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  1. The job has its days. The toughest part is dealing with the customers. Traveling is also hard for me since I live in Brooklyn and got forced into the A division. I won't lie there were times where i felt like giving up and finding something else, but I've met some dope senior people and supervisors that keep me going. Lately things have started to get better with all these classes coming out I've been getting some dope money jobs. I've had AM's with weekends off for going on 9 months now, and every major Holiday I finished in Brooklyn, and they gave me Xmas off (paid). It's good job, but it can be challenging. I'm glad I started out as a C/R because of the knowledge that I've gained that I'll take when i move up front to T/O, but I honestly can't see myself doing this more than 5 years, let alone the 33+ I have to do due to my age. Like anything else you have to take the good with the bad.
  2. The Quizzes/Midterm and Final are 80% I believe. The Practicals are pass/fail. It’s not hard at all. It’s going to seem overwhelming at first because of the amount of material you’ll be getting, but your TSS’s will be drilling it into your head everyday. The hardest part about the practicals are calming your nerves. The midterm/final exams were a piece of cake.
  3. And I’m sure the passengers at the stations behind them wanted some service at all, but now they’re forced to wait even longer because they’re running ahead of schedule. You say the door holding is for a few seconds, but those seconds add up and create a domino effect. Let’s take a line like the for example. If trains are scheduled to run every 4 minutes, but a S/B train starts falling behind schedule because riders aren’t boarding in a timely manner, or you have those who use their bodies to block the doors for their friends still swiping their metrocards. Their follower catches up and has to run at a slower speed due to the signals so they start falling behind schedule as well. Now Grand Central Tower notices this and they’ll give the train that’s falling behind a skip, but depending on how much of a gap in service there is they may also have to hold back a N/B train at the bridge which also creates a delay heading north. So please spare me with that few seconds mantra. Not sure what a C/O is (correction officer?) I’m sure you mean C/R... We are given schedule cards and they have to be carried with you while on the train (part of our ppe) plus the RCC will get on the radio and nag us about where did we lose our time if we start falling behind or running ahead of schedule and use holding lights. I agree wholeheartedly with your post about something needs to done about schedules. There’s plenty of employees who feel the same as well.
  4. Your posts are always informative TM! His complaint also stumped me that’s why I told him to take the test & find out. What’s the point of racing just to be held for time? Or now the higher ups notice the runtimes start going down and now they want to start squeezing in more trips & keep the pay the same... I’ve heard rumors about the four and five trippers on the 6 back in the days uh uh. I’ve heard RCC going off on people for running 5 minutes hot, I can’t imagine 9-10 minutes what were y’all doing? Lol.
  5. If you really want to understand take the next test and make it through school car. I’m sure if the T/O in question was moving at an ‘acceptable’ speed for you and overran a station or hit a signal you’d be questioning why was he/she running so fast.
  6. Your # 4 just made me get angry lol. I seriously hate when I'm on a tech train and customers come up to me and ask what train this is. #1 & 2 I pretty much accepted the fact that these trains are built with shorter people in mind. Sucks, but nothing we can do. Are the windows Atleast tall people friendly? Idk if you ever worked in the A division, but as a comparison the Bombardier R142's are HORRIBLE for anyone slightly taller than average. Literal pain in the neck trains.
  7. You can attempt to make your announcement as as audible possible, it doesn’t help when these trains are 30+ years old with broken PA’s. I wish your fellow riders would take their frustrations elsewhere, it’s not our fault they’re broken nor do we have any way of finding out unless it’s reported to us (and in this case it would obviously be too late) OP skips happen everyday, especially during rush hours. When you have lines like the 1 and 6 which run tight 4 min headway’s it’s imperative that things run smoothly. When people constantly hold doors it delays that train and others behind it. The system isn’t perfect by far, but I’m willing to bet that a large percentage of skips during rush hours are caused by passengers.
  8. You’re making me second guess coming over to the B. Let a waterbug fly into my cab I’m leaving the key in term & im out!
  9. If you get to choose your division I strongly advise you choose which division is more convenient for you travel wise rather than what lines you want to work. Trust me it’s a pain working in the A division and living in Brooklyn. When you’re new you’ll be extra extra which means any line in your subdivision is fair game. If you end up in the A get used to working the 6...
  10. Definitely don’t pass it up. Your experience as a conductor will help only you as a train operator. You’ll learn how the system works, the culture down here, lingo, and if you become a T/O in the same division as the one you were a C/R you’ll be somewhat familiar with the lines and things like the points of no return. I don’t mean this as a slight to anyone who started off the street, but I honestly prefer working with T/O’s who started in the middle. There’s certain things like communication (very important) and helping out that promos (generally not all) seem to do better. This list won’t expire until atleast 2022 and you can always take the next promotional so you really have nothing to lose. Goodluck in whatever decision you make.
  11. You cannot be denied a comfort, if you gotta go then you gotta go. It happened to me on the 6 once at the BB loop, I knew that there was no way I’d be able to make it back to Parkchester holding it in (keep in mind on lines like the J and 6 you don’t get off the train at the end) called it in and went at the bridge. It’s pretty shady of them to post that to put the public against us, but I’ll leave it at that...
  12. Seems like they’re moving through this list. On Tuesday when I was on the 6 a TSS brought this class up to my window to observe what I was doing. Plus I saw about 3 students posting this week. Man the truest statement I’ve heard so far is time flies in transit. Tomorrow makes it my official 8th month down here it’s crazy 😩. To everyone waiting stay patient and your time will come.
  13. It’s refreshing to see a fellow buff come on down. In my short time being here (7 months now) I haven’t met many people down here who are outright train buffs. Mostly people with families. A bit of advice since you asked about picking divisions if you get the choice don’t go based on which division has certain equipment you like, go for what’s convenient for you. I got forced into the A division and live in Brooklyn and to say the least it’s not easy commute wise being XX. Choose wisely and also be humble. You aren’t going to get brownie points for knowing what trains have what propulsion, go into this like you know nothing and let your TSS’s teach you everything. Trust me there’s a lot you don’t know about trains that you’ll learn in school car. Congrats and goodluck.
  14. A 1 tripper with a bunch of WAA? Man that sounds beautiful to my lazy ears. With the way some of these folks are acting obsessed over this train if I have to work the day the 211's enter service I'm booking off.
  15. Hours. Like Trainmaster said some jobs pay more than 8 hours which are known as “penalty” jobs. You get paid for every minute you’re working. Lines like the 2,3,4,5 have a lot of penalty jobs. On the 2 for example you could be working a job that pays for 9:30 mins and then something happens that forces you to clear 1 hour later. Now you just made 10:30 mins of pay, plus you get a bonus of 30 extra mins since they’ll divide the hour in half and pay you for that. The 1 line has a lot of jobs that only pays 8 hours.

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