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  1. I think someone with low 500s posted that they received a pre employment letter. So I I guess that' the highest we have here
  2. So whats the highest list # that received pre employment letters? What # are they upto so far?
  3. Got mine too . 191* list #. Finallllly. A sign of life with this
  4. I think the starting pay for conductor is around $24 an hour.
  5. Took the Opa today 730 am session. In my opinion I don't see how anyone can fail this. Pay attention, absorb the information given, don't over think it. As far as the 2nd part of it keep it simple, short and to the point with your answers and you will pass with flying colors. Based on many responses that I heard from people there as to when the list will be established and when we will get our scores I'm pretty sure it will be another 6 months or so to get our scores and list numbers so I'm thinking before any of us actually get on the job it'll probably be close to a year.
  6. Schecter first you have to get a letter to go in for the oral proficiency assessment exam. Then I'm pretty sure they combine the written and the oral and come up with a score. When and how long (who knows).
  7. They didn't mention anything about dress code. But I would imagine they would like to see ppl in neat and appropriate attire.
  8. The oral proficiency assessment exam is to make sure you can read write speak and communicate in english. Also there is a memorization part of it. It explains everything in the letter they sent you. I got my letter a couple days ago. Appt on Oct 19th. Happy to see they are finally moving along with the process.
  9. This exam was givin on 10 different dates, with an am and a pm exam for 9 dates. The last date didnt specify am or pm or both. I took the exam on 4/23/16 in the pm. There was about 1000 people that took it then and one of the people working there said that 1000 people took it in the am. So take 2000 on average for 10 dates and you get 20,000 people took the exam. So there you go (((20,000))) people took this exam. Your Welcome.
  10. Room monitors announced the protest date and you were supposed to fill it in in the spot on your recorded answers (yellow sheet). If you didnt do so, you must of been not paying attention
  11. Well i went to the protest session today and the 3 answers i got wrong, I infact did get wrong. Messed up on the train number on 1 question. i picked the answer that was worded correctly just had the train number different from what they gave. if you were goin to fast or didnt go over your answers correctly you will miss train #5565 and put #5655 and thats what happened to me on 1 question. The second question i missed one word out of the correct answer. The third question i would of probably got wrong regardless cuz it was stupid. Nothing to protest here. Goodluck guys
  12. I also agree an 87 is most likely not going to cut it for this one. When my bro took the exam for bus operator they were hiring like crazy. We'll see what happens with this hiring process. Wish everyone luck.
  13. I took the exam on 4/23/16 Pm and i got #4, # 25, and #78 wrong. Anyone else take the exam on that date Pm? Comment here. My brother took the Bus Operator test like 3 years ago, he got an 87 and he got hired. He's been on the job for 2 years now. So lets not worry guys. If u got 3 wrong i think we are ok.
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