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  1. It all depends on how efficient the Train Operator is in clearing the timers.
  2. I saw a NG (4430) on the B25 yesterday on my way to work. Is that the only NG on the ENY roster?
  3. The R68/R68As are from 1986 (1 year older than me). Imo, they're going to be around for another 10-20 years
  4. Yes I was told contact shoes fell off one of the cars in the Rockaways a few days ago, which is why they're resetting the 30 day revenue testing
  5. There's 40 cars left in the 4 car configuration to be delivered. Once the 10-car train finishes 30 day revenue testing then we should expect the 5 car sets to be delivered.
  6. I was young indeed. 6 years old to be exact. I remember riding these buses on the B1, B9, B37, B63 and B64. In my opinion these were the best sounding buses ever https://youtu.be/YC6gXXcqllU
  7. The train was on schedule. The conductor was just testing the intercom system with announcements. The TSS was still in the front
  8. For the time being, until GPS transponders are installed, the 10-car train is not registered in neither the apps nor the countdown clocks in stations. So if you guys notice a large time gap between A trains, it's likely the R179 is in the mix.
  9. Currently heading southbound toward Jay Street-MetroTech
  10. DJ Hammers, Fan Railer and Tech & Transit are the most reliable sources as far as I know
  11. 3058-3065 is doing all the testing. Once it passes the 30 day revenue testing, then the other sets will hit service and Bombardier will start delivering the production cars.
  12. Yes. They had to reset the clock due to an issue last week. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Speaking of which, if you guys listen carefully at 0:25, you can clearly hear the doors sound like the R160 Alstom doors but w/ low pitch buzz https://youtu.be/rLjbCUtyyWg Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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