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  1. I'm a Mets Idc what Yogi Berra had to say lol even though he played for us and was our manager lol.
  2. Damn good luck guys hope all you guys make it. The way it seems I have no chance I'm # 676x
  3. I remember you saying your list number is 668* I'm 676* My chances are slim for the December class. But it all depends how many ppl fail drug test or not interested in the job anymore. Let's see what happens, again thanks guys for the info.
  4. Do any of you guys know like how many ppl get called per class?
  5. Yea ppl do but so what it's her job to answer them. Go do something where you don't have to deal with people if you can't handle it. I work at a hotel Right I get asked the same question all day. If I would talk to a customer the way she did to the guy next to me I would get suspended on the spot. But they know ppl ain't going to complain because those are the ppl who handle your paperwork.
  6. Yea I had him today he's cool and helpful. But those other ladies are just like bored with life.
  7. Some of those ladies at the desk have some of the worse attitudes you could imagine. Since they know the answers they seem to think every one else does so they get frustrated when you ask a simple question
  8. I went today and was out of there by 9:36 I was thinking the same thing the other day. So you decided to take the job?
  9. Yea I was thinking the same it don't hurt to take just incase they ask for it. Thanks
  10. I'm going tomorrow do I need to take the booklet they gave us to fill out?
  11. Oh ok that's good I have to go back on Friday. Hopefully it's the same in and out for me.
  12. So did you go yesterday? If so how it go?
  13. I also got my letter today guys I have to go back the 4th
  14. Ammo what's the craziest thing you seen so far in your 2 weeks
  15. I took my piss test on the 08/23 and still haven't receive anything. Does anyone know if they'll be a December class?
  16. Thanks for answering when you have time let me know how was your first day at work.!
  17. Ammo how long it took for you to get in a class after your first employment process date
  18. Congrat Ammo hopefully I'll get called for my medical soon
  19. What day in August did you do your drug test I did my test on August 23rd
  20. They said today if you're not in a class by December you might not make it. There's a class in September and October.
  21. Hey guys just got out now I have two wait to until they contact me so I could go back. They said between 3-90 days
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