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  1. The city nor the MTA is not interested in dealing with its homeless problem. Even the attempts at cracking down on fare evasion are being labeled by advocacy groups as 'poverty crime enforcement'. How can they not notice? Such conditions make it ripe for a coronavirus outbreak. This is by design. As I said in previous posts, NYC is in a controlled breakdown. I was previously homeless and sought the subway as a refuge, but as a paying customer. Those who pay should never be forced to leave. I was still receiving help to pay for my rides so I could meet employers and landlords. Found myself in an inescapable Catch-22. I fled Upstate because the cost of living is lower and the transit system is not a mess. NYCT bleeds three times the size of CDTA's budget in fare evasion every year. With a good paying job, you could have $23K left over AFTER taxes. #FleeNYC
  2. I raised a similar concern in Subway Off-Topic. At this point, with all the dysfunction in the MTA, it's not a good standalone move. What needs to change is the guidance previously given by Cy Vance with regards to fare evasion, which is a blow to any attempt to curtail it. IMHO, I felt that service needed to be cut where fare evasion was most rampant (great business move, but advocacy groups will cry racist and poverty discrimination). Absent any radical intervention, y'all will suffer the same fate as St. Clare's. Further, the management structure of the MTA makes it seem alien to both the city that depends on it and the suburbanites who are forced to fund it. Let's be frank - the MTA isn't going to get better. I see you guys going bankrupt in three years, tops.
  3. Then I guess it's an ASN block (which is reasonable, as it it wards off DDoS attacks, which often use ASNs like Leaseweb. I just don't feel OK giving local DNS overlord MCI my information.
  4. At this point, one of three things is gonna happen: 1) Deep service cuts are going to happen, prompting mass outrage. 2) Pensions will be cut, prompting mass outrage. 3) Fares will go up steeply, prompting mass outrage. If the MTA remains insolvent for one more fiscal year, one or all of those things will come to pass. Something's Gotta Give.
  5. The link you provided is behind a login utility and cannot be accessed. Either that or the server has blacklisted my ASN (Leaseweb).
  6. According to the Census Bureau, 67. Manhattan - New York County (my birth cert does not refer to Manhattan at all) Brooklyn - Kings County, largest in state at 2.5M Queens - Queens County Bronx - Bronx County Staten Island - Richmond County
  7. Cuomo has the confidence of less than 25% of the state's 67 counties. He will not recover unless the fruits of the Green Light Bill come to pass.
  8. I saw this coming. The MTA is beyond redemption. Good luck convincing us Upstaters that you really want that $50bn. because a whole lotta promises are about to be broken. The city is in an engineered breakdown and Byford is inconvenient. You may use the term "conspiracy theorist" with abandon against me, but it does not change your reality.
  9. Good afternoon, #CapitalRegion!

    #ToldYouSo. I knew there was no way for him to fix an agency this badly broken. Let the chaos begin.



  10. They're not really dim, they're just warmer (<3700K). Any bulb higher than 4000K will keep you in a restless state.
  11. That seems to be a recurring thing with the MTA (2nd Ave Subway anyone)?
  12. Perhaps I should chat here instead. Is it possible to merge the 2 CDTA threads?
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