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  1. Universal Access passes for academic institutions in the Capital Region have been deactivated

    Please use your Navigator or cash fare to pay going forward. Cards should reactivate by September 1st.

  2. Good night, #CapitalRegion!

    A reminder to riders - never cross in front of the bus when you exit unless you have the right of way.


  3. Good evening, NYC Transit Forums!

    Today's suggested story is a Sidewalk Talk Q&A between Eric Jaffe and Candace Brakewood that explains the benefits of GTFS and how it results in smoother transfers between buses and trains. When I go to NYC, I typically take a bus down, but I take a train back. If I rely solely on one operator, I become prone to a single point of failure (if a train derails, then there's no way I can make it there and/or back).

    © Sidewalk Talk on Medium | story by Eric Jaffe | 6/15/2018


  4. Good morning, #CapitalRegion!

    It isn't because of the weather. It's because it's expensive.

    © Empire State Weekly on WTEN | 4/21/2019


  5. There's this wonderful thread for desktops I stumbled upon. I hope my submission inspires its revival...


  6. New stories are now available in the Official CDTA thread. Thank you for having me.

  7. I'm fully aware of the associations on this site. It's exactly why I joined. There's no better way to get an authoritative scoop than with actual personnel.

  8. Hoping you all had a safe and happy holiday season.


  9. I'm back for another ride.


    Based on past feedback, it seems that I might have a better time avoiding the random thoughts thread, since that's where most of the ire was drawn.

    I should also note: There are people on this forum who are far more dedicated to public transit than I am. And even though I didn't say it then, I envied your know-how.

    Let's be honest - my 10K swipe remark was clearly a call for attention. I only rode 219 times that month. Checked my statement after I made that remark. In an era where news is too often oversensationalized, that's something I will try to avoid.

    If I don't have enough knowledge on a subject, I will abstain answering.

    I will avoid necroposting. It's as much a no-no here as it is on DeviantArt, XDA and some Discord servers. I'll limit my input to the last thirty days from the date I last visit. Older comments will be reacted to, but not quoted.


    Thanks for having me!


  10. Long time no post!

    There are three infrastructure failures that are imminent in the next six years if the projects don't start soon.

    -The BQE Cantilever. If it isn't repaired soon, by 2026 all commercial traffic will divert into Downtown Brooklyn, creating the ultimate traffic nightmare far worse than Midtown could ever be.

    -the Northeast Corridor tunnel. By 2024, it will no longer be safe for trains to continue operating through it.

    -The (L) train shutdown. Unfortunately, I've heard that some afflueza-afflicted New Yorkers have hijacked the meetings, and have even threatened to sue to stall the project because it didn't get an environmental assessment (it was waived).

    How is everyone?


  11. I live upstate now. I'll send some CDTA-related photos soon.

  12. Have a great weekend. Nature sure has a way of flipping the bird.

  13. Don ye hued apparel...

    I chose Gold for this site, but my Twitter PFP/CP uses a red hue.

  14. 'Tis the season to be stuck in train traffic. Bundle up

  15. Someone's been tearing down service change posters in critical spots. 

  16. I'm not the same person now as I was when I first joined.

    First rule of reply warfare - don't take it personally. I'm trusted as a mod on several community sites because I'm largely indifferent to net malfeasance.

    But thank you for caring 😀

  17. Yawn. Doesn't feel any different from a Friday but what do I know? :-/

  18. 🎼I don't care much for money,

    Money can't buy me fare

    Can't buy me fare,

    Every increase tells me so...🎶

  19. I decided to add a calendar that covers service changes.

  20. Updated profile pic and cover photo across accounts. This account naturally colored.


    Twitter - Teal

    Google+ - Red

    LinkedIn - Dark Blue

    DeviantArt - Green

    XDA - Yellow

    Thanks for following!

  21. The difference between weekdays and weekends is D I S A P P E A R I N G

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