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  1. Yea I think it was because I didn't have my license and had my road test scheduled for the same week. I don't know but I was told to report to the same depot 126th everyday until my road test date. You should be fine. My only gripe with Manhattan is the traffic and the pedestrians. Everyone has the right away except the drivers and everyone is on your way for no reason. Yea that's what I was told. I'll be extra. Guy that trained with me claims once we graduate, he's taking over someone's route which is straight 4-12am sun-thurs which is a good shift in my opinion. We'll see where they'll throw me.
  2. I wonder how lnvzo is doing? How's training going? I wonder how lnvzo is doing? How's training going?
  3. They find stuff for you to do at the depot trust me. Although not on routes just yet because I don't start line training until Monday. I think they have to make sure you pass road test before you line train. The crap that nobody wants to do in the yard was my job. I was able to get more comfortable with the buses because I got to line them up properly under supervision of course. Make sure the air brakes and inspections were good stuff like that. I did get down time talking to other operators and supervisors there giving me little tips and stuff so that was a plus too
  4. Yes minor screw up on day 9 with turning but quickly corrected my mistakes. How's everything going with you? You'll feel rusty on Monday lol but it's to be expected
  5. Oh ok...at least you have the same route. Hopefully I will too. Can't wait to be done with line training to feel what it's like to be out on my own. Are you comfortable yet?
  6. Thanks RDwarrior, I will. I kindof like AMs but know I will more than likely be stuck with PMs. Nighttime diff is cool though so it won't be too bad. What route are you on? Do you have a regular schedule yet?
  7. El Pillars....fun stuff lol!!! What was most difficult was the break over the weekend and somewhat re-learning lol. That's why I took lessons over the weekend. Day 5 and 6 determines if you would qualify on day 7. As long as you're perfect, chances are you will qualify on day 7. You will virtually go over everything you've already learned. Pulling into stops, pulling out, space between curbs (you have to be very close), remember to call out everything so that they know you are paying attention and you're very alert. Burying your face in those mirrors say 5-7 crucial!!! They want you looking around at all times. I'm sure you're doing great so far so just keep up the good driving and remember your inspections and brakes inside out and I think you'll be fine. I passed my road test on Thursday ????????. Depot yesterday I did virtually nothing. Pulling buses in, straightening them, did things around the depot. Monday I start line training. I hope I'm not extra because that would really suck lol. Not knowing your schedule and everyday it's a different time or may be covering someone who called out etc smh.
  8. To be honest, you do not have to disclose anything. You will take a medical questionnaire first and when you see the medical doctor, they will ask you questions. Your answer to everything is no! You do not want to get out on medical hold for any reason. It's a headache getting the hold removed.
  9. I was uptown in Harlem. Congrats on making it through the process though. Good luck on your training. Keep us posted and let us know how it goes. I have my road test on Thursday so my fingers are crossed.
  10. 4th guy didn't pass training. JerseyTransit spoke to him and he said that he's okay with the decision. He's on the list for conductor and should be getting called soon for that and he took train operator too.
  11. Jersey transit guy did qualify on day 9. The 4th guy in our group did not qualify today which sucks because he was a pretty good. I guess nerves got the best of him.
  12. Thanks. Just take everything in...don't question anything. Instructors are not the nicest so just ignore, listen and focus on your driving skills. Drive slowly lol. You tend to make less mistakes when you are at a slower pace. The one guy that didn't qualify with us kept driving too quickly. Watch YouTube lol. Pre-trips and air brakes test etc would become part of your daily routine so know it like the back of your hand. Best of luck to you. I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  13. Now I have the road test to worry about smh. I can't celebrate too much. Took another 2 lessons yesterday so I feel more comfortable with driving DMV way to pass the test. They got me a road test date of Thursday. I already told the instructors. Pass or fail, I still have the shot to take road test through MTA with the DMV lol. Thanks. Yea I told him to take additional lessons to get more comfortable with driving the bus. Hopefully he took them this weekend. Because not driving on the weekend and starting again Monday, you feel kindof rusty. I don't want the rusty feeling to hinder his chance at passing.
  14. 3 of us (including me) qualified on today. One guy didn't. So now it's do or die on Monday. I hope he passes. Thanks everyone for the support. So happy to be done wth that training lol.
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