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  1. Jchambers2120

    R179 Discussion Thread

    A 1 tripper with a bunch of WAA? Man that sounds beautiful to my lazy ears. With the way some of these folks are acting obsessed over this train if I have to work the day the 211's enter service I'm booking off.
  2. Jchambers2120

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Hours. Like Trainmaster said some jobs pay more than 8 hours which are known as “penalty” jobs. You get paid for every minute you’re working. Lines like the 2,3,4,5 have a lot of penalty jobs. On the 2 for example you could be working a job that pays for 9:30 mins and then something happens that forces you to clear 1 hour later. Now you just made 10:30 mins of pay, plus you get a bonus of 30 extra mins since they’ll divide the hour in half and pay you for that. The 1 line has a lot of jobs that only pays 8 hours.
  3. Jchambers2120

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    No, there are rules and procedures that we must follow and they're there for a reason. What if a door panel pops open enroute to the terminal and now since you already de-zoned you have no way of finding out and it just so happens that someone was leaning against the door and falls out? I don't see why this is a big issue, y'all wait what an extra 10-15 seconds for the doors to open? @Trainmaster5 I couldn't agree more. I don't care if i lived next door to Pelham, Parkchester or VC. I would NEVER willingly pick a job on the 1 or 6. The is just stressful from heavy ridership, the 1 has similar ridership and you're in and out all day with little recovery time. People look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'd rather two on the duece over 3 on the 1. Atleast you can make money over there.
  4. Jchambers2120

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It is possible for a passenger to cause a BIE if they pull the PEHU and the train is within 600 feet leaving the station.
  5. Jchambers2120

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    I feel the same way you do at times, especially since I live in Brooklyn and got forced into the A division and the crew office seems hell bent on placing me on the damn line 3-4 days a week, but then I remember why I took this job and I just suck it up and keep it pushing. The only thing I miss about school car is road ops and the guaranteed 1 hour lunch breaks lol I love the road. That question is kind of vague. "Easy" depends. The toughest part for me is dealing with the public. It can be very stressful at times especially when the road blows up and you have people yelling at you as if it's your fault when the situation is completely out of your control or dealing with some of the characters in the RCC. That and dealing with our lovely crew office. It isn't a bad job at all though every job has bs that comes with it. I've had days where i literally got paid to sit around and do nothing for 8 hours, or doing 1 trip or a trip and a half and being on the train for 1:45 mins tops out of an 8 hour day. I'm just using this as a stepping stone to becoming a T/O since i didn't meet the requirements for that title, but overall i love putting on my uniform and going to work.
  6. I work on the line almost every week (unfortunately) as a conductor and I've been on the duece from time to time. The is nowhere near as bad as the in terms of crowding. Let something happen to mess up the road and it's literally impossible to close down at every station. The Lexington avenue corridor is the busiest trunk line in the system and the is the sole local so from a numbers standpoint i don't even see how the could have it worse. The absolutely needs these cars.
  7. Jchambers2120

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I saw a pic of 3010-19 doing some testing on the Apple today in one of the RTO groups I’m in. Happy hunting...
  8. Jchambers2120

    The Schoolcar Experience

    Very true brother, you never know who’s on your train. The day they re-opened 145 on the 3 I had a superintendent key himself into my cab. No vest uniform or anything just a name tag and his radio. It scared the Sh** out of me. I’m ready to get out of the A division and the middle altogether. Too much drama over here and RCC is so rush rush with everything. @AlgorithmOfTruth I’d also suggest you take the next C/R exam as well and move up. It’s a great way to learn the system/job and it will eventually help you when you become a train operator. I definitely want to move up front ASAP since I really don’t enjoy being a C/R, but the knowledge I’ve gained is invaluable. I honestly prefer working with promos than O/C since they’re a lot more helpful and they communicate a lot better. I wish you all the best.
  9. Jchambers2120

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    Trains do get “pushed” out of terminals early if both pockets are full and they have a train sitting outside the station that needs to get in. I can’t speak for the B div since I don’t work over there, but atleast over here in the IRT if you’re running hot especially if it’s something crazy like 5+ mins RCC is going to harass you over the radio to hold at a station with your doors open, or if you’re at a gap station they’ll (ATS) give you lights. They generally like to stick to the schedules/supplements though. & if you’re on the it doesn’t matter if both pockets are full at VC if you’re running hot. Your butt will sit st 238 until you’re scheduled to arrive at VC, forget about a push.
  10. Jchambers2120

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Bus operators can take a promotion to train operator and return to their title within 1 year if they wish. Someone off the street who gets hired off this list can't just do what that person described to you. You need a CDL to become a B/O, for this title you need a regular drivers license. I don't know why that person gave you that info, but whatever. To put it short if you get hired off the street from this list ypu can't take a demotion to B/O Honestly the job isn't for everyone and it will be a major lifestyle change if you're coming from a regular 9-5, but the beauty of the MTA is you don't have to stay in one title forever you can always move up. I'm finding that I don't enjoy being a conductor and I plan on taking the next promo list to T/O or any other test I can to get off the road. There's ample opportunity down here to move up if that's your thing. "Fortunately" for me I have to be down here 30+ years just to meet the 25/55 requirement and I refuse to pound the road for that many years.
  11. Jchambers2120

    holding doors

    3) get taken out of service by a TSS for violating the rules and possibly get days in the street. I wish passengers knew how much they contribute to delays by holding doors, while by no means is the system perfect I'm willing to bet that 70% of time when a train is given a skip it's because of folks holding doors along the line. Thank god for local recycle.
  12. Jchambers2120

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    Your last statement is also a point/tip. Always ask questions, especially when you're unsure about something. It's always better to ask what you may feel is a stupid question and get clarification than to wing it make a mistake and have a TSS waiting for you at the next stop and a Superintendent on the phone waiting to speak to you at the dispatchers office. To the hopefuls waiting just remain patient, there's been calls over the radio for conductors to work their RDOs in the A division. They need people. Understand what you're getting into too this job can be very demanding and dealing with the public isn't easy, especially when you're an introverted person like me. I see why people say take all the tests and move up asap, i can't wait to go up front.
  13. Jchambers2120

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    As cash strapped as this agency is I doubt they'd be able to justify the cost of purchasing and installing FINDS when as Lance said the 2/5 lines are the exception not the rule in terms of sharing fleets. The combined strip maps aren't perfect, but they get the job done well enough. As a new hire working down here made me realize how "special" some of these passengers are and trust me a display ain't gonna help. Last week when I was working on the 5 the announcements were working fine and yet people still come to my window and ask me what train this is directly after the announcment finished playing. Ridership is typically lower during overnight hours and I'd assume that the majority of people traveling during those hours know where they're going and aren't tourists who need a map to guide them. @Trainmaster5 see why you like the 5. The crew office spoiled me last week with a straight job that was a trip and a half and cleared in Brooklyn. I plan on bailing to the B division the first chance I get, but in the meantime I'm going to say a prayer everytime I check the sheets lol I wouldn't mind working there.
  14. Jchambers2120

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How do you know the crew wasn't instructed via radio to hold at such stations form for x amount of time because of a problem on the road? @S78 via Hylan connections are viewed as a courtesy. During rush hours when headways are low it's discouraged since there's usually another train directly behind and holding for connections can plug up the road. We're encouraged to make them when headways are extended like during off peak hours whether or not there are holding lights in the station. Connections are especially important during overnight hours when trains typically run on 20 minute intervals.
  15. Jchambers2120

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    There is no blood test/blood work. The urinalysis they use for medical is to check your blood sugar.


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