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  1. Jemorie

    Abysmal intervals on the (A) train?

    So? As I said, the R46s are not any better either and the has always been using older cars for years on end. The SMEEs are well known for either having slight tinier doors (R62s, R62As, R32s etc) or lesser amount of doors on one side of the train (R46s, R68s, R68As). The has always been unreliable from the start and will continue to be so unless the line gets the NTTs. And a line being short-length is meaningless. I highly doubt that will change the R32s' breakdown rates especially since they are around 30,000 miles without a failure and the damn cars are near 60 years old (while the R46s, though not as old as the R32s, are near 45 years old). Same with the J/Z. The only part you (including U-BahnNYC) got right is It's just the areas that the serves that make it less attractive compared to the other more popular lines like the , , , , , , , and of course the . So obviously you're not wrong there. 1. But I was always under the impression that the R32s (despite their age and relatively high breakdown rate), like the NTTs, are better crowd handlers. They have an extra 16 additional doors on one side of a 600 feet long train compared to a 75 feet long train having only 64 doors on one side. Notice how the has been reluctant to run any NTTs on the line for whatever reason. And I'm not surprised why. Also, remember, the R32s' side signages could also be a problem, as trains don't always spend enough time at 207th Street and a train coming north from Lefferts Blvd may get sent out as a Far Rockaway train and vice-versa. Depending on the crews. That's another reason why the line employees don't like the R32s. 2. I agree. The and swapped cars fully back in the summers of 2011 and 2012 and both were able to run full-length trains at all times, despite shorting the and fleets a bit with 2/4 of the R42s from East New York and 2/4 of the 's own fleet. Both lines can easily share the R32s and R46s at any given time as full-length trains at this point today. 3. Fine. 😑 I just don't see what difference would it really make since both the and would still be using old cars (till the shutdown) and the five-car R179s are not always guaranteed to be on the solely especially since it is easy for them to end up on the too. Hence "sharing" from both Pitkin Avenue and 207th Street.
  2. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Guys, you want to know what's crazy and funny? All this time I did not knew that the are scheduled to come every 12 minutes on weekends till I checked the printed schedule for them. I don't normally ride QB so yeah, haha. EDIT: Haven't been keeping up to date lately. But I'll try my best to.
  3. Jemorie

    Abysmal intervals on the (A) train?

    Huh? The is still mostly to fully R46s and the R46s are not any better either. It's not "seriously like putting the R32s on the " when the line has always been using older cars for years on end. That statement is more true for the (not anymore anyway since it is getting back to being mostly to fully NTTs). How would assigning R32s to the make the line any better when the R68/68As are relatively much younger than them? And if they kept the / swap in session, how the hell would the become full length?
  4. Jemorie

    Abysmal intervals on the (A) train?

    You are not alone. I take the all the time to/from work. Trains have in fact been running every 9-10 minutes like the itself does all the time. For the ’s case, when I checked the Trip Planner, it said trains are suppose to be showing up every 4-6 minutes. Maybe I should double check. I wonder what’s going on in reality. Are the headways the same like the or is it the timers, the aging signals/tracks, track/signal workers and flagging, or even the cars themselves? Who knows.
  5. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Oh. I don’t think he means it like that though. He was just showing reality. Officially, though, it’s not suppose to be like that. It’s actually LGA making false statements out of nowhere to him. I’m just saying that even though the makes a lot of “decisions” here and there, they would not go as far as to neglect the Far Rockaway riders in favor of Lefferts Blvd. As I said, it’s extremely important to keep the headways on both branches of the line as equally as possible all day long and all evening long so everyone gets fair treatment. This is public transportation we’re talking about after all. So even the excuse of “getting trains back to Manhattan faster because the Lefferts Blvd branch is shorter” is bull.
  6. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Look at the official printed line schedule or the official Trip Planner. They certainly do not send more trains to and from Lefferts Blvd. Through much of the day, the headways for trains going to and from Lefferts Blvd & Far Rockaway is equal. Your statement is totally false. And if anything, neglecting Far Rockaway isn’t fair at all whatsoever especially since riders who commute to and from that stretch have some of the longest commutes in the city.
  7. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I have to disagree with this. You gotta think critically. The Lefferts Blvd branch has only 3 stations and yes, the number of stations/stops do in fact make a big difference. Trains always have more passengers coming to/from the Rockaways than Lefferts Blvd. Trains coming from Lefferts will only get more passengers as equally as trains from the Rockaways further up the mainline beginning from a west of Rockaway Blvd and onwards.
  8. Jemorie

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I totally agree, especially your last sentence. To elaborate on said sentence, it basically overserves the Fulton St corridor for little reason. Overnight Fulton St service is okay with just the 20 minute headway with the alone instead of a 10 minute headway with both the and combined. In general, subway ridership at night is never higher than during the day and evening hours. Basically, the agency is just trying to maintain the same service frequency levels just like they would on a regular non-GO weekend.
  9. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I think the only reason why the is so popular among railfans is because of the constant car changes along the line every now and then...even if it's just a short-turn ...
  10. Jemorie

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Why does it matter how often I take, go or do something in general? It’s not like I’m gonna get a shiny golden medal lol. For example, I don’t have to be younger to like cartoons and older to like the “grown up” stuff, I like whatever I like no matter how old I am in general and there’s nothing nobody can do to tell me otherwise or tell me how to live my life in general. The problem is you just have an attitude and don’t listen (your multiple explaination marks and question marks at the end of some of your sentences are a dead giveaway). Every time there’s a discussion related to the and , you keep repeating the same nonsensical claims over and over again: “The R32s will create the biggest breakdowns on the line because they’re too old”, “the R46s always have LCD failures”, “passengers are so confused because the R46s stink with their LCDs or the C/Rs” etc. And if you do get it, then you obviously wouldn’t be making such statements like this lol. The subway is slow in part because the passengers themselves are slow. They take long to get in and out of trains. They have their headphones on listening to music on their phones or just texting on their phones, not paying attention to the train, its announcements, or just where the train is going in general. They also hold doors just so their friends or family members still on their way to the platform to get on the train at the last minute when the train closes its doors, delaying the train and throwing it off schedule. Another large reason is the aging signaling system and timers (what else is new with the subway). Something like this shouldn’t be that subtle to comprehend and we talked about this before all the time. Like I said, the R32s are the oldest cars in the book, yes, but are not entirely to blame for the poor performances of the and . And air-conditioning (in response to your other comments before in general) is not the only factor. Even with the and review released back in late 2015, the agency has gone on to state that the rolling stock is the least of their worries. As for as your last question, well...you tell me lol. I mean the passengers at least sometimes have to take responsibility for their own actions. If they grew up, live on, and/or ride the everyday, there’s no reason for them to be confused...
  11. Jemorie

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Lol you know that's what I just literally said and I've been aware of that. I'm not the one who made the suggestion for the 32s to be on the Rock Park Shuttle. Hence the quoting to the person in question. Anyway, back to topic.
  12. Jemorie

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Lol at this comment from you as usual. Far Rock Depot hit it right on the nose. All train car types run at any given time. A train is a train and that's that. They can take the R32s out of service whenever they want to anyway. It has been explain before or should I say numerous times. The R32s will stay on the and until the R211s come. Deal with it. @mine248: Rockaway Park Yard is just a yard. That's it. Both Pitkin Avenue and 207th Street have a shop where all the maintenance and inspection businesses take place. Hence the word "shop". There's no need at all for the R32s to be on the unless they really have to lol. The dispatchers already remove the R32s from service on the line whenever they feel like it anyway.
  13. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There should be just one person announcing "This is a X bound Y train" and the transfers, and the other person doing all the PSAs and the "Stand clear of the closing doors please". They also need to get rid of the word "local" and the long-winded announcements ("This is a Brooklyn College-Flatbush Avenue-bound express train", "This is a Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue-bound local train", "This is a Middle Village-Metropolitan Avenue-bound local train" in a shell nut and so on and so fourth).
  14. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I don't know. Maybe 9:00-ish I guess. I've only caught it like twice before a little while ago. You can check the Trip Planner. Btw, a friend sent me this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LwrMOg8nYRCOfNWiueTeNjB0v8ykyzH5/view The "This is an Eastchester-bound train" announcement must be that woman who recently was hired to replace Pellet for the PSAs in the NTTs and on the countdown clocks.
  15. Jemorie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Fully agreed. Especially the part about that to 241st Street. There's two of them scheduled to leave Bowling Green in the AM Rush.


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