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  1. can anyone share how medical examination is done thx
  2. fortunately, i may say, I took practical test today and received an email to complete the final phase of pre employment with class on jan 23.
  3. Mike let me ask you , caz i missed it , what exam did you take and when, when did you take a drug test
  4. 1. wiring 2.troubleshooting 3. disassemble and assemble a pneumatic valve
  5. practical test staRTS FROM JAN 9 AND some till jan 13
  6. what would then my automated call and regular mail mean?
  7. they duplicate call and email what would then my automated call and regular mail mean?
  8. did you get actual call from HR or letter in regular mail? I got this over the phone This is the M T A informing you that your name was forwarded for further consideration for the temporary Car Inspector position with us. You are being considered because you were selected based on an interview you attended last year. You will receive a mail notification with instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!
  9. mta is in process of hiring those who are on the list. for those who took 6612 they wont be hired untill the list is done, as i understand
  10. even day earlier than mine. I hope you would share what will be on exam/ Just wonder if there is a guide for practical exam, any particular requirements. With theory is kind of clear...... practical------nothing available
  11. isnt it strange after drug test and pre employment paperwork on nov 14 i just received a letter in mailbox to report for practical exam, 3 hours, on jan 13 ?
  12. as for me I need to calculate when to expect a call for medical exam, caz i took 6612 and took drug test on november 14
  13. it seems like those who took 6612 and got called for pre employment and took drug test it will take forever to call for medical exam and class!!!
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