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  1. And it has. And it's been beautiful for every corridor blessed with SBS. We shouldn't take away conveniences for riders that pay for and deserve them. In fact, we should be expanding on the SBS model because it is the very example of hard work that the MTA is doing with NYC DOT, despite the lack of speed in doing so. Many rider advocacy groups egg this behavior on, and think that fare evasion is justified because attempts to rein it in are a war on poverty. Bullshit. $228 million is three times the size of upstate transit budgets, and that's no amount to sneeze at. I see it happen often. On July 9th, a Medium story about me will publish four years to the date I was dragged off a bus for calling fare evasion out. It needs to stop, and people need to be arrested. When you give them an inch, they take a mile. And that mile has resulted in the senseless assaults in transit personnel. Instead of punishing good subway riders, let's implement full body turnstiles at all problem stations, re-alarm the emergency doors, put rudimentary railing on certain subway platforms (with openings only for the doors, it doesn't need to be AirTrain fancy), and treat disabled riders with the utmost respect. Rider advocacy groups are anything but. They're just a bunch of contrived breakfast clubs of gentrified snobs. Like our current mayor. Ironically(from a historical context), they're the exact reason the outer boroughs are so underserved.
  2. North Manning Station, looking West Use the five digit bus stop code in Transit App or CDTA.org to find out what buses will be at this stop.
  3. Quail-WAMC Station, Looking West BusPlus stations on Route 5 are clearly marked by Red, Silver and Blue pylons with similarly colored bus shelters. The only stop without a shelter is Downtown-Train Station, which uses the Lake Shore Railway underpass. BusPlus Red has nineteen stops across 17.4 miles. There are dedicated traffic signals at Veeder Avenue (East), New Karner (West), and Colonie (West). BusPlus does not make local stops, but will offer connections to local buses at every stop it does make. This stop: 1 - Local Trunk - Wolf Road, Colonie via Route 5 712 - Commuter - W. Averill Harriman State Offices or Patroon Creek - no weekend service 905 - BRT - Schenectady - Gateway Plaza
  4. If you have an unlimited card with a PPR balance of $2.75 or higher, the card will still be accepted. Unlimited Balances are read first on all other services. Dual balances have been available to MetroCard customers since 2013.
  5. Welcome to New York City Transit Forums!
  6. and the platforms on the BMT Jamaica line rattle like an old person's bones. I have this nagging feeling that the floor is gonna fall one [c]rush hour in the not too distant future. Maybe if the station agents didn't buzz in the trash they wouldn't smell so horrible. Right now, LA is dealing with diseases the world hasn't seen since the 13th century, and the situation in the subway will give eventual rise to a similar calamity.
  7. I necroposted. Sorry. I haven't rode the since early March 2018. I had no idea they planned to finally fix that afterthought of a station.
  8. those are the mustiest ones, too. I suspect there's a lot of masonry damage underneath the tiles. If the city sustains another Sandy-like incident, there's a good chance that Grand Concourse service will cease to be.
  9. Wait, they extended the platform? Finally.
  10. Am I allowed to recommend pizza places outside the boroughs?
  11. A GIF of my desktop. Theme is Butterfly Spirit by Ingalill Creations, beautifully remastered for Windows 10 users to enjoy. Check the description for more goodies. Get it here.
  12. I should read back before I post, but I believe it's this. A similar post is on my LinkedIn and Minds pages. Only in New York can such a sadist exist. But if anyone has other stories of this happening elsewhere in the country, I'd love to hear about it.
  13. There is a dangerous nut job sabotaging service on multiple lines for the lulz. More below. © Jalopnik | story by Aaron Gordon | 5/22/2019 https://jalopnik.com/new-york-has-a-supervillain-pulling-emergency-brakes-an-1834936243
  14. New York City Transit. Still at the mercy of heartless NIMBYs. 😔 These people can literally afford to jet. Even if I became well off, I can't imagine ever living below I-287 ever again. I can't coexist with that many egos.
  15. Brooklyn gets stiffed too much and they could use the most improvements. When B35 mentioned their political incompetence, he wasn't kidding. Why do 2.5 million people stay in the company [at the mercy, I mean] of such incompetent representatives?
  16. Happy #ScreenshotSaturday, NYC Transit Forums! Today's featured theme is Gladiolus by Ingalill Creations Get it here.
  17. Subway. It's least likely to give me gas and a bad time on the john. I prefer Dominos, but I know Papa John's tastes better.
  18. Oh, I know they're ignorant, but I'm shocked as to WHY they are. Upstate frequently refers to the oversaturation of Kings County in the legislature. That's not by accident. It's the largest of the 67 counties. Absent the Greater New York Merger of the late 19th century, it'd be the third largest city in America. if they're that incompetent as you say, well -
  19. I'm shocked. They're practically dominant in the Assembly and every committee head in the State Senate is from Brooklyn.
  20. This week's screenshot is of Mystery 2.0, a theme based on the cult classic from Windows 98, remastered for Windows 10. Its High Contrast equivalent retains the recognizable palette from days of old. You can get it here.
  21. Good night, #CapitalRegion!

    A reminder to riders - never cross in front of the bus when you exit unless you have the right of way.


  22. Good evening, NYC Transit Forums!

    Today's suggested story is a Sidewalk Talk Q&A between Eric Jaffe and Candace Brakewood that explains the benefits of GTFS and how it results in smoother transfers between buses and trains. When I go to NYC, I typically take a bus down, but I take a train back. If I rely solely on one operator, I become prone to a single point of failure (if a train derails, then there's no way I can make it there and/or back).

    © Sidewalk Talk on Medium | story by Eric Jaffe | 6/15/2018


  23. Queens Boulevard is definitely a place that could make use of CBTC. How many of you get stuck for 45 minutes on end in the stretch between Parsons and Continental on any given Thursday?
  24. That's good. I've heard that the (J) can run trains at 26 TPH. Is that still accurate? I noticed CBTC infrastructure (namely those yellow signs) on the Culver section of the line in February 2018. Are they considering that corridor for CBTC? If so, what's the timeline for activating it? Reader Note: I haven't rode any train into Brooklyn since May 2018.

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