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  1. Thank you very much @Young, your reply was quite prompt, thorough and much appreciated.
  2. Hello, two questions 1. When will the list close? 2. It was sometime last year that medical informed me that I have abnormal EKG, took stress test, heart was fine, then they informed me I have elevated number for diabetes. Anyway, how long do I have to reopen my list position? I heard I had to do it in 30 days; it has been over a year, can I still be considered for employment?
  3. Is it confirmed that the October 31st class is full?
  4. Information about the October 31 class would be appreciated. Is it full?
  5. That's great ATW. I too went for drug screening on Friday, but did not receive an email to report for final processing. I am 100% sure that I passed since I take no drugs, legal or illegal. Did the email come from Ruby Robinson?
  6. Hey @ Aspiring Track Worker; did you get any word on when the next class might be?
  7. Per Ruby Robinson, the September class has been filled since July. She stated that she doesn't know when the next class is scheduled for, but I do question, at times, whether she likes to share pertinent information. That being said, I will place additional calls to the front desk to obtain confirmation and inquire if a scheduled class date in January is probable. It was January of 2015 when I first received the letter to come in. I am optimistic because of a post that stated transit is targeting the hiring of 2000 or so track-workers, so a class within the next four months sounds reasonable. Hopefully @AspringTrckWorker, it will work out sooner for you/us. Thanks, Post Soon...
  8. Hey. Just found out today that the September class is full. So, good luck and I hope to be on the job at the next class, whenever that is. Keep us posted if or when you find out when the next class after September is scheduled for. Thanks...
  9. Thanks for the reply Daveyboy. No, they have not contacted me as of yet. I called in and I recognized the girls voice at the front desk; she said that they would not contact me so far from the date of the class; this was last week. When I saw that they placed someone in the class already, I figured they must be doing it a different way, because in the past (I have been restored twice) they contacted me within 30 days of the class. I do not want to get overzealous, but I do not want to miss out on the class either. Who at the front desk provides the most accurate information, do you know? I will keep trying Ruby, but I get voicemail?
  10. I was restored to the list in late June; my list number is within the first fifty (50). Could one of you tell me if it has been confirmed that there will be a class in September. I have been reading previous posts and noticed someone mentioned 9-19 for a scheduled class. Is this date confirmed? And if so, is it possible that it may be full already? Thank you.
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