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  1. Is this your first drug test? If so how long ago you took that drug test
  2. HappyGoLucky, congrats on your accomplishments so far. Do you remember what they ask you to do for your FIRST practical. Cause we were told there's key thing we have to check for and do. For example they say it common people forget to check is the curcit breaker, that they intentionally trip. If u can please tell me what they said to you and what u did on your practical. I was also told they give us 30 min. Did they double zone your train? Did u have to reset your EPV? Did you have to cut a faulty door? What's did you notice on your cad that day? Thanks I'm just nervous for what's coming
  3. @ErikNYC, congrats on your successfully completing your one year. Oh did they tell you guys when they completed your background check?
  4. Since most of us won't be able to take that much time off for absence. What's a guesstimated time you think they would have our background completed. If we hit the books n study hard, we should do well in school car.
  5. Good night guys, need your opinion. The first day of orientation they ask that we wear lace up boot. I went to a couple of major shoes store Footlocker etc, however I could find any boots for my small size 5 1/2 women feet. I work along side Amtrak & NJ conductors and I see a lot of them wearing the ACG boots. One conductor actually sold me a new pair today, that her son did want to wear. It looks somewhat like a sneaker, but it not. Google ACG boots and let me know what you guys think. I don't want to get in no problems on my first day. Appearantly these boots are very popular with train/bus drivers
  6. Thanks guys, 7:30 medical. Sign in get a ticket number, when your number is called the give you another bout 20 page book to fill out while you wait to do you medical. It's for your I-9, tax withholding, employee pass etc. then they have you do a computerized questions about you medical history Then you go in to do another Urine text, for protein, diabetes etc Vision, hearing ,EKG, blood pressure. After you do that, you go back out to the waiting area. They call u back to see a doctor that had reviewed your test and they'll ask some more life style/ medical question. If all is well with everything they see on the exams, u will be cleared for your interview. Interview process. U hand in your 21 pgs booklet u received. The interviewer go through you booklet to make sure EVERYTHING is in order with your answers/ID's. They ask again about traffic tickets and convictions several times. If all is well you get rule book, employee handbook, and paperwork to fill out to bring back for your orientation(first day). They ask u to stand up raise your right hand n swear u in. After they send u to take your picture for your MTA pass (free ride) Fingerprints and pic for federal background check.
  7. Well God answers prayers, just pass my medical????????????????
  8. Congrats!!! That's what's up. What did they do for the vision test. I'm very nervous about that part
  9. Remember the lady that gave us the overview from the first lab say that it take up to 72 hours. So Monday would be more than enough time
  10. Nice‼️ Hopefully one day I'll be on that side. Do u remember what n how they test the vision part of the medical. Please tell in great detail, if you can remember. Thanks so much
  11. JMA, that wasn't you who said that. I'm almost positive I reply that message to Ammo, the feed was read incorrectly.
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