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  1. I got one final week on the B15 😪. I had a bus without the plastic divider this past Saturday. I approached bus stops and opened the front door right in front of the passengers and they still flocked to the back. I told them,”let’s practice for Monday!”
  2. 77 proposed new local routes and they can't keep the numbers between 1 through 77 ? 🤷‍♂️
  3. During my QCC days, I’ve caught RTS bus #9250 twice. It had express seats. I’ve caught it on the Q43.
  4. They’re trying to get rear ended to get that check!
  5. Q24. Less lights on Atlantic Avenue
  6. For example, if you pick the B17 for your run during the week, you must pick a B17 run on Saturday and/or Sunday. You can’t pick a B12 weekend run if you’re doing the B17. Unless you have a work run (which is covering the run when the person on the original run is off) you may be on another line that doesn’t interline with the line you picked.
  7. Subway shuttles are done as overtime. Also, you must pick within the line you picked for the week.
  8. In ENY, the seniority is a bit high. When it’s my turn to pick, the Sunday/Monday choices left clear late and may not pay as much. Also, I may only have less than 5 of those schedules to pick from. In TA depots, you must also pick what you want to do on weekends. You might clear earlier, later or at the same time as your weekday schedule.

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