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  1. I’m not trying to be ‘that guy’, but I have to agree with @RTOMan here there’s just something’s that you have to experience for yourself. Lines that have longer run times tend to have decent recovery time & more depending on the actual job you’re working and I’ll leave it at that. When they had the G.O on the (N) line the crew change happened at Kings Highway, but barring any G.O’s the (D) is the only one that does that regularly.
  2. I’m kind of confused as to what the original poster is asking as well. To clarify somethings trains remain in service until they reach their respective terminals regardless of it’s after 1am. When they arrive the police help the train crew remove everyone from the train/escort them out the station. While the train is in the terminal it’s left with the doors open for the cleaners to do their thing until it’s time for departure then it runs light picking up TA employees along with police. The underlined part in your post hit the nail in the head I don’t know where people pull these ideas from. I know I’m not telling a group of people they have to get off mid route with no alternative.
  3. Interesting find today working the Charlie. It looks like they’ve been updating the R179’s. The set I had today had the same “ding” that the Lirr M7’s have when you press the PA button. I also noticed the pause between “the next stop is” announcements and transfers has been reduced. It’s still not as fluid as the R143/160, but an improvement nonetheless.
  4. Gotta pay your dues bro we’ve all been through it I’m sure they explained that stuff to you in orientation about how this job is. When you actually get to pick your first job you won’t be seeing weekend RDO’s for years.
  5. Not that I’m aware of, I’m receiving this information as it becomes available. There’s still a lot of crews unavailable. Those lines aren’t running normal, they’re still using the “essential service” supplement.
  6. For those interested. As of today 5/1 the has resumed regular scheduled service. On Monday 5/4 the will resume service to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue. On Wednesday 5/6 the # line will resume regular scheduled service.
  7. I forgot to add, as of tomorrow 4/29 the # 2 & 4 lines will resume normal weekday service. Slowly but surely... As far as the F/M swap I haven’t heard anything regarding such a change. Our pick started last Sunday and the only change that I know of is the to 96 street being discontinued on the weekends.
  8. That and being one day closer to finishing probation.
  9. To answer your question simply, no. What has been happening though is people who do have picked jobs fall to the board (become available to be sent any location/line within that subdivision) due to a new supplement they’re running with the decreased service so theoretically someone who has a picked job on the could be sent to work a job on the if their picked job has been cut, but if you have an assigned job with scheduled trips you can’t just be sent elsewhere to another line after you complete your trips. Train dispatchers don’t even make those kinds of decisions.
  10. It’s not that they’re not necessarily needed the union pushed to get these trains off the road to prevent conductors from having to change cabs amidst this pandemic.
  11. Well the pick got postponed due to this ongoing pandemic so it looks like I’m stuck in the B for the time being. I miss my “toy trains” but hey it is what it is.
  12. Believe it or not some of the old timers actually enjoyed working the CC, at least the ones I’ve spoke/interacted with. The job itself wasn’t bad. Me personally I prefer to work on longer lines like the because I don’t like to ping pong back and forth all day.
  13. Some things never change Me personally the is my favorite line to work in the A Div followed by the and . It definitely is a family environment at Lenox/NLTs. I was never a big fan of the deuce or the 5, and the 1 & 6 make me vomit. The crew office kept me at White Plains with 1 trippers on the or the yard jobs on the that paid. It was a give and take since I live in BK too and don't drive but a 1 tripper is a 1 tripper. I once had a TSS ask me was I XL west side because he always say me on the 2/5 lol, nope XX. Towards the end of my XX days in the A div the crew office kept me on the (Out of Lenox) which is perfect since I live on the in Brooklyn. Depends on the title and the and qualifications. I lucked out and got called for Conductor when I was 21 still in college. Just monitor MTA.info periodically and file for what you qualify for.
  14. I can’t see them holding out on classes for conductors for the remainder of the year. They’re extremely short C/R’s right now in the B division. I’ve had the crew office call my cellphone and the terminal I was working at to ask me to work an RDO for the next day it’s crazy. They're going to be short one less person come April 26. Back to the A I go.
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