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  1. does anyone know how much bus operators make in this position? i heard we dont get raises and we stick to 20hr because were under anothee contract
  2. six year wait? but then why are you waiting for 6601?
  3. matt did you take the nypd exam 7323?
  4. This is the email i got back from them and the question i asked with the date, so highly unlikely they started it in 2 days after i emailed them ???? For Conductor, Exam # 6601: if you kept a record of answers, you will be able to calculate your score by checking the answer key, Click on the link and it will take you to the website for the proposed answer keys: http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/proposed_answerkey.htm Your official score will be mailed to you when the list is established in about a year to 18 months. -----Original Message----- From: t y [mailto:-------------@hotmail.com] Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2017 3:14 PM To: Exams Unit Subject: 6601 any update on conductor exam 6601? Sent from my iPhone
  5. i dont think they can just change their mind, they will have a major law suit if they extended it and dont call from it. my opinion is that maybe the promos started bitching so they going to call from promo list and then once they are finished with that they will call again for 8094 until feb 18'. this is just assumptions.
  6. im confused... wasnt 8094 extended until feb 18', meaning even if they are done calling promo we will still have to wait until that date. correct me if im wrong.
  7. yeah, and people who scored 85 are getting called from 8094. were screwed guys, we payed MTA a good change of money to hire of 8094. 45,000 x $65 (application fee) = $2,925,000 YOURE WELCOME MTA
  8. hey everyone who took the 6601, As per the exams unit i emailed yesterday, I received this reply; "Yes, the old conductor exam was extended. Your official results and list number for the Conductor, Exam # 6601 will be mailed to you when the list is established. Given the large number of participants (45,000), it may take a year or two."
  9. can you please ask any officials if the list was extended to Feb of 2018!?
  10. just sent an email out, will update everyone with what they say once i get a reply.
  11. when was it that you called and they said they will establish the list in a year?
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