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  1. Today CI 23 ppl, the highest list no. is 125th as I heard of.
  2. Mike,it's a permanent appointments with one year probationary time when they call u off the list number.
  3. I will be attending the orientation at 11/28 Monday! Hope I can see one of u there! Happy Holiday !
  4. Stone, yes they do provide insurance for every employees but maybe not included the first 90 days.
  5. Mike, My interview is a bit different because I am a current employee. Those questions are very simple. Like tell them something about your previous/current job. I took the open exam so they don't normally ask u about technical question.
  6. As I know , the highest list # 300 has finished the interview on Friday 10/28.
  7. Mike, Mine is #6x, and they are currently calling from 1- 270+ . I know a guy who scored 88 and going to the interview on next Friday 10/28. And my interview is on 10/25. The list calling is a lot faster than I expected.
  8. Mike, no , the letter says "temporary" and I am still wonder why it says $39.6/hr ? A lot of people will quit their current job and move on to CI because of that pay. If MTA don't pay that amount of money as the letter demonstrated. Then people may file lawsuit against them. Example: a dude quit his $34.6 job for CI 39.6. Then end up MTA is only paying him $30.6 . That person probably can file complain against MTA and seek for 200k or above compensation.
  9. It's very strange , my interview notice printed " $ 39.6228/hr salary" really? Starting salary????
  10. I took this exam at year 2015 June. And my list number is between #50-100. Question: If I started the job 6 months ago but I moved to another department on the 7th month, can I keep the vacation I have? Or just getting pay?
  11. Yay, I received the CI pre-employment interview notice package today. The interview is on 10/25/2016. So, pay attention to mailbox.
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