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  1. You can apply for it. By the time they call establish the list and call you, you’ll be off probation anyway. Sorry about that, I thought you were a C/R.
  2. No there's no extra points or preference since technically he'll be hired off of the O/C list, although they'll treat him like a promotional. They have promotional and open competitive exams for Train Operator, which are usually given around the same time. Promotionals are for current employees such as Conductors, Bus Operators, etc... When a promotional and open exam for a title like Conductor or Train Operator is given the promotional exam must be used first though before the O/C. @Riku @Schecter @acabral136 Just incase you guys may be interested, the filing for ATD begins on October 4th.
  3. That’s a bit of an apples to oranges comparison IMO. Riders coming from Lefferts would have to travel through two boroughs just to get to Manhattan, and the track geometry on the latter’s line supports the service whereas the switches would need to be configured to give Livonia express service in Brooklyn. would need to be reconfigured. There are six “express” intervals that run on the Livonia line every weekday though during the AM rush.
  4. Sorry I haven't spoken to this individual since August of last year, don't even think I have his phone number. You can try to contact the HR at Livingston or try DCAS I'm sure they'll be more insightful than me. And I'm sorry that you had to go through that. I'm getting my info from another one of my classmates who ran into him I should've been more specific in my post. He failed both the initial test along with the retake and essentially was let go. Had to turn all of his stuff in. Now he's back into a later class
  5. You positive about that? One of my classmates failed the yard practical and I’m hearing he got hired again into a later class. Goodluck with your process. If you’re in the A division and you see a baby faced tall (extremely handsome) twig than most likely that’s me.
  6. I believe my classmate did it. He failed the yard practical and I'm hearing that he got into a later class off this same list. That next promotion to train operator exam can't come soon enough, I'm tired of these damn people lol. I don't know how some of these senior C/R's do it, can't see myself doing this job for more than 5 years and I only have a year down here.
  7. They didn't issue them to you guys when you got your tools? I hate wearing mine I'd rather wear the orange plugs lol.
  8. If your goal is to reduce costs from these service changes as another poster pointed out you now have to add extra midnight jobs (extra crews) to run that 24/7 service, and the money from that ‘savings’ from the fleet now has to be used to maintain the lines fleet which uses the oldest equipment in its respective division. As far as making things easier from a customers standpoint the riders are generally accustomed to the service patterns that are currently ran. What you’re suggesting would literally do the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked the doing a run that drops out at Utica I’ll make a manual announcement leaving Barclays S/B about the train going to UA not Flatbush, then another when we get to Franklin only to have people come up to me after we get to Utica do they get to Beverly Road.
  9. I’d say the is pretty close if not number 1. The has intervals that either start/terminate at Bowling Green, Utica, Flatbush, New Lots, E180, Nereid, White Plains, and Dyre every weekday.
  10. I wish I had the choice. I live in BK and got forced into the A and the traveling back and forth to work gets tedious after a while. Sent in a G2 to transfer to the B next pick, if not I’ll be XX for two years and I’m a conductor. Train operators move even slower seniority wise than us so to all the prospects choose wisely.
  11. Just piggybacking off what the poster said. Being new it's expected that you're going to make mistakes I've heard RCC ask the T/O or C/R who has an incident whether or not they're on probation over the radio. You shouldn't be trying to "get away with" anything, if you make a mistake own up to it. You never know who's riding your train, could be a Superintendent, TSS, fellow employee, or nosy passenger with a camera phone. I highly recommend if given the choice you choose based on what's more convenient for you travel wise, not based on what's harder or what you can 'get away with'. Traveling to the otherside of the world everyday gets old quickly. Goodluck with everything.
  12. Maybe I should’ve explained in greater detail why I disagree with what that poster said (and I will now) you can say it’s being overly defensive, I say that person is posting misinformation. Re being late: Like others said as long as the train/bus was scheduled to get you to your reporting location on time then you’re fine. They try to scare you in Schoolcar about being late (and yes it’s a serious thing) but in reality a lot of dispatchers don’t really make a scene about it as long as you’re on time to make your interval. Re probation & union: As long as you follow the rules, use common sense, show up on time getting off probation shouldn’t be a problem. There are laws they and rules the agency has to follow. You have to really screwup and to get canned on probation. There’s schoolcar and the real world. That person isn’t even finished training and making claims based off of hearsay like OT drying up and managers deciding who gets OT. Almost everyday on the radio they’re calling for conductors and train operators to work on their days off. There’s been plenty of times when dispatchers will ask me if I want to make an extra trip for a late clear and I tell them no. I like to do my 8 and go home. When you finish schoolcar and are released to the crew office you will be making OT everyweek since you won’t have a picked job. Yes there are some valid things like the starting pay being low and the conditions of some facilities, but there’s a lot of misinformation in there as well.
  13. This person isn’t even in the crew rooms yet, still in training. More like a Yard/Trailer lawyer lol. Someone has to be crazy to let that sway their decision on a job like this, but hey there’s 30 thousand people behind you that would love your spot...
  14. Like the senior people tell me, “you’re always on probation down here”. As long as you do your job, follow the rules, exercise good judgement, and show up on time getting off probation shouldn’t be a problem. Being on probation affords you some leeway in some instances too. If you have an incident on probation (depending on what it is and how severe) you may just get sent back for reinstruction and have your probation extended. That same incident when your off could have you at labor days facing days in the street and a DAN. The job is not hard, the hardest part is getting to work on time & dealing with the Assengers.

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