back in the Summers of 2011 and 2012, anytime an R32 pulled in, some people assumed it was a making express stops to Euclid or 168. People memorize these trains because they ride them or used to ride them all the time going to work or school or places of entertainment. That’s just how it is. But also keep in mind that people don’t even use their damn electronics to check the MTA Subway app and the is foolish for having almost every B Division station (dunno about the tho) consisting of only one or two countdown clocks on display near the end or in the middle of the platform. But yet, people spend so much time texting their doggone friends or family. And yet (in addition), the can waste so much time and money spent on various countdown clocks that only show the time and the date in almost every B Division station (not sure about the ). *Shaking my head*
  5. Gets the work done faster too, whether they be several months-long closures or a several years-long closures. This way, full regular service can be run normally for a long while.
  6. That’s not even what I meant though and you know that. The turning at Chambers instead of Essex or be rerouted from Queens Blvd to SAS are two different things. Constant work under traffic every Saturday and Sunday limits the amount of trains per hour on any trunk line to as far as 15 or 18. That, in addition to what’s going on with the , is the only reason why the is running to Midtown and the Upper East Side in the first place. At least with Essex or Chambers, the does not get in the way with the rerouted lines from their normal corridors, as I just mentioned earlier.
  7. And unidirectional reroutes of the and . Despite me and @RR503 having that debate little while ago about weekend service, I honestly still can’t see it being extended out to Midtown due to ongoing full closures of construction and/or work under traffic on other trunk lines that are not Queens Blvd. The only other way I could see weekend service to/from Midtown is if CBTC finally comes into play across the whole system or if they limit the constant Manhattan-Brooklyn reroutes. Can’t have the running on the same tracks between West 4 and Broadway-Lafayette. I personally feel like the only reason why weekend service short turns at Essex (outside of the 14th Street Tunnel shutdowns) is because it is not a Nassau Street Line train? Hence you see the heavier sort of crowding on uptown trains at Delancey-Essex lower level. But they really should sometime in the future if the really can’t access 6th Avenue.
  8. Some signal issue at 135-Lenox and a police investigation at New Lots caused severe delays to the and , and probably spread over to the and as well all morning long. Manhattan-bound service has been leaving New Lots Av on longer than regular headways as I waited for one to come to Sutter-Rutland, and I got on a to New Lots just so I could get a seat straight to Manhattan. Unfortunately, it was taken out of service when it got to New Lots, but it did not go straight to the yard. It left the station northbound and possibly ran lite to Utica where I believe it was put back in service. Might give out full details later.
  9. Some members here claimed that once the R211s hit the rails, the R160s would be sent back from Jamaica to CI so that Jamaica can be mostly or fully R211s for reasons mention. In that case, I don’t see the point in moving the leftover R160s from CI to Jamaica then.
  10. Yeah that's true. I just thought we could have shorten the sentence instead of repeating "the implemented the Rockaway Blvd summer weekend extension of the Rockaway Park Shuttle" over and over again in the following years to come. But yeah, they never directly did say it was permanent. Guess it's another wait and see game. Given how Wikipedia is very strict when it comes to direct official sources from a particular agency or company.
  11. The already has new cars. They're called R179 and soon to be R211s. Funny how you come at me and not the other person who spent all his time spamming this thread out of everyone else. I don't even ride the regularly anyway so I could care less. Who looks hypocritical now. You should have took your own advice all this time you've grown up on the line. If you also read my other posts in this thread, you'd see I don't personally mind the being R46s for the moment.
  12. But if they continue this on weekends every summer from next year and onwards, you’d have to consider that permanent. Generally, they’ve been doing this since Summer 2016, even if not all the previous years were for the whole summer. That’s why I feel Wikipedia should be more simplistic unless the has something else up their sleeves in the coming years.
  13. The former and swap is also another example of this, when the R32s could have simply stayed on the (running exclusively to/from the Rockaways) till retirement and the would have been full-length using R46s exclusively from the get-go; half of the 's fleet would have still been R46s anyways so it's not like it was the end of the world. This could have easily avoided the constant attention from the local news media that occurred in the middle of this era about the being the worst line in the system due to old cars and all (anybody remembered all that btw?) But then again, the has always had a habit of not thinking ahead of time and moving cars here and there every now and then, which I agree, is a waste of time and money spent. The is not as simplistic as some of us like to think they are and look where we at now. Anyway, while you both are not entirely in the wrong, however, keep in mind that the are relatively busier than the and this has nothing to do with their hours of operation. Even the need the R211s more, not because they've been stuck with old cars for years on end, but because of growing ridership, and the maintains 6 tph all day and evening long due to the overall current signaling system and capacity issues at Hoyt/Canal, where the two-track segment between those two stations can only maintain as far as 26 tph. Until CBTC fixes this issue, the will be stuck with 10-minute intervals all day and evening long unless they slightly reduce service in order to fit more s, and the has had mostly crappy 75 footers in its fleet for a long time now.
  14. It’s physically impossible to run a train more than every 2 minutes (30 times an hour).
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