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  1. I heard 8600 was alot harder then 3600, can you confirm or was it just another common sense test?
  2. depends on what section youre in and who you know. my gang likes to work OT so got on some jobs that way. now the Level 2 in my section texts me whenever he or someone else has some OT. pretty much every other weekend
  3. there's actually alot of New track workers being hired
  4. there was a sign up period for exam 8600 for track. pretty sure that passed already
  5. ms.robinson is the most polite person I've encountered
  6. I'm in the class before yours. we're all doing maintenance. the 2 classes before us went straight to cleaning
  7. pretty sure we are entitled to a new pair every year or 2. not too sure about that tho. idk where to find a list of approved boots, but I'd imagine any boot you buy needs to have a steel toe, and electricity resistant. etc
  8. you can get your own boots but they have to abide by mta regulation and you need to take them to get approved.
  9. the 6 inch boots break in faster than the 8 inch.
  10. yeah. nut runners, slotters, chainsaws, rail drill, etc
  11. today was only second day at the yard. we got an intro to power tools and a tour of the yard. we also got an intro to crane operating. were supposed to be doing OJT for 3 weeks.
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