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  1. Just received my medical/final processing email. List #18**. Anyone close to that number be on the lookout for an email. Class starts Jan 6th.
  2. Same here..had my 2nd PE with hopes that I’ll be in the Jan class along with @J Cooper!
  3. Any idea when you think we will get called for Medicals? I’ve been patiently waiting
  4. Same here my list number is 18** and I also did my pre employment in June as well
  5. If you don’t mind me asking what’s your list number? Just curious how much longer of a wait I might have as my list number is 18**
  6. How has your school car experience been so far?
  7. I can answer the latter part for you. The interview portion takes places after the medical portion. So if all goes well with the medical directly after that you meet with someone who goes over all your paperwork to make sure everything is in order and they will ask if you are available to start on a certain date. That’s pretty much what the “interview” process entails.
  8. Thank you. I was there on the 11th and my list number is 18xx as well. We probably would have been in a class together eventually had you not passed up on the job. By any chance did they mention what month a class for a list number like ours would start?
  9. Does anybody know what the highest list number reached was that made it in for this current class?
  10. I see! Thank you for explaining. Sounds like fun 😩
  11. @kellgh quick question what exactly is the structure walk about?
  12. The reason why everyone is not in business casual attire is because some people are already employees of MTA and might be there for other reasons besides pre employment. I was there yesterday for my first pre employment as well.
  13. Thank you! I received an email that included paperwork already would you happen to know if I have to fill it out ahead of time or do I fill it out when I get to Livingston
  14. Can someone give me an idea on what to expect at pre employment
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