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  1. Just curious has anyone in the 1700-1800’s receive their first pre employment packet yet?
  2. I’m also curious as well. My list number is also 18**. Been hoping that we will soon get our pre employment in the mail
  3. I’m waiting for pre employment as well. Being that they seem to be moving down the list pretty quickly I’m hoping they’ll call the next batch of people for PE soon.
  4. Any idea when they’ll start sending out the next batch of PE letters. List number 18** haven’t gotten anything yet besides OPA results
  5. I hope they send out the next round of or letters soon as it seems like things have been progressively moving along well.
  6. If you don’t mind me asking do you find the job to be easy?
  7. I really appreciate you shining some light on the scheduling for me. So you basically can be on board all day and at the last minute pick up a job that’s crazy!! But I guess it’s a sacrifice you have to make for the job that you want.
  8. Wow thanks for sharing this is the part that scares me the most. I’ve heard in the beginning it’s tough when you first start until you’re able to start picking decent jobs.
  9. Are you on the job already? If so can you let me know what your scheduling is like on a day to day basis?
  10. Did they give you the option to pick your division?
  11. Someone stated on here that it could take anywhere from 6 months to a year to receive the OPA results.
  12. I was just curious as my list number is 18** and I haven’t gotten anything yet.
  13. Have you received a pre employment packet as of yet?
  14. Congratulations!! Wish you nothing but the best in school car 🙂 Do you know how many people there will be in this class?

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