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  1. There's already a bad bottleneck between the and at Queensboro Plaza, and the Steinway is pretty much at capacity. Adding a third service would really not help. (Not sure exactly what you're suggesting, either, but it seems like it would go through the Steinway and that's not feasible)
  2. Fairly sure one of the documents linked in this thread at some point did have some, but i can't find it any more...
  3. Can't tell if that's a lol of agreement or disagreement, but the other 4th Avenue station platforms are definitely much worse than 53rd Street. Doesn't excuse doing a bad job here, but worth noting...
  4. I think the big difference between this and other rehabs is the focus on station entrances rather than platforms - the entrances look really good, especially compared to other 4th Ave local stations (45th and 77th are the ones I've been to recently). I mean, the platforms are also better (most of the 4th Ave stations are in bad condition) but the entrances are the highlight and I'm surprised the MTA didn't choose to advertise that/focus on that... I mean, two trains had just come and perhaps they only show the southbound departures on the west side of the street and vice-versa... Compared to 9th Street and 45th Street, the floors look positively splendid
  5. IND local stations generally have straight platforms, don't have stairs blocking views, and have low enough ridership that you can get a good view. For somewhere like Fulton St (A)/© or Herald Square, one clock won't cut it. Even if you get lucky enough that a set of stairs doesn't block your view, it could be too crowded to see.
  6. Here are the crappy phone pictures I got going down there today:
  7. 3. It's definitely a rush hour problem. I mean, sometimes trains will be SRO after 86th Street outside of rush hour, but it's much less common
  8. Why Bergen St instead of 2 Av-Houston? Did they want the to serve the general Williamsburg area that much?
  9. Nah, sorry, my phone was low on battery at the time. Wall was down at 53rd too, I think.
  10. The station entrances were under construction (and seemed fairly completed) as of last weekend, FWIW
  11. 4th Avenue local needs extra service more than Fulton does, though...
  12. 57th - Coney Island Jamaica-179th - Church some run express on QBL, terminate at 179th those already in service in Queens can run via 53rd or crosstown
  13. Stillwell Avenue - 57 Street Jamaica-179th - Church Ave (Express on QBL) Stillwell Avenue - 57 Street Buses: Roosevelt Island - Court Square, stopping at 21st St - Queensbridge Increased service (if possible), with some trains running express on 8th Avenue if needed, and some terminating at Jamaica - 179th
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