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  1. Hey does anybody know who just started, after training is complete are you offered overtime right away?
  2. Hey BP just curious but I understand the first 3 days are orientation but do we actually learn anything, or have quizzes or anything on those first 3 days?
  3. LMAO I am ok with that, I guess maybe just the 1st day is 8:00 report time lol. starting on the 24th @ 8:00
  4. Iron horse so I guess we normally finish up around 4:00? or 5:00?
  5. Hey guys/gals I start class on 1/24, I know its compensated. Is it a 40 hour work week?
  6. Gun bunch of us including myself who took the S&D exam on Nov 6th are still anxiously waiting for that medical email. Hoping we will all be in February class!!
  7. Jojo let me know if you get an email for medical and likewise I will let you know if I get one!
  8. I felt bad too, but like IRONHORSE said it is all part of the game. I know Linda said there was going to be a January and February class so most likely we will end up in the February class if we haven't gotten anything for medical yet.
  9. Jojo I haven’t received anything yet either and I emailed Linda two times.. i also took and passed on Nov 6th.. I guess they are backed up I don’t know, this waiting game is killing me lol..
  10. Drug test is during medical which is after S&D exam and panel interview and after receiving conditional offer. I took the S&D test on 11/6 and passed, received conditional offer and background check information and am currently awaiting a call back for the next step which is medical which is the drug test along with a few other things. Medical is the last step in the hiring process. Good luck!!
  11. Hey did anybody hear back yet who took the test on November 6th. I got my conditional offer via email, and filled out the criminal background form and sent back but have not heard anything since. Background check shows complete.
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