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  1. I wish I had the choice. I live in BK and got forced into the A and the traveling back and forth to work gets tedious after a while. Sent in a G2 to transfer to the B next pick, if not I’ll be XX for two years and I’m a conductor. Train operators move even slower seniority wise than us so to all the prospects choose wisely.
  2. Just piggybacking off what the poster said. Being new it's expected that you're going to make mistakes I've heard RCC ask the T/O or C/R who has an incident whether or not they're on probation over the radio. You shouldn't be trying to "get away with" anything, if you make a mistake own up to it. You never know who's riding your train, could be a Superintendent, TSS, fellow employee, or nosy passenger with a camera phone. I highly recommend if given the choice you choose based on what's more convenient for you travel wise, not based on what's harder or what you can 'get away with'. Traveling to the otherside of the world everyday gets old quickly. Goodluck with everything.
  3. Maybe I should’ve explained in greater detail why I disagree with what that poster said (and I will now) you can say it’s being overly defensive, I say that person is posting misinformation. Re being late: Like others said as long as the train/bus was scheduled to get you to your reporting location on time then you’re fine. They try to scare you in Schoolcar about being late (and yes it’s a serious thing) but in reality a lot of dispatchers don’t really make a scene about it as long as you’re on time to make your interval. Re probation & union: As long as you follow the rules, use common sense, show up on time getting off probation shouldn’t be a problem. There are laws they and rules the agency has to follow. You have to really screwup and to get canned on probation. There’s schoolcar and the real world. That person isn’t even finished training and making claims based off of hearsay like OT drying up and managers deciding who gets OT. Almost everyday on the radio they’re calling for conductors and train operators to work on their days off. There’s been plenty of times when dispatchers will ask me if I want to make an extra trip for a late clear and I tell them no. I like to do my 8 and go home. When you finish schoolcar and are released to the crew office you will be making OT everyweek since you won’t have a picked job. Yes there are some valid things like the starting pay being low and the conditions of some facilities, but there’s a lot of misinformation in there as well.
  4. This person isn’t even in the crew rooms yet, still in training. More like a Yard/Trailer lawyer lol. Someone has to be crazy to let that sway their decision on a job like this, but hey there’s 30 thousand people behind you that would love your spot...
  5. Like the senior people tell me, “you’re always on probation down here”. As long as you do your job, follow the rules, exercise good judgement, and show up on time getting off probation shouldn’t be a problem. Being on probation affords you some leeway in some instances too. If you have an incident on probation (depending on what it is and how severe) you may just get sent back for reinstruction and have your probation extended. That same incident when your off could have you at labor days facing days in the street and a DAN. The job is not hard, the hardest part is getting to work on time & dealing with the Assengers.
  6. I feel you bro it definitely goes both ways. I’ve worked with some T/O’s where I never saw their face the entire day, let alone having a conversation with them. I love working with probies and people who are fresh out of school car that’s how I met a lot of cool people down here. I try to be cordial and communicate with everyone because at the end of the day 1 mistake could have us both writing G2’s and calling the Supt at the terminal. It is what it is we have all types of people working down here I’ve learned not to take things personal. @Schecter “The 1” YUCK!
  7. I can’t speak for B div equipment, but on the R62/a fleet plenty of the speedometers are BO. I’ve witnessed many times sitting in the station it reading some outrageous number like 70MPH
  8. Goodluck. Just remember everything you learned in school car & take your time. Try to get there a little early and let the TD know it’s your first day out and introduce yourself to your partner and let them know as well. What line are you going to be on?
  9. I’m a conductor that plans on applying for the exam too, and every ATD, TD, TSS I’ve spoken too all tell me the same thing. Study the rule book and bulletins. You can try joining some RTO groups on fb for more detailed information.
  10. Tech trains are known to slide in inclement weather, and if I’m not mistaken the speed limit over switches is 10MPH (maybe a t/o can correct me if I’m wrong?). The train operator (we don’t have drivers) was doing exactly what he/she was supposed to, keep their train under control. Also tech trains don’t have handbrakes. To the comment you were quoting maybe the train itself had long brakes, dead poor braking train, motors, t/o unfamiliar with the line, etc... All of these comments critiquing when y’all don’t know the half of it. Drifting too far off topic. I hope they do some mods to make the announcements play faster and fix the issue with the announcements not being able to be heard from inside the cab.
  11. Buy Larkins a bottle of Coke and some m&m's & you'll pass all of your exams.
  12. They need to reef those trains already. 2/3 of my trips today on the 6 I had to switch operating positions because of hot cars. It’s ridiculous. I feel sorry for 1 line crews this upcoming Saturday, it’s going to be torture.
  13. Adding onto what Scheter said when you're almost finished with the training course you'll fill out a preference sheet with what tour and rdo's you want. Just an FYI your tour/rdo's are subject to change on a weekly basis based on the needs of the crew office while you're xx and you may/may not get what you want.
  14. The latter is correct, the file numbers are updated every 5 years.
  15. Nah. Justnhave to be off probation to get called, but by the time that happens you'll be off anyway since it takes a year to grade/certify the list anyway.

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