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  1. What about express service in Brighton? What about CPW service? This means will have to run local to take . Like I said in entire discussion have the run via Montague St Broadway LCL with . Then after TSQ 42 St diverge over to Express tracks. is sharing tracks with from Dekalb Av- 47-50 Sts. That's too much service.
  2. I'm irritated by the fact my older accounts Train Fanatic 12 & I love trains99 was blocked for no apparent reason. My Train Fanatic 12 account was slandered to the point you destroyed it for no reason. Some users on here are rude. I will say something about it. I apologize for coming at you disrespectfully.
  3. You don't even know what he meant. Im sick & tired of you lame people going around insulting people on here because your friends can block accounts if they stand up your abuse. I can persuade many users on here to stop using this website.
  4. are not running to Brooklyn. are the alternative service.
  5. Well Planned Service Changes failed to provide adequate info
  6. The weekender said Friday night that were running to Rector St and was going to 14 St. Clark St tube was getting work done on. Also were stopping at Bowling Green. were running via on 6 Av. There was no in Brooklyn. The didn't have any plans.
  7. No they haven't on some cases. Last week for example. I had to take the into the city and there was no service after Myrtle-Wykoff. Friday night when I went on MTA.com it said that had good service and there was no plans. Next Morning now all of sudden there's construction plans. What's sup with that?
  8. Then why don't the MTA say that construction is going on instead of randomly cutting service without informing the public.
  9. would be sharing tracks with this means that Brighton line can be affected. Besides there's too much routes ranning on one line.
  10. Don't you think sending the down 6 Av would cause a burden for traffic controllers? I mean you going see delays at Dekalb Av and then traffic controllers have to deal with . How this would look like
  11. Hell yeah. Look at the R143 and R160. The MTA had some upgrades on R160 such as FIND system, Brighter interior, Dead-man handle, Metal plates around the window edges (in interior) to prevent vandalism, and glass not being able to be scratched. The cab corners is made of metal and not plastic. The R188 (fresh built sets) has same traction motors as R142A. It holds on to that old technology such as strip maps. It so very unoriginal not creative.
  12. Then why would the MTA put in the in the first place? Why didn't they change the <W> bullet into then? Why wasn't there acting as Brighton Lcl for while could acted for as Brighton Exp? If the MTA knew that the route split would be confusing why would they try it in first place? I was asking what if there was no extra letter (no <W> or ) for West End line service during North Side closure from 1986-1988?
  13. R188 is wack. It's just like R142A. The R188 is extremely small.
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