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  1. OK the extra day will help alot still worried though since we have to wait a day or two to order them, I'd rather not start off by showing up out of uniform because of a late delivery.
  2. Wow you have me worried I take my medical tomorrow I hope I get them quick enough if I am asked to start on the 10th
  3. That assumes no one defers, gets medical hold, doesn't show up to PE, fail drug test, etc. It should be well past 1400 I imagine by August
  4. I don't know if they stick to those numbers to be honest but it does mean they are tapping that list for T/O's, and should be contacting some people for Pre-Employment. I am only on the C/R list and didn't test for T/O because I lacked a drivers license at the time of the test. So I don't follow it or know what list # they are currently up to perhaps you can ask within the 7604 thread....
  5. I don't know exactly how to pull that up. However if you enter 06704 into the search box on the link below you'll see that there is a request for 225 TO's made on 5/7. Follow that up by searching your name and you will see how far down that list you are. C/R's can do the same by searching 06601 instead of 06704. Hope this helps everyone out... https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Civil-Service-List-Certification/a9md-ynri/data
  6. https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Bus-Operator-Conductor-Track-Worker-Certifications/pjqi-8psc Looks like the call will be going out soon going by that request on 5/6 for 200 C/Rs. Hopefully a lot of us will be in school car soon
  7. Yes people in the 1300's got called. I am in the high 1400's and my PE letter got lost in the mail. I only knew about it this week even though they sent me a notice on back in may. You should call ms Vargas at (347) 643-8218 on a weekday and ask if you were sent a pre-employment letter. Best of luck
  8. it's like 5 two minute recordings that they play once. You have the time you need to look at the images but honestly you should only need to glance at them.
  9. First part is multiple choice memory they play a recording and ask your questions about what was discussed within it. The second part they show you images and ask you questions about what is going on within them. It isn't difficult per se but the second part feels like an interview so if you are uncomfortable in situations like that be prepared for that.
  10. Yes I tried that number a few times during the day but couldn't get through. It's tough for me to continue trying I cannot be on my phone all day at work. Thank you though
  11. I tried calling them today but was told the list # was up to 342. I told them that I realized that and I wasn't asking if I was in the next class but wanted to know if a pre-employment letter was sent my way because I am in the low 1400's and I live in a spot where my mail service is very suspect. He just kept repeating no the list is up to 342... I'll try again tomorrow and hope to get someone more helpful.
  12. What # would I call to contact them tomorrow? I'm in the 1400's so maybe it's too early for me to get called but the post office has a habit of not getting mail to my address so i want to be certain before I end up getting passed up on the list
  13. Dress however you like no need to be dressed super sharp at all. The first part they will play a recording then you will have to answer few questions based on your memory of it so just pay close attention and you will be fine. For the second part they will show you pictures and you describe what is going on I was nervous because this seemed like an interview so I wasn't at my best, but I still passed. Try to get there early so you can be at the front of the line because you will have to wait as everyone does the interview portion individually and if you are last expect to be there waiting for 3 hours plus . Good Luck!
  14. I'm a bit concerned I'm in the low 1xxx's I took my OPA in october but got no letter of pass or fail yesterday are there any others that took it that didn't receive their results?
  15. I don't know why you wouldn't have received a request to take the OPA. My only guess is perhaps you have changed your address since the time of the test if you have done so then make DCAS aware of it. Going by the information we have it seems they are hiring only 200 so it's unlikely they will get up to your number with these classes but you wouldn't be too far behind as some will inevitably bow out for reasons like medical/drug test/no longer want the position.
  16. I don't know when those results will be given to us but I imagine soon. Honestly though, I didn't even recieve my list # in the mail I only know it from checking. I am in the high 14xx and I took the OPA in October as well,
  17. Unfortunately they are requesting only for 200 vacancies that second # is probably only there so they can process that many to allow for people who turn down the job fail drug test OPA etc.
  18. Well if this information is accurate it would appear they will start calling some people soon. It shows them having 200 vacancies to fill under the conductor role https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Bus-Operator-Conductor-Track-Worker-Certifications/pjqi-8psc you can go to the link below and search "06601" then sort by cert seq number to see your current spot in line as there are a few still on the promotional list that may be called as well. https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Civil-Service-List-Certification/a9md-ynri/data Good luck everyone, hopefully people start getting called in for medical and drug testing soon so this list can start moving.
  19. Yeah it was I was just a bit nervous and it showed just hope that doesn't count against me.
  20. I was there as well number 4 aced the memory part but I don't think I did well on the second part it felt too much like an interview, And I clam up at interviews.
  21. Thank you and good luck to you. Getting excited to go into mine tomorrow at 2pm as well.
  22. Question for those who went approximately how many people were there in line to take the OPA when you went? Did they people have to wait or was it all just one group?
  23. This post is for those who took exam# 6601 I took the test on 4/9 but I think the dates they are asking people to come in are based upon score.
  24. Got 3 wrong on the test and got the letter asking me to come in on Oct 12 didn't receive it until Saturday.

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