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  1. My A div class did ours in CIY on a R68 with the whole induction group, we also got track qualified that day. Then when we got into our smaller group our instructors made us do it again at Moshulu Yard. For some reason climbing the train was more nerve racking for me than the structure walk. @LIRRMedford our trains are easier to climb from the roadbed, atleast compared to those R68's where the designers just decided to put the grab handles anywhere. And btw you're evil for that last comment.
  2. It’s not fun at all. I got forced to the A & I live in BK. Nothing like falling to the board and having to report to White Plains (furtherest possible terminal from BK) at 4am. 11 months now at this point I’m used to the traveling, but when I’m able to pick a job I’m writing that G2 ASAP to come to the B. I just look at it this way, when I go to T/O if I’m able to pick the B starting over XX nothing the crew office over there can do will phase me (well besides switching my tours lol) but if I’m forced to the A I know what to expect. I’m in the A div, but when you’re new any location in your division is fair game. You can report to Far Rock one day and the next day at STL or 96SA. To put it short you will be sent any/everywhere based on where you’re needed.
  3. By the time you take your exams you shouldn’t have a problem as long as your keeping up with the material. At first things will seem complicated because there’s so much material to go over in such little time, but your instructors will be drilling it into your heads everyday. You’ll be fine just pay attention, study, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  4. There’s no set timeframe. I’ve met people who were able to pick jobs while they were still on probation, for me I’ve been out for 11 months now and I’m still xx. I *might* be able to pick later this year depending on how many people retire/promote/quit, etc... @NewbieCR @Schecter look on the bright side, atleast you’ll get to see me!
  5. It sucks not getting the division you wanted, but you’ll be able to switch divisions eventually when you’re able to pick a job.
  6. In certain scenarios such as stopping short of the marker, or if something unsual happens on the road in a station yes we can give them insturctions like pull up to the proper marker or give them two buzzes to proceed, and yes t/o's can give us 'instructions' also like when to keep the doors open in a station. The only scenarios that I can think of off the top of my head where you yourself are taking the train oos is if you get assaulted and even then you would have to inform the RCC and be governed by their instructions. To the second question I'm not that close with my family to begin with so I'm not sure how to answer that lol. I did miss events that took place out of NY, but that's about it. I'm AM's so provided I'm not too tired I'm sure I'd be able to make it to a family event. 8 months? Sheesh. I'll have a year and some change by the time i pick and if i miss this upcoming fall pick it'll be close to two years of being XX. And you're right about XX not being the worst thing ever. I live in Brooklyn and on Thanksgiving they have me a trip & a half job that started in the BX and ended in BK, gave me Xmas off(paid), New Years I sat on board all day brought the T/D food and put up calendars inside the terminal lol, and they switched my RDO's to S/M for Memorial day. Plus I've had weekend off or part of the weekend for 11 months now. Seems like the B div crew office is kuch friendlier than here in the A, sometimes i think ours is run by satan himself. I hope im not drifting too far off topic just trying go give everyone an idea.
  7. For me personally it’s a somewhat easy adjustment since I don’t have kids and I’m young so my body can adapt to the crazy schedule. I’ve always wanted to operate a train since I was a kid so that helps keep me motivated to keep pushing. Plus I’m not really much of a social person anyway so the weekends part doesn’t bother me. This job can be rough for someone who has a wife/kids though. And that C/R being in charge of the train thing is BS IMO. Yes, I know there are bulletins about that (which I’m not going to post in here) but in reality RCC is in charge of these trains. When anything goes wrong one of the first things you’re doing is calling them anyway. Me & my partner are a team out there I’m not the boss of anything. Yes, as a C/R you have certain responsibilities and must obey such, I just think at face value in charge seems to be a stretch.
  8. Congrats & welcome. For boots I would suggest the caterpillars. I had the timbs at first and they’re really heavy and uncomfortable, the cats feel like sneakers. You can find some cheap pants at target that match what they tell you to wear on that packet. You might want to get a duffle bag too since you’ll be getting so much stuff that you must carry everyday.
  9. I agree that if the job is for you or not it will show and that it depends on the person, but I can’t agree that the only benefit you have is the ability to go back to your previous title. Someone who started as a conductor will be familiarized with the system and how things work compared to (sorry I have to use it) someone coming fresh off the street. Like I said before there is a lot you have to learn and T/o is a very serious title. Reading GO’s/supplements, points of no returns, lingo used down here/how to use the radio, getting used to being XX and adjusting to the hectic schedules, experience on the road, etc... just some of the things that someone starting as a C/R will have under their belt as opposed to someone brand new to transit and having to learn all of that on top of how to operate a train. Just because someone started as a C/R doesn’t mean they will be a better T/o than someone fresh off the street that I can agree on, but someone who started from the middle will have an easier transition to going up front than someone brand new to transit. @Schecter 2d- employees whose duties are concerned with the actual operations of the rapid transit system must be conversant with the rules governing the duties of other employees similarly engaged.
  10. Coming in as a C/R will help you as a T/O. As of recent there were some new T/O's who got semt back to schoolcar for reinstruction because of too many incidents happening with new T/O's. It's very serious title and there's so much you have to learn in such a short amount of time. You'll be familarized with the system in terms of Reporting locations, how to read GO's/supplements, lingo, etc... and be in a better position than someone from off the street. Both lists won't expire until 2022, why not give C/R a shot until you finish probation and then go up front. Oh yeah rule 2d is another reason.
  11. Caught up your last post, congrats on your bid. I didn’t win ish off the bid, but it’s all good the crew office been showing me love since this pick started with these *cough cough* 1 trippers. You in the A div also? @acabral136 I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here, but yes what everyone is saying is true she’s not over exaggerating. I’ve met some T/O’s with 4-5 years on the job who have weekends off on the PM tour and one guy with S/M on the midnights, but to get AM’s with weekends it’ll take close to a decade. Seniority is everything down here.
  12. Every line/job is different there is no average day when you’re XX. Also being XX isn’t the worst thing in the word I’m still XX and I’ve had ams/weekends since I’ve finished schoolcar and that’s going on over10 months now.
  13. RDO = regular days off. A trip (some people call them trippers as slang) lets use the 5 line as an example. Going from DYRE to FLA is considered half a trip. Going back up to DYRE from FLA is considered 1 trip.
  14. Great post some people are just full of it If that person really hated their job so much and believed "life is too short" they would've quit a long time ago. I don't get how someone can claim the majority of transit workers hate their jobs when they haven't even met half of the population that works here. EVERY JOB has BS that comes with it no matter where you go, the beauty with this job is you don't have to stay a C/R forever there's ample amount of promotional oppurtunities within transit and it increases if you have a post secondary education. I started at 21 and there's no way in hell I'm going to remain a C/R for the 33+ years I have to do down here shoot one TSS I've met told me I better since I'm going to "live down here" lol. Like you said there's people here that get paid 8 hours and they're only on the train for maybe 4 hours tops, with weekends and holidays off. Or those trip and a half jobs where you're only at work for 6 hours and they pay you dead head time. Yeah this job is sooooo terrible. Obviously stuff like that takes time to be able to pick, but keep in mind C/R is probaboy the fastest moving title in transit. There's a reason over 30k people took this test. BTW speaking of 1 trippers, guess what I have tomorrow right before my RDO's?
  15. Some people have to learn the hard way, unfortunately the hard way might be too late. Then the tears fall... What imhim is saying is 100% truth. Shoot I agree with you and i'm a C/R. There's alot that I had to learn on my own that they didn't teach in schoolcar, but the bottom line is they're not going for that and at the end of the day we're just a number. Don't give them a reason to can you. I heard a *rumor* (i don't believe it at all) that they were planning on bringing a promo to T/O exam out this summer, plus the rumor that the test out now was going to be the last O/C. Though I don't believe it remember this agency is a reactive agency hence all the bulletins that come out. I hope they do though I remember when my TSS took us in the cab to show how to read the air guage and I got hooked on that beautiful sound SMEE equipment makes when you charge up a train, plus I'm tired of these damn passemgers haha.

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