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  1. I used to think like that & then I got out of School Car & my perspective completely changed. Got humble real quick. Get past probation first. One reason why you hardly ever see me on here & plus the TSS's read these threads. Just an FYI. Be careful & do what you're told. The rest is on you. Good luck.
  2. Yep. No problem. Whenever you're ready just let me know. Good luck.
  3. Congrats, bro. Got any questions for School Car?
  4. They'll probably hire off of the promotional list first but if you get called off this list then count your blessings & be considered one of the lucky ones. This is the first time I'm either hearing or reading about it.
  5. Update: 77 new Train Operators just came out of School Car. Just remember to watch out for the rats & snitches.
  6. That's cool. Thanks, dude. Advice? Be on time ALL THE TIME! When you go for a promotion that is one thing they frown on plus how much you book off. Do what you're told & do not rat out your coworkers. Hardest part of my day? Being on board all night waiting to pick up something & dealing with TSS's, ATD's or TD's. Platform duty is a pain in the behind as well. It's so boring. Otherwise besides that you should be good.
  7. Good, bro. I was on board at 179th & picked up the 103 Fox job as soon as I signed in. Have to report at Stillwell tomorrow for a G.O. road job. I start at 2348 hours. I'm hoping we clear at 179th.
  8. I'm doing just fine. Haven't been on this thing in a minute. Had my first BIE (Brakes In Emergency) last week. It wasn't my partner's fault. She called it in & it was during a GO. Track gangs & flagging kill you during the midnights.
  9. Right. That's what I meant. When they finally take delivery of the 211's more than likely the W will be seeing those in the future.
  10. The W will be getting new tech or maybe the 211's when they go in service.
  11. I'm doing just fine and YX is only for Train Operators. They have it because the new guys are messing up switches in the yards. Conductors don't mess with the YX thank God!
  12. Thanks, dude. I'm trying. I'll be fine. I know it. Good looking out.
  13. The new 179's and 211's will definitely have it. The 179's go in revenue service next year.
  14. Good, bro. I love it. Passed my road practical today. Passed my road practical! Final tomorrow! God, I hope I pass!

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