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  1. R179 Discussion Thread

    IMO it goes beyond weekends. The running 10 minute headways during rush hours is abysmal. Something like every 6-8 mins wouod be more viable IMO. Like Lance has pointed out it's easier to justify adding more service to a line than to downright add another (redundant) line. Unfortunately with the R179's the needs of service have changed with the becoming full length, so there won't be enough trains to increase service until the R211's come in later on down the road.
  2. Are you a Train Operator or someone who works in RCC to make such a claim? How do you know (like others have pointed out) that there wasn't some sort of obstruction on express tracks and the train wasn't diverted to avoid congestion?
  3. Conductor's don't move/operate trains. How can it be an error on their part?
  4. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There was a signal malfunction at Clark street this morning. That train probanly got rerouted Lexington.
  5. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There's a full 10 car train that has it too, I've noticed it on the multiple times this week.
  6. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There's a R142 set hat has upgraded Led lighting now so i could see that happening. You'd think with Lex being the busiest line in the system they'd try those experiements in the A div first.
  7. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    Damn I'm sorry to hear that. I never called, I just emailed the exams unit whenever i have a question. Today makes 1 month since the list has officially been "established" and they still haven't updated their website in 2 years, let alone announce when they're going to start hiring. Frustrating to say the least...
  8. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    On Feburary 22 they told me the resullts for the OPA would be mailed in a few weeks. Haven't heard anything since then.
  9. Terminal & Line Segment Limitations Inquiry

    I agree with the first sentiment about having more workers to help fumigate the trains. At Utica avenue in the A division those platform conductors really do make a difference. They can clear out multiple terminating 4 trains before a single 3 arrives. Sometimes they'll even close the train down themselves so the conductor who just finished their run doesn't have to key themselves off. In regards to the NYPD being placed at certain stations something like that would probably have to be brought up to thr mayor and the police department. I doubt they'd justify that use of manpower and resources though. Veering off a little i have a question. I saw it was mentioned that extending the M & R past Continental wouldn't work because riders don't want locals and it would just bring the conga further east. Would extending select trains during rush hours like is done in the IRT be a viaboe option to help ease the congestion into Contentinetal? And then perhaps those trains could go to the yard or return back in service to Manhattan? Pardon my ignorance I'm not familiar wih the track layout in that area.
  10. 6 months? Try 6 years. Conductor exam 8094 was given in 2008, the following exam 6601 was given in 2016 and they haven't even started hiring feom it yet. OP, as someone else stated earlier take all the exams you qualify for and don't limit yourself to transit. I'd also suggest pursuing an AA degree at a CUNY while you wait to give yourself even more options. These exams are a long process.
  11. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Sometimes i feel like it's not even worth the hassle to keep updating the signs and announcements, New Yorkers don't pay attention anyway. Today i was on a headed uptown, at 14th street this guy jumps on the train and starts shouting "Is this train headed to Astoria!?" I didn't even say anything, if you can't take 2 seconds to read the countdown clocks or listen to the announcements I'm not even going to bother. Oh but it gets better! At 72 street some other guy bolts down the stairs into the train, realizes we're headed uptown then gets caught in the doors trying to escape. PM rush hour the other side of the platform is packed and you run a marathon for an empty train.
  12. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    On the NOE itself it says not everyone will take it because of the amount of applicants and projected vacancies available. Someone who scored 85% is likely in the 1x,xxx range anyway and most likely wouldn't be reached with or without the OPA.
  13. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'm sorry to veer off of your topic, but since you mentioned it and I've seen the word thrown around could you define what a supplement is? I've always been curious about it. And would this be considered a supplement? I use the Brooklyn IRT and I've noticed that since last fall maybe? There's a single train now that makes a trip out of New Lots Av in the AM rush and the (5)s that mske their runs out of there start much earlier. Ditto for the PM rush, but on the trip planner it says nothing about this change. Also, how long do supplements last?
  14. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    We were talking about the results for those of us who've taken our OPA already though.
  15. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    It was today actually lol. Hopefully it won't take them too long. They still haven't even updated their website though so i won't hold my breath. The list being established is a good sign though. It's out of our hands just crossing my fingers i passed it, goodluck to you aswell.


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