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  1. You smell an ad hominem attack, my ass...that’s cute coming from someone who was getting all sassy with a train operator the other day in that dumb express thread all for a grammar and punctuation...as if you’re some English professor, but I disgress...
  2. Kid, trains are more reliable in the earlier portions of their runs than they are in the later portions of their runs. This is speaking from my very own personal experiences. Your suggestion is not necessary.
  3. Bleh... Do C/Rs even sit in their cabs between stations anyway? Especially on all local routes like the ?
  4. Fumigation takes 5 minutes, but with more staff at the station, it should go well.
  5. Could have never said it any better lol. However, the only thing I do not agree with is the part. Outside of rush hours, Astoria levels have always been the very same - 12 tph. That’s a train every 5 minutes mathematically on average. Off-peak service prior to SAS was 6 tph like the current service. No service off-peak was cut before and after SAS open with the exception of Astoria-related GOs of course.
  6. The Pelham Line would like to have a word with you on that matter.
  7. It's an utter waste of time too. It's completely unacceptable and should not be taken lightly either.
  8. Don't stress...it's a pretty dumb swap tbh anyway, because just watch them put the R160s back in CI after only 3 years in (as we already saw with the ex- and car swap numerous times) and it'll cost them money too (what else is new with the ). I didn't bother railfanning on the either just to get a pic of those lousy ass 75 footers so you're not alone...the R46s in particular...which alot of buffs bitch and cry about them being slow and shit and all, especially on the and , yet when they finally on the those 3 other Broadway lines I mention, now everyone is all up and arms to foam or get pics and all...please... Good looking. I've always wondered that myself till now.
  9. The R38s’ roofs were made of carbon steel, which resulted in it rusting a lot. Now, the R32s’ roofs have been rusting a lot lately. Not surprised.
  10. What you mean. They're 55 year old cars. It has hardly anything to do with 207th Street Yard. Plus, they constantly run them on the entirely underground line and the Lefferts Blvd . All 18 trains are in service all day and evening compared to every other line in the system whose trainsets vary across the day due to relatively higher scheduled frequency than the . Meanwhile, the Lefferts Blvd is outside for at most a half-hour or so (including dwells at the Lefferts Blvd terminal), compared to the Rockaway , where they're outside for an hour or so (including dwells at either Rockaway terminal). The running time for Lefferts Blvd trains between Grant and Lefferts is approximately 9 minutes anyway (plus the extra minutes dwelling at Lefferts Blvd and then heading back up to Grant).
  11. Count me out lol. I'm just saying that the R32s were better off on the imo. But overall yeah, these people deadass be doing too much with all these "rumors". It's why I honestly just said "yeah okay", shake my head, and shrug it all off lol.
  12. Eh, the R42s retired won't make a difference. It also depends on how many R32s would be assigned back to ENY if your rumor is true.
  13. The is better though because the other half of its fleet would still be either R46 or those five-car R179s or both. This means the R32s can operate at any given time on the as per the dispatcher and the R32s would still have a decent spare ratio too. Remember, trains that get taken out of service are usually those that fall into an accordance to a scheduled layup or requested by the barn for inspection. Honestly, the Summer Swap back in 2011 and 2012 should have been permanent. Unfortunately, because of Euclid lacking any track bed for T/Os to walk to the other end of the train to take it back north, they have no choice but to spend more money on two T/Os on both ends of the train at Euclid due to the R46s' end doors being locked, forcing the Summer Swap to be permanently discontinued for good. The is good for the R32s too. However, ENY just became 100% NTTs for the first time following the R42s' most recent retirement. This constant swapping of car fleets back and fourth (in general) honestly needs to end sooner or later. It's really not worth the time and money for crews to be moving trains back and fourth like this every time. This is what happens when the does not have a plan B up their sleeves. Like in 2010 when they went scrap happy till they estimated that the mainline R44s needed to be prematurely retired due to their carbon steel on the frames rotting compared to the R32s' pure stainless steel bodies and those (now-retired) 50 R42s needing to stay due to the / combo, forcing the into requiring slightly more trains than it previous did with its old Nassau Street/4 Avenue Local/West End route. It's also why the R42s never once ran on regular service on weekends (outside of -related GOs) too due to the agency wanting to save money with OPTO.
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