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  1. 1000% right and you shouldn't be getting dui's anyway
  2. Lirr is way better then metro North if I was you I would just wait it out it would be a waste of time and effort to go to metro North then quit and go to lirr
  3. Yea same for me took about 2 or 3 weeks but now it seems like they have people waiting 6 months after s&d that's crazy smh
  4. Wow that's the 1st I'm 3ver hearing someone failing air brake that like the 2nd easiest test
  5. Yea I am and about a month or so my background check with my school was holding me up...background check process took the longest.....I took my s&d test in July and class was at the end of September
  6. I took the test and passed almost 2yr ago I'm studying right now to qualify.....and no when I asked Linda for my test result she said don't worry about it you passed that's all that matters
  7. Classes get full or there is a long gap between classes and some people who passed get forgotten about
  8. That's just a taste of the miscommunication you will encounter working here be prepared .....and they have been hiring alot of people lately so get in while you still can
  9. Everyone study habits are different if they want to study early let em some people need more time then others especially if you dont know how to study.
  10. Yup there will be good days with ot and there will be bad days with ot. Just gotta suck it up and look at the bigger picture and be grateful you have this job
  11. After you make it past the program they ask you do you want to work your relief days if you say yes you work relief days if you say no you have to wait about 6 months for the opportunity again...its not always guaranteed but if they need you you will work and your probation starts as soon as class starts
  12. Like i said before you can forgot about having a normal life or planning anything unless it is your day off. they call you when ever they feel after 8hr and its best to have a car as back up but you can also take the train.
  13. Study your ass off and make flash cards..and prepare yourself to study alot while in the program also forget having a life after the program they not lying when they told you your hours will suck and you will work all types of hours.
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