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  1. Did they extend the expiration date a year for list 4600. I called them and now it says this list will expire 1/6/2021
  2. I have mild sleep apnea. I sleep with an apap. Will that disqualify me from working for MTA?
  3. Does anyone know what MTA bus operator retirement is? Is it 3 percent at 55, or did they lower the percent like a lot of state jobs across the nation. Some state jobs lowered it to 2 percent and at a older age
  4. They should be way past the 500-600. I'm 86#. I reported for processing on August 26th. I would've started training September 19th. I put myself on hold because I need more time to move. I live in cali. They told me what to do when I'm ready to be reinstated their were a lot of people there for train operator, and train conductor
  5. Is it possible to put yourself on hold when they call you?
  6. Thank You Mr Young. I'm new to this post. I probably have a few bad habits. I've been driving transit here in Los Angeles for the past 17 years. Born and raised in the Bronx. Looking to retire here and move back to New York. list number 8##
  7. Do they pay you during the 10 day training?
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