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  1. but this only applies to promotional exams, Not exams like ours where we are not already employees
  2. Out of every 3 people they are only required to chose one
  3. I believe they were done with this test. At one point they stopped calling from 8094 went through this list then continued back with 8094 list. The ones that got skipped were probably because of 1 in 3 rule
  4. You have to take into account that there was just a new proposed budget by Diblasio and in it there was no money in the budget for MTA. Also I did hear that there would be a freeze this year from a pretty reliable source that I know in the MTA
  5. I just happened to check and The 8094 thread has been closed for reply, so I am assuming this is a good sign for 6601.
  6. Good luck to everyone on here waiting on the 6601 list. And good luck once you go through the hiring process!
  7. I just wanted to share this with the forum...I sent an email a while back to the exams unit and here was their response: From: Exams Unit <ExamsUnit@nyct.com> To: Gardner Dorante <gardner_dorante@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, May 12, 2017 2:19 PM Subject: RE: Conductor exam 6601 The list should be established by the end of the year. You will receive a your letter of results in the mail once the exam is established. From: Gardner Dorante [mailto:gardner_dorante@yahoo.com] Sent: Friday, May 12, 2017 1:53 PM To: Exams Unit Subject: Conductor exam 6601 Greetings, I was wondering if there was an estimated timeline on when the exam would be graded/or list made public. Regards Hope this helps. In the meantime use this time to clear up anything that might delay you when your number comes up, get your check-ups and make sure everything is good with your health.
  8. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/48666-lirr-assistant-conductor-trainee/page-16 Hey guys the post is up again. Good luck
  9. My Story I took and passed the conductor exam for Metro North Railroad back in 2012 and was hired in 2014. Hype. I was in an 11 month program and the training there was detailed and vigorous with exams every 3 days or so. I received 100's throughout the entire program. During my final month I failed a 10 question refresher quiz prior to my final (8 out of 10 right) After passing my final my record was reviewed and I was asked to leave the program due to that one quiz. They are very strict and I see why. However if you could get past the politics then the rewards from there are limitless. Since then I've taken the LIRR assistant conductor exam in December 2015 and passed. There, they interview you right after if you pass your exam. I was told I had the perfect experience (with my time at MNR) not to worry and that I would be called back after the rounds of exams were done in about January 2016. The following day I received an email that I was not selected and that they were moving on with more "qualified" candidates. (You know qualified candidates who never worked on the railroad before like I did) (wonder if my appeal with MNR had anything to do with that) So fast forward to the present. I took the 6601 in April and got 2 wrong so hopefully I can have better luck this time. The difference that Ive noticed between all three exams: LIRR is by far the hardest out of all three. It tests every area of knowledge. Second is a toss up between Subway and MNR. It depends on the type of test and individual feels more comfortable taking. MNR was a timed 3 hour long exam so if I were to chose it would be MNR based on question amounts, then last and least Subway. The hiring processes between LIRR, MNR & NYCT are different because MNR & LIRR you are called based on if you are chosen (it seems randomly) by HR to continue. It doesn't matter how well you score on the exams. There are no lists it is just pass or fail. And even if you do get lucky to get hired by them as a Trainee you are still not considered an employee and you can get terminated without valid reason so it's pretty much out of your hands until you are in the union. With Transit it seems everyone has a fair shot as long as you continue to do whatever is required. Anyway Good luck to everyone.
  10. Hello everyone. Very useful info on this forum I took the April 30 am session and it looks like I got only 2 wrong. I noticed that some applicants get extra points for military. Are there any other credits besides this?
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