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  1. @Qnzbound How was the road practical? And which superintendent did you have? Just passed my yard and Midterm.
  2. Aww man I finally got some down time. Meeting my class at 207. School car is an experience and then some. If you're starting good luck. You will get it believe me.
  3. Question anyone know how long the fire safety course is in school car?
  4. I have TSS Smith and Daughtry. Climb the D today it was super fun. And I've been hearing that Flagging is the business. I'm trying to see where I fit but I'm after this money keeping my had in the books. Sorry if I don't post much but this job is DEMANDING on TIME.
  5. On my way to first day of school car. If anyone here was with my yesterday I'm the guy they called Luther Vandross. But hold your heads guys believe me next class is 250 so they're moving.
  6. Okay I have to see when they get on my feet. I'm no cry baby so we'll see.
  7. Copy, my home boy told me to get ready for the boots. There killer!?!
  8. Which bag, cause I saw a cylinder one or the full on backpack for 35 bucks?
  9. Like JChambers said the smell is something else. MTA was sued for skipping over 8094 once they switched from Dcas administrating their test. So they've learned their lesson. My many thing is you guys on the 6601 list are stressing yourself for no reason. You guys haven't even got list numbers yet, believe me it only gets more stressful. So if anything save it for when it's valid y'all just took that test.
  10. Yea no swear in but I had to wait on results from my 3rd drug test with them. Received email today to return this coming Saturday final processing.
  11. Not so sure I wasn't sworn in the same day. But then again it was Saturday. Idk if they're usually open on Saturday.
  12. Yes!!! That's what I'm talking about. Congrats. Yes it should be, but it's hard to grasp their process.
  13. I called yesterday and was told to come in on Saturday. Then this afternoon I got my official email to go in for medical. I can tell you Mrs. Vargas is pleasant but not this process. I got majority of my misinformation from calling them, the office is all over the place with this process. They skip around with list numbers but just be patient and wait it out cause you never know with them. I called yesterday expecting to hear bad news and then splat. Good luck all, hope to see y'all Saturday. Don't switch up on me when we got in neither. We drove each other crazy on this forum let's do it for 25 years.
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