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  1. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    gonna head out to stock up on some solid work jeans and shirts etc. any suggestions for comfortable boots. I know we receive 2 pairs but who knows how comfy those are lol. anyone else in the nov.6th class?
  2. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    here at 180 Livingston finishing up my medical and final processing. been here since 7am lol. thanks for all the info fellas !
  3. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    the letter was to report to 180 Livingston yesterday but the letter was delivered the same day in the afternoon lol
  4. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    UPDATE : ms.robinson just sent me an email to come in on Thursday the 12th for the medical. should I disregard the letter I received today ?
  5. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    I didn't get an email, have been checking every day since I went in in Aug 21st. no phone call either. I got home from work just as the mail was delivered and there's the letter to come in. smh
  6. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    not getting through, I'm just going to show up there tmmrw morning
  7. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    so I just received a letter in the mail to come in to start the pre-employment process (again). I went in on aug.21st. the letter was delivered today but they wanted me to come in today. I guess because of the holiday it wasn't delivered promptly. should I just go in tmmrw morning ? or should I call to confirm ? help
  8. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    hoping to hear back and be eligible for this month's class. went in for the drug test Aug. 21st. list number 17**
  9. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    what number should I expect for the callback for the second drug test since the one I took on 8/21 is most likely no longer valid. haven't heard back from them since.
  10. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    took the drug test on the 21st, was in and out super quick. haven't heard anything back. I called DCAS and it says I'm still in outstanding certification. I'm assuming I'll have to do another drug test since it's about to be 30 days. what number should I be expecting if they call for me to come back in ? I'm keeping a close eye on my email as well. hope all is well fellas.
  11. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    I was the first person to go in lol got there super early. my list number was 17**
  12. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    the process was faster than i thought, went in at 7am was out by 830am. thanks for all the info boys. hoping to be called back soon
  13. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    when we take the urine test, do we go into a room ? i have a thing about personal space/being under pressure and idk if id be able to urinate in front of anyone.
  14. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    hey all, i just received my pre-employment process letter today. ill be heading to brooklyn on monday the 21st. whats the day like ? im aware ill probably be there all day. also, do they conduct the drug/alchohol test same day or are we scheduled for another day. asking since ive been recovering from an injury and ive been taking some meds recently. its been a few days so maybe im just being paranoid. thanks everyone.
  15. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    hey all, I scored a 97.5 on the exam and my list number is 17**. could anyone give me a timetable for my potential call for classes and all that jazz. also what is the most recent list number being called in to start the process ? thanks fellas


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